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C'mon C'mon

Chapter Thirteen

Third Person P.O.V
Zayn had cleaned up or he had mentioned cleaning up while Kat was over and she did it. Either way his suite was now presentable for when his family arrived. His parents and sisters would be arriving in a few hours. It would be nice having them around. They were staying the hotel on a different floor.
“Harry is bouncing off of the walls. I think he really missed his mum.” Louis commented walking into the suite and looking in the mini fridge. “You have nothing in here, but you are barely here.” He shrugged.
“Don’t say that around my mum. She may get the wrong idea.” Zayn looked directly at Louis to make sure he understood.
“I’m not one to blab.” Louis defended himself as Liam walked into the suite.
“Wow I’m here two seconds and Louis’s already told a fib.” He wore an appreciative expression as he took a seat. “Have you lads seen Niall?”
“Yeah where is the little blond one?” Louis added wearing a curious expression.
Zayn shrugged, “He hasn’t been by here. Maybe he’s with the bird.”
“The one from the club?” Liam questioned. He was out of the loop. Zayn nodded in answered to his question.
“Our little Nialler is growing up.” Louis smiled. The three lads sat there talking until a member of their team called informing them of their family arrivals. “To the elevator!” Louis declared running out of the room.
“We all know the rules,” Liam started gaining nods from the other three boys.
“No mentioning of things that our mum wouldn’t approve of.” Harry reminded them all. It was their pact. It kept them out of trouble. “Where’s Niall?”
“Hopefully he’s already down here.” Zayn answered as the number descended. The elevator stopped with a ding and the doors slid open. They all sighed in relief when they spotted Niall. Zayn found his mum and was grabbed in a hug. When she pulled away his sisters attacked and then came his dad. “Hey,” he smiled widely.
“Zayn you look small. Do you eat?” his mum began to fuss. Doniya, Waliyah, and Safaa hid their laughter. Zayn kept his smile as he led the way to the elevator. He knew it best not to interrupt.
“Hold the lift,” Harry called sticking his hand in between the doors. Zayn pressed the door open button as Harry and his mother, Anne, entered.
“Where’s Gemma?” Waliyah asked.
“She’s coming tomorrow,” Anna answered before greeting Zayn’s parents.
“Zayn?” Safaa questioned looking up at her older brother.
“Hmm?” Zayn looked down at her expectantly.
“Who’s Kat?” she asked as the multiple conversations died out. Harry covered his mouth trying not to laugh as Tricia looked at her son expectantly. Zayn opened his mouth to answer as the elevator dinged. They had reached their floor.

Kat’s P.O.V
When Louis and Harry called me it took me by surprise. When they asked if I wanted to come over it made me suspicious. After getting off of work I went home and showered and dressed. Sammy was at work and couldn’t come with me. So I drove to the hotel alone and slightly frightened. I had learned that these boys are professional tricksters.
Once the elevator opened on their floor, I walked to Louis’s suite (which happened to be directly across from Zayn). Timidly I knocked on the door. Niall answered with an eager smile.
“Hey Kat,” he hugged me before pulling me inside. Louis, Eleanor, and Harry sat on the sofa conversing. At the small square table were two young girls that I didn’t know. Their faces looked familiar.
“Ah, Kat you’re here!” Louis jumped up. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and steered me towards the kitchenette. “Kat this is my sister, Lottie, and that is Zayn’s sister Waliyah.” He spontaneously introduced us with a sly smile.
“Kat is Zayn’s friend,” Harry added from the couch. Suddenly I was catching on.
“Hi,” Waliyah smiled at me. “I like your shoes.” She pointed to my gold Toms.
I smiled, “Thanks, I ordered online.”
“Kat is the queen of online shopping.” Niall commented. Clearly these boys were up to something.
Lottie’s eyes widened, “I like to shop.”
Louis nodded, “She does, but you know who else likes to shop, Doniya. Where is she?”
“She’s with Gemma.” Waliyah answered holding back a laugh. Louis pouted momentarily before releasing me. I turned to look back at him, but he was already whispering with the other guys about something.
Eleanor smiled at me, “I wanted to warn you, but I honestly have no idea what they’ve planned.”
I nodded, “That’s the scary thing.” Warily I watched trying to figure out what was up their sleeves with no such luck. So I took a seat and joined the conversation. For the most part the boys acted normal. As normal as Louis, Harry, and Niall can get that is. It wasn’t until Louis started making a fuss over a camera in desperate need of batteries that my radar went off.
“I could have sworn you bought batteries yesterday when we were out.” Eleanor spoke slowly looking at him curiously.
Louis shook his head quickly, “No love I am afraid that you are mistaken.” He shot a glance at Harry who quickly jumped to his feet holding up a finger as if a thought occurred to him.
“Perhaps I have some batteries in my suite. I will check.” He walked out of the room.
“Good idea Curly,” Louis called after him. “Nialler maybe you should do the same.”
Niall stood, “Yeah, maybe someone should ask Zayn if he has any batteries.”
Louis nodded once, “Kat would you be a doll?”
I eyed them both suspiciously, “Sure.” I dragged the word out as I stood. My feet hesitant pulled me towards the door to Zayn’s suite. With hesitation I knocked on the door and waited. Zayn opened the door clearly surprised to see me. “Niall suggested that I ask you if you have batteries for Louis’s camera.” I explained.
His eyebrows rose in curiosity as he stepped aside, “Didn’t he buy batteries yesterday?”
“That’s the same thing Eleanor asked!” I exclaimed walking into the suite. It was cleaner than the last time I had been here. There weren’t even clothes scattered across the floor. “You cleaned up.”
“I had help,” Zayn shrugged as his hands found my waist and he pulled me closer.
I looked up at him, “What are you doing?”
He mock gasped, “Don’t you dare be suspicious of me. I’m not doing anything.” The expression on his face contradicted his words.
“I don’t believe you Malik.” I said simply.
He winked, “You shouldn’t.” He leaned in placing his lips on mine. We stayed in our embrace lips moving in sync. Zayn began pushing me towards the couch as the door opened and someone entered. We pulled away in time to see a woman, I assumed was his mother, standing there. In embarrassment I ducked behind Zayn’s back hiding my face. “Uh, what’s up Mum?” Zayn spoke in a nervous voice. You couldn’t really blame him.
“Your father wants to go out for dinner. Who’s your friend?” Zayn stepped aside so that I was in clear view. “Hello,” Mrs. Malik smiled at me politely.
I gave a small wave, “Hello, I’m Kat.”
Understanding washed over her face, “Oh, you’re Kat. I have been asking Zayn about you. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Tricia.” She shook my hand.
Zayn cleared his throat, “Going out sounds good. I’ll meet you all downstairs.”
Tricia nodded looking at me, “Would you like to join us?”
“Sure,” a forced smile spread across my lips as a butterfly tornado erupted in stomach. She smiled as well while leaving. I turned to Zayn and smacked his arm, “Your mom just walked in on us kissing!”
He rubbed the spot I had hit, “Ow, and she invited you to dinner.”
I shook my head, “Oh yeah this is going to go well. I’ll just have dinner with the woman who saw me casually swapping spit with her son.”
“That’s disgusting.” Zayn frowned. I glared at him. He sighed rubbing my arms comfortingly, “You worry too much. It’s Doniya you really should be concerned about.” He chuckled as my eyes widened. “Let’s go.” He opened the door nodding his head towards the hallway.
“I’m going to kill Curly, Moe, and Larry.” I muttered referring to Harry, Niall, and Louis as the Three Stooges.
We went to a restaurant close to the hotel. Zayn introduced me to his father, Yaser, and his other two sisters. As we sat at the table, me in between Zayn and Safaa, the Malik family took the time learn more about me. Which means that I was pretty asked every question under the sun. Although none of them made me uncomfortably until sweet little Safaa spoke up.
“Are you Zayn’s new girlfriend?” she asked causing me choke on the water I had taken a sip of and Zayn to choke on air.
Doniya laughed, “Wow, I’ve never seen that happen.” She commented as I fought to clear my airway.
“No, she’s not my girlfriend.” Zayn answered in a tense voice.
Waliyah shrugged, “She should be.” They were trying to kill me.
“Perhaps we should talk about something else.” Yaser suggested. I was forever grateful. Tricia smiled smoothly changing the subject. We finished dinner and left. When we arrived at the hotel I said my goodbyes. “It was very nice to meet you.”
“Are you coming back tomorrow?” Safaa asked.
“Yeah, we could go shopping.” Waliyah added.
“Girls,” Tricia shushed them causing them both to pout.
I opened my mouth to speak and closed it. They were waiting on an answer so I tried again, “If it’s okay with you Tricia, I really wouldn’t mind taking them around for a bit.”
“I’ll go too Mum,” Doniya added. “You and dad can have a break.”
The kind woman smiled, “Yes that would be fine.” Safaa cheered. “Okay girls let’s go.” She led her family towards the elevator. Zayn stayed behind.
“You don’t have to do that.” He informed me referring to my offer.
I shrugged, “It’s not a big deal. We’ll have fun, plus you’re too busy with recording to do it yourself.”
He squinted his eyes in thought, “Are you sure?” I nodded. “Okay, but I warned you.”
I laughed, “I’ll keep that in mind. I should go.”
“See you tomorrow.” W e hugged before I walked off to the parking lot. My car was closer than expected. With a jittery feel I got in and drove home. Maybe I wouldn’t kill the three stooges just yet.

Third Person P.O.V
@KatBXoXo: Shopping with Waliyah, Safaa, and Doniya is so much fun.
The paparazzi were ruthless. When Directioners spotted Zayn Malik’s sisters and the girl who he had been spotted with numerous times, they spread the word. The photographers showed up in seconds flashing pictures although Zayn was nowhere in sight.
“This is crazy,” Kat complained as they walked down the sidewalk looking for another store to explore.
“It doesn’t happen often, but when it does we ignore it for the most part.” Doniya informed her.
“Can we get ice cream?” Safaa asked squeezing between them. Kat shrugged as Doniya nodded. The found an ice cream shop on the corner and quickly went inside. The manager stopped the paps from following them. The four girls thanked her.

@zaynmalik: Kat and Safaa decorated bowls. I didn’t help haha pic.twitter.com/p/Hj84ts
@KatBXoXo: No one can wake up @zaynmalik like Waliyah pic.twitter.com/p/pH45s9

Zayn was relieved to see that his family got on well with Kat. His sisters loved spending time with her and his mom talked about her constantly. Even his dad seemed to like her. It was an off day for One Direction and their families last full day in LA. Louis suggested they all go to the amusement park to which they agreed. For the most part things went well. The fans didn’t interrupt too much and the paparazzi weren’t out of control.
“I don’t rollercoasters.” Zayn protested as Kat folded her arms with a pout.
“He’s not too fond of heights.” Tricia informed her. Zayn looked down shamefully.
“Um, I think that was understood Mum.” Doniya spoke breaking the awkwardness. Waliyah stifled a laugh. “Let’s go check out that water ride.” She walked away and was followed.
Zayn looked up, “We can do anything, but rollercoasters.”
Kat shrugged, “It’s cool. I don’t like that much either.” Hey began to walk passing by Louis, Eleanor, and Lottie. “Oh my gosh funnel cake!” Kat took off towards the concession stand. Zayn followed with an amused expression. She bought a funnel cake and found a picnic table to sit at.
“You’re easily excited.” Zayn commented sounding amused.
“Are you just noticing this?” Kat asked not at all offended.
He shook his head, “Nope. I noticed a while ago just thought I would mention it.” He smiled at her. Kat took a napkin to wipe her mouth. She sighed setting aside the funnel cake. “What?” Zayn questioned noticing her change in mood.
She shook her head, “Okay, I realize this is not the best time to do this, but what the hell. What are we Zayn?”
“What do you mean?” he asked clearly confused.
“What are we? And please don’t say we’re just friends, because just friends don’t spend nearly every free hour together, hold hands, kiss, or other things.” Zayn didn’t respond. Kat nodded slowly as realization sank in. “I just made an idiot of myself, great.” She stood and headed in no set direction.
Zayn followed her, “Kat wait!” He reached for her hand causing her to stop. “You’re right this not the right place to discuss this.” Kat threw up her hands turning to walk away once again. “No, wait, I’m not finished. I like you and I know I haven’t shown it in the best way.”
“So… That means what exactly?” Kat swayed side to side looking at the ground.
“That means we aren’t just friends.” Zayn lifted her chin, “If that’s really what you want.”
Kat squinted, “Is that really what you want?” He stared at her blankly. “Well, duh I want to be your girlfriend. I mean I basically am anyways.” Kat spoke in a fake valley voice.
“That was scary,” Zayn pulled back. They both laughed. “I want to be your boyfriend too.” He said before pecking her lips. They smiled into the kiss pulling away. Holding hands they began to walk. “What?” Zayn asked as Kat looked at him from the corner of her eye.
Kat smiled cooely, “Oh nothing.” She laughed causing Zayn to look at her warily. “Get use to it.” She shrugged.

Zayn Malik saying goodbye to his family at the airport as they fly back home to England. Malik was accompanied by his alleged girlfriend who’s name we’ve learned it Kat Beltran. The supposed couple came under even more speculation after Malik’s younger sister Waliyah tweeted a picture of the two with the caption: They have the oddest relationship. No confirmation yet from wither party, but none it needed. There is already a gang of Zat shippers waiting to break out their banners.


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