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Why Don't You Go There (Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

Chapter 2

It happened a year ago and Harry was on the way to pick up his son from the day care centre when Anne, his mother sent his a message that she couldn’t pick him up because she was stuck in a traffic jam. He decided to stop at his house for a while to grab his cameras for his next photo shoot campaign at central London. He took out his keys and unlocked the door.

He walked in and looked around. Maybe Zara is out of town, he thought. He made his way towards their bedroom and he heard some mumbled from his bedroom.

“Give some more, babe.” He frowned. That was odd. He turned the doorknob and there he saw Zara was completely nude with a man who did something that he couldn’t believe what he saw. They both were stark-naked on their bed – Harry’s and Zara’s bed.

That stranger pushes himself in her and she groaned. It looked like they were enjoying the pleasure together. Harry stormed in. “Who the hell are you?!” he screamed. Zara stopped and the man was oblivious of his presence.

“Stop it, Charlie. Stop it,” she whispered. He stopped and turned to his back. “Oh my god,” he gasped. He balled his fist and gave a fly to his face. She screamed and covered her mouth.

Harry beat him on the ground and punched him as much as he could. The man was bleed on his face and nose. “Stop it! Stop it, both of you!” She pleaded and ran towards Harry. She struggled to pull him from Charlie since he’s a tall man. Harry stopped punch him and that man stood up. “Who the hell are you, bollock?” Charlie shouted. Harry smirked, “Who the hell am I? I’m her boyfriend.”

“What?” he wrinkled his eyebrow. “Get out, Charlie,” Zara whispered-yelled. Charlie grabbed his clothes from the floor and walked out from the house. Engine roared from the drive away and he sped away from there. Harry went red and walked out from the room. “Harry, please stop. Please listen to me first. I didn’t mean to do it,” she begged.

He turned, “You didn’t mean to do it? Then what did I just saw in here? Here in our bedroom, Zara. I can’t believe you just cheated on me and had another sex with another man. Another man! Did you realise that you have a son and cheated on both us? You’re not only cheated on me. You cheated on Nolan too. You spit on our faces! You’re a bitch. Get out from here now!”

“Harry, please no. I beg you. I don’t want to leave you and Nolan. I love both of you. Please forgive me. I’m really sorry,” she cried. Harry was dumbfounded by what she’d said. She loved him and his son? If she did, then why did she cheat on her own family. “If you loved us, then why did you do that to us? I couldn’t have done that to you. Why did you do that? Tell me, Zara.” Tears flowed down from his eyes.

Tears of pain weren’t enough for him. “You were so busy with your photograph work. You never came home. I was lonely and Nolan needed all of my attention and I was so tired. You travelled around the country for so long and I needed someone to be with me. I’m lonely, Harry and so does Nolan. He needs his father to be with him all the time. There’s nothing fun between us anymore.”

“But I can be fun, Zara. You could’ve talk to me about this. You should’ve have told me your feelings. But you told me in the wrong way. You did a big mistake and you hurt me really badly. This whole thing is bullshit. I did my mistake and I’m really sorry. But this, I couldn’t believe what you just did. I want you to get out from here, pack your stuff and leave us alone forever. Get out!”

“I’m so sorry, Harry.” With that she packed her things and went out from the house. Harry took out his phone and contacted his mother, Anne. “Mum,” his lips trembled. “She’s gone. I hate her. She hurt me so much.” “What are you talking about, dear” she asked. She got worried and Harry asked her help to pick Asher from his day care centre.

He got down on his knees and cried loudly. Books and glasses scattered everywhere and an album lay on the floor next to him. He flipped through each pages and a picture caught his eyes. A picture of him with Zara holding his baby boy in her arms and they were smiling broadly as proud new parents.

He remembered the day when Zara told him that she was pregnant his child. Of course they were terrified at first but they were happy to have a child with them.

He remembered when she was on labour in pain and he nervously waited for his birth with her. Finally after 7 hours in labour, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. They both cried in tears of joy and baby Nolan was his parents’ pride.

Not long after that, Harry continued to study in photography and earned a degree. He decided to work with his neighbour, Liam Payne and he was kindly enough to offer him a job as his photographer. With that, he could earn to support his family.

Words got spread everywhere about him when an editor from Elle magazine found that his works were pretty amazing and she decided to offer Harry a job as Elle photographer. He thought maybe this could support his family much better and Zara even his boss, Liam persuaded him to accept the offer.

With his tight schedules and travel around the world, Harry couldn’t spend much time with his family. Yet, he tried to call them or talk on Skype with Nolan.

He thought everything was perfect but anything could happen. Zara cheated on him with another man in their bedroom. That night, Anne and Gemma with Nolan arrived at home and they found Harry was drinking in the living room with emptied bottles everywhere. “Gemma, bring Asher to his room and tuck him to sleep,” Anne said and Gemma nodded.

Every single day, Harry got drunk and couldn’t even stand up to pick his son from the day care. Eventually Anne offered to take care of Nolan and he was afraid to see his father like that. Anne tried everything to make him calm but nothing worked.

“Harry, are you alright? Why are you like this, honey?” She brushed his curls from his forehead and hugged him. He smelled like liquor.

“She left, mum. She cheated on me with a guy. I can’t believe this, mom. She did that because I left her and she felt so lonely. This is all my fault, mom. I should’ve had accept the work and travel, mom. I’m bad and now she left me and Nolan,” he cried.

Anne couldn’t hold her tears to see her son in this situation. It was too hurt to see her son like this. It wasn’t his fault to leave for 3 months because he wanted to earn for his family’s living. He loved his family so much and he would do anything to make them happy. Out of nowhere, this happened and it hurt him badly.

Anne hugged her son tightly and cried with him. She whispered to him that everything is going to be okay and there’s nothing going to stop his from loving his son and achieving his dream.

Gemma closed the door behind her and she saw her mother and her brother crying together on the floor. She knew that woman had hurt her baby brother and she trusted her that she’s going to love her family and take care of them forever.

She lied to her. She’s a cheater. “Aunt Gemma, why is Nana and Dada crying?” She felt a pair of small hands tugged at her leg and it was Asher. “Dear, why are you awake? You should go to sleep,” she carried him to her waist.

“No. Why is Dada crying?” he looked at her.

“Your mummy hurt your Dada and she left, dear.” She couldn’t what she’d said at a 4-year-old boy.

“Hurt? Mummy hurt Dada? Mummy is bad. I don’t like Mummy. No one can my Dada like that,” he got down from her and hurriedly ran to Harry.

He wiped Harry’s tears with his hands and hugged him. “Dada, don’t cry please. I know Mummy hurt you. Aunt Gemma told me that. I don’t like when Dada cry. Don’t cry Dada,” he said. Harry was so grateful to have a son like him. “I love you, bub. You know I love you and no one is going to hurt both of us.”

He kissed him and thanked him for being such a great son even Nolan can’t understand what he said. Anne and Gemma smiled at the father and the son. They knew since that day, the bonding love between them won’t tear them apart no matter what happen.

Anne and Gemma spent the dinner and his house and they left after they done. Nolan cuddled with Harry the rest of the night while watching his favourite movie together. Harry needed to move on with his life and he can’t teach his son the meaning of giving up and not moving on.

Since then, he vowed not to leave his son and not to believe in true love anymore after what’d happened.


I updated two chapters in an hour. So what do you think about this?


My wattpad isn't working so I can't finish the story

I Love this story so much! Please update soon!

Harry's Louis Harry's Louis

I Love this story so much! Please update soon!

Harry's Louis Harry's Louis

Update it's great

@KEVIN! Aww thanks!