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Why Don't You Go There (Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

Chapter 3

Harry drives to his studio before noon. He finds out that his family and friends had arrived at the studio to surprise him. Nolan sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to himself and even makes his father singing along too. He looks at the rear view mirror and notices that his son is so happy about his birthday.

“Are we there yet, dada?” he asks. Harry parks his car outside the building, “We’re here, bub. Are you excited today?” Nolan answers yes and immediately asking his father to get him out from the baby seat.

Harry laughs softly and he knows today is going to be a very exciting day for them. They walk in the building and Nolan makes grabby hands, insisting for Harry to carry him.

He chuckles. “I thought you’re a big boy, bub. You can walk by yourself, yeah?” he says. Nolan pouts his lips and makes a puppy face. “But daddy, only for today,” he whines. Harry sighs and he knows he has to carry him. He lifts him up to his waist and they ride on the elevator. They reach at Level 11 and that’s where Liam’s and Harry’s studio is.

They walk down the hallway and little curious Nolan doesn’t know where they are since he has never been to his father’s studio. “Here we are, bub,” Harry turns the doorknob slowly and suddenly everyone surprises Nolan with a cheer. “Happy Birthday, Nolan!” they cheer. Nolan squeals at the surprise and Gemma immediately takes him from Harry’s embrace.

“Happy birthday, my favourite nephew! I can’t believe you’re getting older. You were such a tiny baby when I first met you,” she says. Liam Payne, Harry’s employer did a great job at decorating the party with his girlfriend, Sophia and luckily, he invited Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, Harry’s close friends to help him.

“You lads did an amazing job for the party. Thank you so much,” Harry hugs the three blokes. “Anything for my nephew, mate,” Niall smiles. Although the three lads aren’t related to Harry, they still consider themselves as a family since they’ve been helping Harry in his life and known him for a long time.

Harry thanks to everyone who comes to the party and Nolan proudly introduces to everyone that the curly-haired man is his daddy and he loves him forever.

“Alright, boys. Enough for the chit-chat. I placed the cake at the table. Shall we start singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Nolan?” Anne asks. “I’ll be there in a second, mum,” he kisses her cheek and calls everyone to celebrate Nolan. “Dada, up,” Nolan demands to be carried at his father’s waist and he lifts him up. His eyes widen when he sees royal icing traces of ‘Happy 5th Birthday, Nolan’.

He smiles because he’s the main attraction of the party and people start singing for him. He blows all the candles – of course with his father’s help since he can’t really blow all of it. Everyone cheers and Nolan happily clapping his hands and this means he’s officially five years old.

Anne, Gemma and Sophia voluntarily help to cut the cakes into pieces and distribute each to every guest. Nolan scoops a spoonful of it and feeds Harry. “It’s delicious, Nolan!” Harry says.

“Hey there, you birthday boy!” Eleanor’s cooing. “Come here to Aunt El. Are you happy that you’re a big boy now?” she asks and Nolan nods his head vigorously. Harry and Eleanor laugh at him. “El, thank you for coming. You said that you’re bringing a friend to come over.

Where’s she?” Harry asks curiously. Every time Eleanor brings someone, she would introduce them to Harry and asks Harry to invite them for a date. Harry hasn’t been dating anyone for the past five years since Nolan was born while Eleanor thinks it’s the perfect time since he’s single and no one has yet wraps their fingers around him.

She smiles, “Do you want to meet him?” “Him?” he thinks. A tan-skinned tall man with brunette brown hair walks towards them. His muscles flex with his movement and his cheekbones are too perfect for a guy. The way he walks could catch everyone’s eyes and his smile- my goodness, melts Harry’s heart for sure. His blue eyes filled with flickers and his face is far too perfect for a man.

“Harry,” Eleanor introduces. “This is Louis Tomlinson.” He holds out and Harry shakes it. His hand is soft but firm at the same time. Louis catches Harry’s eyes and that’s when his heart skips a beat.

“Hi, I’m Louis Tomlinson. Nice to meet you."


Okay, I updated this third chapter. What do you think about how I described Louis from Harry's view? Is it too little or is it just alright? Anyways, I have a Wattpad account so please read this fanfic in my account to support me. Love you!


My wattpad isn't working so I can't finish the story

I Love this story so much! Please update soon!

Harry's Louis Harry's Louis

I Love this story so much! Please update soon!

Harry's Louis Harry's Louis

Update it's great

@KEVIN! Aww thanks!