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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Eleven

Kat’s P.O.V
We decided to go to Applebee’s. It was closer and would be less crowded.
“I can’t believe Zayn didn’t come,” Sammy commented.
“I can’t believe Louis stayed,” Harry added. I rolled my eyes at them. They kept saying the same thing in different ways. They had two drinks too many.
The helpful hostess seated us at a table in the back. Liam held out a chair for me between him and Niall. I took it graciously suddenly starving.
“Food, food, I must have food.” I chanted scanning the menu eagerly.
Niall chuckled, “Now you sound like me.” He was looking over the menu as well. A look of concentration was on his face.
“You don’t come here often, do you?” I asked instinctively. Niall shook his head not taking his eyes off of the food choices.
“Niall sticks to Nando’s and McDonald’s.” Liam added. I shook my head humored as my cell phone vibrated in the small clutch purse I was carrying. Zayn: You should have stayed. Is he serious? I wondered. He wouldn’t have known I was gone if Liam hadn’t told him. Zayn was hard to read. He went from being my semi-best friend, to crazy sexy hormonal guy, and then distant jerk. It was getting hard to keep up. I got mental whiplash most days.
“Is that Zaynie boy texting you?” Harry attempted to lean over the table and view my screen, but failed.
“Um, yeah.” I answered looking at the curly haired Brit curiously. He was interesting to have around.
Sammy rolled her eyes, “Ten minutes apart and you two already miss each other.” She pursed her lips and leaned. “Casual beneficial friends don’t act that way, but couples do.” She mock whispered.
“Beneficial friends?” Harry spoke slowly as if he was confused.
“That sounds a lot like friends with benefits…” Niall trailed off as his eyes widened dramatically. My mouth instantly went into a tight frown and I glared at Sammy. She smiled and leaned away from me. Luckily the waiter arrived before anyone could ask any questions.

Zayn: Have you all left the restaurant?
That was the text message I received as I unlocked the door to our apartment. The guys had just dropped us off. No one mentioned Sammy’s word vomit after we ordered or while we ate. It would have been embarrassing to talk about. Some things just shouldn’t be shared.
“I am so glad I do not have to work tomorrow.” Sammy groaned as she pulled off her heels and walked to her room. There was a knock on our door which made her stop and turn around. “Who is that?” she whispered furiously. I shrugged and turned around to open the door.
“Zayn?” I questioned surprised as the figure leaning in the doorway stepped inside.
Sammy smacked her lips annoyed, “I’m going to bed.” She threw up her hand in a peace sign and walked into her room. I looked at Zayn who was now leaning against the small wall hiding the refrigerator from the view of the door.
“What are you doing?” I asked him with folded arms. It was after one o’clock in the morning.
“The lads said they dropped you off so I came here after we left the club.” He answered slurring some of his words.
“Are you drunk?” I demanded. He shook his head and moved closer. He grabbed me in an embrace and leaned in for a kiss, but I pulled away. The combining scents of alcohol and cheap perfume were overwhelming my nostrils and making me sick. “No, you reek. Go home.” I ordered taking a step back. Zayn gave me a really expression.
“I want to stay with you. That’s why I came here.” He pointed out the obvious suddenly seeming more away.
I shook my head, “Well you need a shower. Just go home Zayn. I’ll talk to you later.” I opened the door, but he made no move to leave. In fact he was still staring at me as if I had offended him. “What?”
“You’re mad,” he spoke blankly.
“No I’m not.”
He scratched his head, “You make that face when you’re mad. Why are you mad?” He cocked his head to the side watching me.
“I’m not mad,” I declared slightly aggressively. Okay maybe I was a little mad, but it didn’t matter. Zayn obviously didn’t believe me as he folded his arms. “Look it’s late and I’m sleepy. You can sleep on the couch. I’m going to bed.” I made my way to my bedroom determined.
“Good night,” Zayn called after me. I stopped looking back over my shoulder. He wasn’t smiling. He was still watching me as if I was a work of art that he was trying to figure out.
“Night,” I turned back towards my destination and nearly ran. That was weird. It was as if words were being left unsaid. But what words?

Third Person P.O.V
It was two weeks later and the boy’s families were expected for a visit in a few days. Since the last clubbing incident Zayn and Kat were back to normal (they’re version of it anyways). They had blown it off like everything else.
“So are you introducing Kat to your mum?” Harry inquired as he and Zayn sat on the couch in engineering room while Liam sang in the recording booth.
“I don’t know. I guess if she wants to meet them that’s fine.” Zayn answered with a shrug.
“I think you should introduce her to your mum and your sisters, because you really like her and they’ll like her too.” Niall commented. He was a pretty wise. “Harry maybe if you introduce Sammy to your mum she’ll stop pushing you away.”
Harry shook his head, “I don’t actually fancy Sammy. It’s just fun getting a reaction out of her.”
“That’s like saying Zayn isn’t hooked on Kat.” Louis smirked folding his arms. Zayn groaned pulling out his phone. He had learned it was best to tune them out. Kat: Dude you have too many clothes in my room! Zayn smirked reading the text. He hardly ever stayed at his suite. Majority of his off time he spent with Kat and he typically stayed over. Not because they always had sex. As a matter of fact they hadn’t since the first time. Zayn: I stay over there too much.
Kat: Whose fault is that?
Zayn: Yours, I have a comfortable bed too you know.
Kat: I bet. Why don’t you sleep in it?
Zayn: Are you trying to get rid of me?
Kat: Oh no. Why would I ever? I would be lost if Mr. Too Good Looking for His Own Good didn’t sleep in my bed nearly every night. “Mm hmm,” Harry read the messages. “Well she summed you up pretty accurately.” He commented leaning away. Zayn looked at him with knitted eyebrows. “You’re deep into the conversation when you text her. I read your whole conversation.” He smiled jumping up from the couch and trading places with Liam in the booth.
Liam sat on Zayn’s right and pulled out his own cell phone. The lads assumed he was texting Danielle. They were inseparable like that. Niall was busy typing away on his phone as well.
“Who are you texting Nialler?” Zayn asked with a smile happy to have the tables turned. His questioned caused Liam and Louis to look over at the Irish boy with curious expressions.
“A friend,” Niall answered vaguely.
“Come on and tell us,” Louis coaxed, but Niall shook his head. “Niall James Horan,” Louis glared at him. The blond boy didn’t budge in his decision. Liam and Zayn looked at each momentarily. They nodded with stealthy expression. Both of them stood not noticed by an occupied Niall. Zayn pounced on Niall as Liam snatched the phone tossing it to Louis. Harry watched the whole thing from inside the booth.
I…” his singing trailed off. “What the-.”
“Anna: That sounds really boring. Catching a movie with me would be better.” Louis read loudly. He turned to look at Niall who was now lying down on the couch with Liam and Zayn sitting on top of him. “It seems like this Anna bird is asking you out mate.” Niall struggled to talk, but Liam covered his mouth with his hand.
“What else does it say?” Zayn nodded towards the phone. They enjoyed torturing each other too much. As Louis began to read Niall gained a sudden burst of strength knocking his friends on the floor, grabbing his phone, and running out of the door. The three mischievous ones were left in shock. Harry howled in laughter inside of the booth.
“That just happened,” he cackled.


Love it!
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