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Why Don't You Go There (Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

Chapter 1

A 5-year-old boy with brunette, wispy curls gets up from his bed and yawns while he slips on his slippers. He smiles, knowing that that today is a special day for him. He walks out from his room and walks down the stairs to the kitchen. He washes his hands and opens a cabinet to make an icky brown drink for his father – that’s what he called coffee.

Maybe I should put spoonful of this brown powder and two teaspoons of sugar for Dada, he thinks. Two is a perfect number since he lives with his father and there are only two of them in the house.

He fills the cup with warm drink and prepares a toast. Dada will like this. He places the breakfast on a tray and carefully heads up the stairs to his father’s room. He turns the door knob silently and walks in.

He tiptoes towards his father’s bed and he could see his mop of curls hidden beneath the blanket. He places the tray on the drawer next to his bed. He figures maybe he could wake him up by tickling him.

He giggles, thinking that this will be a very cheeky wake-up call for him. He climbs up on the bed and crawls on it step by step. Slowly lifts up the blanket without making a sound and immediately tickles him at his side. He jolts awake and looks around. He stops tickling him and laughs. “Nolan, I can’t believe you did that to me,” he scolds and he can’t help laughing at his messy hair and clothes.

“Why are you so messy, bub?” He asks and sits him on his lap. “Well dada, I made breakfast for you!” he smiles. “You did?” He nods and points to the tray. “You made that for me? Thank you, bub,” he kisses his forehead and they both have their breakfast together on the bed.

After they finish their food, Harry carries him to his waist and walks to her room to prepare for their photo-shoot.

As they walk to her room, he asks, “Bub, you know what day is today?” “Yes, Dada,” he nods. “It’s my birthday today!” He loves to see his son being happy especially on this special day. The day before his birthday, Harry planned to have a special photo-shoot for Nolan to make it as a memorable day for the both of them.

He thought maybe he could plan a surprise birthday party at his studio and invited his family and friends there. What Nolan doesn’t know is Harry planned a birthday party for him

Little Nolan knows that today is a special day especially for him. He can’t wait to celebrate his fifth birthday with his father and this means he’s a big boy. Being a boy is something that he always wanted to be. He gets to choose his own clothing, pick his onesie to wear before get to sleep since Harry was the one who used to choose for him and eating without using the baby's bib anymore.

Nolan demands to put down and hurriedly runs to his cupboard to choose his clothes. He tries another tee shirt and changes to another one. Harry leans at the doorframe and watching at his son fondly. Without his notice, tears breaming in his eyes.

“I can’t believe Nolan turned to five today,” he thinks and wipes the tears that falling down on his cheeks. “Dada, what do you think of this? Do I look handsome?” Nolan asks but he looks at his father worriedly.

“Are you alright, Dada? Why are you crying?” He looks at him and wipes his tears with his little fists. Harry gives him a teary smile and he’s really lucky to have a caring little baby boy like Nolan.

“I’m fine, bub. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“But Dada, you looks so sad.”

“It’s ‘look’, not ‘looks’, dear,” Harry corrects him. Nolan nods and gives a kiss on his lips.

“I don’t like if Dada is sad. I don’t like it at all. I want to see Dada happy every day. I don’t want to see Dada crying and sad like before. I love you, Dada. I won’t let anyone make my Dada sad. Not even mummy.”

Harry’s muscles tense when the little boy said ‘mummy’. He’s moving on his life already with his loving son. “I know you won’t let anyone make me sad. I love you,” he runs his hands in Nolan's curls and kisses him. He can’t show to him that he’s not alright. He has to move on every day. He has to be strong for Nolan and himself.

He’s not going to let the past drown his down. Not even after the darkest event of his past.


So what do you think about this first chapter? Leave your thoughts in the comment below and I would love to read it!


My wattpad isn't working so I can't finish the story

I Love this story so much! Please update soon!

Harry's Louis Harry's Louis

I Love this story so much! Please update soon!

Harry's Louis Harry's Louis

Update it's great

@KEVIN! Aww thanks!