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Case 1357 (Harry Styles)

They are back

"Claire, wake up, dear!"- Diana, their grandmother, softly whispered.-"It's time for school."
"Nooo!"- Claire didn't want to leave the warm bed and go outside. It was freezing cold and she hated that weather. Diana didn't give up and grabbed her blanket.
Seconds later Claire's voice woke up everyone in the house.-"Aghh, I hate you so much."
"Don't talk like that, it's not ladylike."
"You're just like mom."- Claire confessed and then regretted that she said it.
Diana couldn't overcome the death of her daughter, every night she had been looking at her photographs and crying in her room. She turned around and walked out of Claire's room.
"Oh, come on..."- She shouted, but her grandmother was gone.
The whole family lived in her big house for the last five years, Claire wanted to leave this place so bad. She wanted to find something that she could call home. The phone interrupted her thoughts and she rolled eyes.
"Oh, somebody's angry."- A guy laughed.
"Yes, I am, Ryan."
"I'm down there... waiting for you."
She looked at the clock, they got twenty minutes.
"Give me five minutes and I'll be there."
"Okay, okay."
Ryan was one of her friends here, in San Diego. He asked her a few times on a date, but she said no... over and over again. At least Ryan knew that they couldn't be more than friends. He had light brown hair and Claire liked to call him "blondie".
"You know that I hate you, right?"- She said and got into the car.
"You remind me every day."
Both giggled and she turned on the radio. He rolled eyes and looked at her.
"It's not good for me to drive and listen to loud music."- He shouted because Claire was singing.
"Why that?"
"My brain cells are dying right now."
"Honey, your brain cells are dead anyway."
"Very funny, verrrryyy funny."- His fake laugh gladdened Claire.
The school building was really big and confusing. There were classrooms everywhere, corridors like labyrinths and even little buildings around the whole school.
"I hate this place."- She said, walking down the corridor.
"Who doesn't?"

Welcome to San Diego International Airport
"Sandyyy."- A male voice called Claire's father and he turned around.-"Ahh, I missed you, man!"
Victor Styles was on time as always. He was ready to help his best friend no matter what. Both hugged tight and Sandy's eyes stopped on the three men in front of him. One of them was Harry, but the others were unknown. Harry hadn't changed at all, he was twenty-three years old now and worked for his father's company. That's why he was in San Diego with him.
"Where's Claire?"- He spoke, impatient to see her.
"Easy, boy."- Victor put his hand on Harry's back.
"She doesn't know about this."- Sandy explained and helped them with their luggage.
"Are you kidding me? After all?"
"Harry, shut your mouth and get in the car."- Victor shouted and everyone looked at them.
Harry obeyed his father, shaking his head.
"I want you to meet Louis Tomlinson and Luke Stevens."- Victor introduced his employees.
"Thank you for being here. I'm Sandy Still, you're going to meet my daughters soon."
They shook hands and got in the car too. Louis Tomlinson was twenty-five and Luke Stevens thirty. Both looked like brothers, but Luke had shorter hair.
Sandy drove the car, while Voctor was telling them the plan.
"I'm going to buy a flat somewhere near Sandy's house. Harry, you were a good friend with Claire and I hope you'll take care of her..."- He nodded and Victor continued.-"Louis, you take the little sister, she's five years old. Luke, you're with Sandy. The plan is to protect them, no matter what."
"What's this about?"- Harry interrupted his father.
"Listen, you aren't here to ask questions. You're my son, but if you make one mistake, you'll go home. This isn't a trip."
Harry wanted to say so much, but decided to step back.
"Are you ready to tell me the truth?"- Victor whispered to Sandy because he didn't want the others to hear.
"Not now, I can't."
"Okay, I understand. Your family's safety first."
"Claire, what are you doing after school?"- A red haired girl approached her and leaned against the locker.
"I... I need to buy my sister something."
"You're coming tonight, right?"- She asked and started jumping around.
"I'm not sure, Anna."
"Only because you made that face."- Claire elbowed her and both laughed.-"I gotta go now."
She left the building and suddenly felt so good. Claire stopped by the flower shop to get lilies and minutes later she was there. Slowly approached her mother's grave and put the flowers on the cold ground.
"I don't even know why I keep coming here. Your body is not even on this continent."- She looked down.-"I miss you, mommy!"
Her tears started streaming down, but then she saw a strange silhouette in the distance, watching her. Claire wiped the tears and started running to her house. She couldn't think, she had to escape.
Claire opened the front door and ran to her father's cabinet.
"They are here."- She was out of breath.
"I don't know someone was..."- Claire stopped talking, when she saw Victor with Louis and Luke.
They gave her awkward smiles and she looked shocked.
"What's going on?"
"Sit on the chair and we'll explain everything."- Sandy tried to calm his daughter down.
She nodded and sat down. Her head was dizzy because of the running.
"I'm ready for your explanation, but I need to know first who was watching me?"
"It was me."- Harry walked in the room.
Claire almost fainted, she couldn't believe what was happening.



Please Update I really love this story ! :)

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Update!!!!! Please!!!!

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Update Please! And also please go check out my friend Josey Whites fan fin! It is called HALF A HEART its REALY good! Thanks guys!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

Update! PLEASE!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

@Elisa Elizondo
I'm working on the next chapter and probably gonna post it tonight. :)

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