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Case 1357 (Harry Styles)

I'm here

Harry woke up early and moved to his room. He wasn't ready to see her face again... after he discovered that drawing. It broke his heart, now he knew how hurt she was. But what could Harry do, he wanted to find those missing pieces and help Claire.
They avoided each other the whole day, even the dinner was without her. Everyone was quiet, looking down at their plates. Harry saw a light in the backyard and pointed with his finger.
"What's that small building there?"
Diana looked outside and smiled.
"We made it four years ago and I wanted it to be a greenhouse, but Claire liked it like that. She spends her free time there, mostly her nights."
Harry nodded and finished his dinner. Diana stood up to grab his plate and whispered in his ear.
"Go and talk with her."- She winked and Harry smiled.
"Excuse me, I'm going for a walk."
The others were to busy eating and didn't actually noticed Harry. Louis, Luke and Sandy continued watching sport on the TV.
Every step toward the small building made Harry feel a strange fear, he knocked on the wooden door, but she didn't open it. He tried again and then looked through the window. Claire had headphones and she was focused on a drawing in front of her. Harry decided to go inside despite the voice in his head, saying "no". He approached her, touching her shoulder and she immediately turned around.
"What are you doing here?"- She sounded surprised and scared at the same time.
"I wanted to talk."- He almost whispered.
"Look, I don't have time and... by the way, no one is allowed here without my permission."
Claire rolled eyes and turned around to finish the drawing.
"I apologized, okay? It's not my fault, you left, not me!"- Harry said and decided to give up because she didn't want to answer, not now.
"Stop..."- Her voice made him froze in place.-"Do you know how many times I called? How many letters I wrote? Do you know what it feels like to lose everything? I have no one, no family, no fr-..."
Harry turned around and saw the fear, the sadness, the broken-hearted girl.
"Hey, don't talk like that."- He approached her, but she pulled away, trying to cover her face with hands.
Harry wrapped arms around Claire, trying to make her feel safe.
"I'm here."
Claire relaxed her body, they synchronized their own heartbeats and both stayed still.
"Did you hear that?"- She jumped and pulled away because something made a loud noise outside.
Harry nodded and approached the door.
"Don't leave me."- Claire begged.
"Stay here, okay?"
She shook her head, but Harry went outside. He took a deep breath and jumped in front of an unknown boy. He started shouting and Harry pushed him against the wall.
"Who are you?"- Harry asked almost yelling.
"Ryan, oh my God!"
Harry looked at Claire and released his grip.
"Is this the new guy?"- Ryan asked and laughed.
Claire was visibly surprised.-"Who told you?"
"Please, the whole school knows about the handsome guy from England."- Ryan giggled, but then looked at Harry's serious face and looked down.- "I'm Ryan and you're really strong, bro."
"Yeah."- Harry was really cold and turned to walk away, but Claire's voice stopped him.
"Where are you going?"
"My room."- He snapped.-"And tell your boyfriend to use the front door next time."
He left her with open mouth, like never happened. Minutes ago Harry was so kind and worried about Claire, but he didn't want to show the jealousy.
Harry entered the living room and sat next to Louis.
"What was that about?"- Louis asked and patted on Harry's back.
"You being a jerk."- He laughed and took a sip of his beer.
"I wasn't being a jerk, I'm just careful."
"You know that the intimate relationship between employees and clients is forbidden."
"Why are you telling me that?"
"Because she's really..."
"She's like a sister to me, I want to protect her because she's so defenseless."
"I understand."
"Next time, Louis, mind your own business. Rebecca is your "mission". Remember that!"- Harry stood up and left the room.
He was so tired, the time difference hit him and he fell asleep with his clothes.



Please Update I really love this story ! :)

daisy123 daisy123

Update!!!!! Please!!!!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

Update Please! And also please go check out my friend Josey Whites fan fin! It is called HALF A HEART its REALY good! Thanks guys!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

Update! PLEASE!

Leila Judeh Leila Judeh

@Elisa Elizondo
I'm working on the next chapter and probably gonna post it tonight. :)

inkdragonfly inkdragonfly