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Case 1357 (Harry Styles)

I didn't mean to hurt you

The time froze, everything stopped moving. Claire could hear the beat of her heart, she wanted to see him so bad, but wasn't expecting it to happen now. Her eyes met his, both were hurt so much during those last five years. No one had the guts to speak, everyone was watching Harry and Claire. She got up fast and approached him, Harry took a deep breath and tried to step toward her, but Claire's fist touched his face, leaving everyone speechless. Harry didn't move or say anything, he deserved it.
"Claire!"- Sandy shouted, but she ran away.- "I'm so sorry, Harry."
"I deserve it."
"Excuse me."- Sandy stood up and walked out of his cabinet.
He saw Claire walking in the backyard and he followed her.
"Why, dad? Just tell me why?"- Her face was covered with tears.
"Let's sit and I'll tell you everything."
Claire nodded and both sat on the bench, facing each other.
"They are here to protect you and Rebecca..."
"Why? We don't need them, we are in the federal witness protection program, right?"
"Yes, but I found this."- Sandy handed her a small piece of paper.
"It's not over!"- She read it out loud.-"What? When?"
"Two days ago. I found it on your mother's grave. I called Victor and told him that I have a problem. He knew five years ago that something wasn't okay and told me that he would help no matter what. That's why I want his help, not FBI's. I want you to have a normal life..."
"Normal life?"- Claire laughed.
"I'm sorry, okay? I didn't want any of this to happen."
"I know, dad."
Claire put her head against his chest and he wrapped arms around her. She pulled back and wiped her tears.
"So, what's the plan?"
"I talked with our agents and they agreed as long as we're safe. Harry is going to protect you, Louis is with Rebecca and Luke with me."
"Isn't it funny how he's going to babysit me again?"- She laughed.
"It's not babysitting, Claire. This is your life. Let's go inside and talk with them."
She wanted to stay there because the fear of seeing Harry again was stronger. It hurt her. Five years without him were the worst nightmare.
"We're really sorry, guys."- Sandy and Claire entered the room, everyone was still there like nothing happened.
"Claire, you're a beautiful young woman. You've grown up so fast."- Victor said and smiled at her.
"I guess I'm not old enough because I still need a babysitter."
"Claire, please!"- Sandy felt embarrassed.
"So, Harry, you're going back to school because you have to be close to Claire. Remember that you're from England and you're here with your father, me, because I have a new job. Okay?"- Victor tried to explain.
"And I'm living here because ...?"- Harry asked.
"Because your new house isn't ready and my old friend Sandy offered his house."
"I understand."- Harry looked down, he could feel Claire's eyes on him.
"Louis, I know you have little sisters and that's why you take Rebecca. You'll take her every day from kindergarten and be around the building, when she's there."
"Your daughter is save with me, Mr. Still."
"Thank you, Louis! And call me Sandy, please!"
Louis nodded and smiled. He was glad that his client wasn't one of those stupid celebrities, he couldn't stand them.
"Luke, you're with Sandy. Both will talk about it."
"That's it, right?"- Claire wanted to leave this room so bad, she couldn't stay there.
"Yes, dear."- Victor smiled and stood up.
"Thank you!"- She put a fake smile on her face and tried to walk away, but Sandy stopped her.
"Where are you going?"
"My room, maybe. I'm tired and I want to sleep."
"But it's..."- He looked at the clock on the wall.-"Only eight p.m.!"
"Yes, and it's also Friday and that's why I'm tired."
Claire left the room, without looking at Harry.
Her grandmother gave him the room next to hers because it would be easier for him. It was smaller than the other rooms in the house, but he liked it.
"Thank you, Diana. I appreciate everything you did for us."
"I thank you because you're here to protect my little kids. That's all I want."- She smiled and left him alone.
Harry looked around and sat on the bed. He was really tired, but couldn't sleep at all. Those four walls were his home now, he chose this.
Minutes later Harry heard a conversation in the next room.
"I can't come, Anna. I'm really sorry."- Claire tried to explain the situation on the phone.
"No, you can't leave me alone. It's Friday, come on!"
"Okay, okay. I'll be there in thirty minutes."
Harry checked his phone, it was ten p.m. He missed having fun with his friends. After Claire left, he started working at his father's company because he wanted to protect people. One day Harry wanted to work as an agent or something like that. He wasn't sure because everything happened so fast.
He heard a noise and knew that Claire is trying to sneak out of the house. Their rooms were on the first floor, so it was easy to jump out of the window without getting hurt. Harry was waiting outside because he had to stop her.
"Where are you going?"- His face was inches from hers.
She squealed and he put his hand on her mouth.
"You're trying to sneak out, don't scream!"- He laughed.
"Let go of me!"
Those words hurt him and he stepped back.
"Where do you think I'm going? It's Friday!"
"I can't let you go, sorry."
"Listen, mind your own business! I didn't want you to come here."- Claire didn't want to say that, but she was hurt too.
"Fine, I don't want you to respect me! But it's my job to protect you, Claire."
"Your job?"- She laughed.
"I want to help you. I really do."
"Why do you want to help me now? After five damn years?"- She felt the tears coming.
"Because I care."
Claire shook her head.
"Please, don't make this harder. Let's go inside."- He tried to convince her.
Claire knew that Harry wouldn't let her go to that party and agreed. She walked in her room and Harry followed.
"What are you doing?"- She snapped.
"I know you'll try to sneak out again. Don't worry, I'll sleep on the little couch there."
She rolled eyes and went to her bed. Claire didn't want to see him, she was so angry and that's why she put the blanket over her face. Minutes later her body relaxed and she fell asleep. Harry moved the blanket, so she could breathe, and his eyes started exploring her room. The walls were covered with drawings, he didn't know that she's so talented. He grabbed a notebook, there were so many portraits. Harry flipped through the pages and found a drawing of him. His fingers traced the lines of it and he looked at Claire. He couldn't believe how hurt she was, it wasn't his fault. Harry's eyes stopped on something that was written in the corner of the page.
'I forgive you!'
He felt so weak, so small at this time.
"I didn't mean to hurt you, Claire."- Harry whispered and settled back.



Please Update I really love this story ! :)

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Update!!!!! Please!!!!

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Update Please! And also please go check out my friend Josey Whites fan fin! It is called HALF A HEART its REALY good! Thanks guys!

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Update! PLEASE!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

@Elisa Elizondo
I'm working on the next chapter and probably gonna post it tonight. :)

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