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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Twelve

Kat’s P.O.V
I was cleaning my bedroom finding the oddest things. Mainly clothes that weren’t mine or Sammy’s which they meant they belonged to the only other person who was here almost every day. As I strip the covers off of my bed to wash them Sammy walked in.
“About time you washed those. You guys have been sleeping in your own moan funk for a few days now.” She commented folding her arms and leaning against my dresser.
“Moan funk?” I asked looking at her in confusion.
“You know,” she gave me a knowing expression. When I continued to stare at her she sighed and began to dramatically moan. I shook my head quickly lifting my hand signaling her to stop.
“Oka,” I loudly cut her off regretting that I asked. Part of me knew it would be something ridiculous. It is Sammy for Heaven’s sake. “Beside Zayn and I haven’t had sex since the first time we had sex. We are back to being strictly friends.”
“Harry and I are strictly friends and not once has he ever spent a night, held my hand, or kissed me. Although he has tried.”
“Well Karlos wouldn’t be too fond of that.” I reminded her. I gathered my covers in my arms and headed to the small laundry closet were the washer and dryer were located.
“The point is if you were strictly friends you wouldn’t be doing all of that. Face it girl, you’re just a couple who’s holding out on each other.” Sammy was getting annoying. Quick.
“We’re not a couple!” I had reached my breaking point. “You, Harry, Niall, and Louis really need to get that through your thick skulls. We are not a couple. I like him, but we are not a couple. We may be a little too friendly which will probably bite me in the ass later, but there is not a Zayn and Kat. It’s Zayn and then it’s Kat way over here.” Sammy wore a humored expression as I panted. Going on a rant really took your breath away. “What?”
“You like him,” she smirked. “You like him and you admitted it. My work here is done.” She bounced away into the living room leaving me alone in the hall to plan her murder. That girl would be the end of me.

By seven that night my room was clean and the furniture was rearranged thanks to Sammy’s complaint accompanied help. It was just in time for my favorite summer series to come on with a new episode. As Sammy and I settled in for the night with a large bowl of popcorn my cell phone sounded the new text message alert. I checked the message while the “last time on…” played on the screen. Zayn: I’m bored!
Me: There are four other boys around you who are all willing to something stupid yet entertaining.
Zayn: We do that every day. It’s not the same.
Me: Well I’m watching TV with my best friend. Remember her?
Zayn: I thought I was your best friend?
Me: I’ve known you for two months.
Zayn: So
Me: You’re my best GUY friend.
Zayn: I better be. I rolled setting my phone on the end table and turning my full attention to the TV. Missing even a second was risky with this show. It was one of those where you had to keep up because everything was fast paced from the minute it started until the time it ended. Once the episode ended I retrieved my iPhone and dialed the all too familiar number.
“Hello?” Zayn answered in that voice of his that made pretty much every girl swoon.
“Are you still bored?” I asked sitting on the foot of my bed looking into the mirror of my vanity dresser.
“Naw I found something to do. What’s up?” There was noise in his background. It didn’t sound like he was alone.
“I want ice cream and Sammy doesn’t want to go…” I trailed realizing how lame that sounded. Hey Zayn just calling you because I can’t go get ice cream by myself. Oh yeah that’s original Kat. I shook my head in disappointment with myself.
“Uh, give me about ten minutes and I’ll be there. We can go get your ice cream.” He responded in a lower voice. It was like he was trying to not be heard. Who would hear him?
“Okay,” I ended the call changing out of my lounging clothes into blue jean capris, baby blue graphic tee, and neon DC shoes. My mind wondered trying to figure out why Zayn sounded so weird.

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn turned to look at Britney, the girl he had met the last time they went clubbing. Apparently she was friends with Niall’s new friend and when the Irish boy invited her over Britney tagged along. Now they were sitting in Niall’s suite basically coupled up. Britney smiled at him scooting closer on the couch. He stole a glance at Niall who was occupied. Zayn stood up.
“What’s wrong lad?” Niall asked noticing him.
“I’ve got to go.” Zayn answered vaguely walking out of the door. He went to his suite across the hall. His shirt reeked of sweet perfume and he knew from past experience that Kat would pick up on it. That hadn’t ended that great last time so he chose to change selecting a white t-shirt with red and black writing. He checked his reflection satisfied with his appearance and headed out of the door. In the hall he ran into Harry.
“Where are you going?” the curly haired boy asked looking up from his phone.
“Going over to Kat’s. I’ll be back later.” Zayn answered pressing the button for the elevator.
“I’m coming.” Harry decided. “I haven’t messed with Sammy in a while.” He jumped in the elevator with Zayn before the doors could slide close.
“She may not be awake.” Zayn informed him. “Kat said something about her not wanting to go out.” Harry shrugged carelessly. He just needed to get out of the hotel.

Zayn opened the door to find the living room empty with the TV on a music channel. He took a small step inside confused. He knew Kat and Sammy didn’t leave their door unlocked unless they were in the kitchen or living room.
“Kat,” he called as Harry entered behind him. She peeked her head out of her bedroom door which was at the end of the hallway. “You know your door is open,” he asked walking towards her. Harry started to follow until Sammy appeared in soffee shorts and a black tank. She stopped, folding her arms, and looking at Harry with a curious expression.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I came with Zayn,” he answered with a shrug taking it upon himself to have a seat. Sammy walked into the living room.
“Where is he?” Sammy asked looking around.
Harry nodded towards the hall, “He went back there.” She nodded with pursed lips. “What are they doing anyways?” Harry added as Kat and Zayn appeared.
“What are who doing?” Kat asked placing her hands on her hips standing behind the couch.
“You,” Sammy answered folding her legs underneath her in the chair.
“We’re going to get ice cream. Are you sure you don’t want to go?” Kat asked her Sammy one last time.
The lazy blonde shook her head, “Nope, but you can bring me some back.”
“I will not,” Kat shook her head. Sammy groaned unfolding her arm.
“Fine,” she ran to her room leaving the three of them waiting. Minutes later she appeared in denim skinny jeans. “Let’s go get some damn ice cream.” She groaned walking to the door.
“You are unusually unhappy,” Harry commented following her.
“I guess I didn’t need you after all,” Kat told Zayn looking the door.
Zayn smirked, “I’m the reason she’s going. No one can past an opportunity to be around me.” He was clearly joking, but Kat rolled her eyes anyways.

Kat’s P.O.V Did Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have a double date?
As we all know One Direction has been in the US for two months for work reasons. They are supposed to stay there for another four months. What we don’t know are the girls that members Zayn Malik and Harry Styles were spotted with last night. Malik and the dark haired beauty have been spotted together before the boy’s first week in LA, but the blonde with Styles is new. The assumed couples were photographed at an ice cream shop last night in downtown LA. When Malik and Styles were recognized by a few fans they even stopped to take pictures and sign merch while their lady friends waited (patiently?). Are these two giving a relationship another go round? No one knows.
There were two pictures used into the common tabloid. One was of me and Zayn as we walked on to the car from after enjoying the world’s best ice cream. We were walking side by side looking at each other in the middle of conversation. The other was of Harry and Sammy sitting beside each other at the table. The picture had been taken through the window. They weren’t doing anything odd. They weren’t even looking at each other, but the fact that they were sitting on the same side of the table made it tabloid worthy. @KatBXoXo: Okay seriously like where do you guys be? I never see you!
@zaynmalik: @KatBXoXo they’re good at hiding. It’s creepy.
@KatBXoXo: @zaynmalik they’re ninjas!


This is kind of a filler. Sorry you guys. Next week is my spring break and I'll be in Panama, but I will try to update as much as possible.


Love it!
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