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Boy's Youtuber | Naill Horan

Chapter 26

Aubrey's POV.


"Where am I?" I mumbled as I sat up in the hospital bed.

"Your in the hospital, love." He said and my eyes widened as I looked straight at him.

I wanted to scream my head off. Do something! Niall Fucking a Horan is in my hospital room. Visiting me for some hell known reason!?

"Um, Mr. Horan." A woman with a white lab coat came into the room.

"Sure?" He left the room with her and two seconds later Tyler and Troye came barging into the room in full speed.

"Your awake?!" Tyler yelled throwing himself onto my hospital bed.

"It's about time." Troye mumbled as he pulled me into his arms.

I tensed up at first then relaxed. Five minutes later Niall. I still can't believe it. Came into the room with the doctor. His face was beyond pale and he didn't look as vibrant as he did before.

"Niall, man what's wrong?" Tyler asked.

Now I was so confused. How did Tyler know Niall when I didn't?

"I have an announcement to make. According to the head doctor. Aubrey when you were bitten by the snake you were suppose to die because of how much venom it put into you, but instead it ended up erasing your memory. We just don't know how much." The doctor said.

"Aubrey. I'm going to ask you this. Did you break up with Jason?" Niall asked his voice full of sorrow.

"None that I know of why?"

"You broke up with him a year ago." Troye said and I could see Tyler and Niall visibly go ridged.

"You don't remember anything from the past year?" Tyler whispered and I looked around worried.

I shook my head no and then Niall was out. He was completely gone.

"Ah.....Motherfucking cracker jacks!" Tyler and Troye both mumbled.

"What's going on? Why was Niall Horan in my hospital room and why isn't Jason here?"



Chapter Freakin 26

comment what you think and we'll update soon. Love yall


Great story!

That_One_Person That_One_Person

It's great, update soon

MyaisStarr MyaisStarr

Yes they did break up.

O2L I thought they broke up. No?


Awww thanks. I hope you enjoyed it! The next chapter will be up soon!

ChristyDol ChristyDol