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You Can't Resist Me For Long...



Everyone knew about him. He was practically the king of this school. Him and his little followers. They ruled this school and everyone knew it. Even the teachers knew so it wasn't like you could go to them for help.

Zayn Malik was his name. Rumour has it that his name actually means 'king' in arabic. He was the bad boy and didn't give two shits about what people thought. One wrong look towards him while hes shoving his tongue down some girls throat could result to a beating after school. He never has a girlfriend either. Just a good shag of the month.

Its quite tragic when he goes after his shag. The whole school would know and couldn't do a thing. We all knew she would be ruined once the month was up. They got attatched to him so of course they don't want his beautiful golden eyes to stop giving them those looks. Or to never feel his plump irresistable lips against theirs. Or to stop being able to tangle their fingers through his oh-so soft hair. At least that's what I've heard.

It was around the beginning if the year; September I believe. My best friend, Racheal became one if his new targets. We tried, we really did but he still got to her. She knew the consequences but couldn't help herself from falling for him. The last week of their month she confessed to him. Racheal came back to my house with a broken heart and tears pouring from her eyes. There was also a huge amount of fear evident in her green eyes.

"I-I swear he was go-gonna hit me! Ya shouldve seen him Marcy!!! I told him and he looked so-so Disgusted!!!" She sobbed. I remember that night as if it were tattooed on my own skin. Racheal didn't attend school for about a week 'n half. Our other best friend, Liam, was super worried. I told him everything and he almost punched Zayn. I had to tell him it wasn't right cause he had Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson on his side. It would've been two versus four leaving us majorly injured.

When she did come back, her classes were changed. Before, we had all classes together in which of four we shared with either the badboy himself or his followers. Now those four classes I shared alone with those imbeciles.

Racheal used to also be strong and independent. Spoke her mind and could look the 'Kings' of the school dead in the eye without hesitation. To girls, she was an idol. I was her small side-kick cause I was more of the shy bookworm girl. I was very timid to others. After Zayn, Racheals strong qualities that made her who she was shrunk. She even had this side haircut that would cover her face when she wanted to avoid them. Liam and I still love her though. Even if shes a tad bit fragile now. To us, shes still the same bubbly Racheal we met in middle school.

Just because we still love her and everything doesn't mean were polite to the 'Kings'. Oh no buddy, I hate them with a passion. Too bad I don't have the courage to do anything big to them. I do know that if I ever became Zayns new month, I would resist him forever...


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

One of Zayns 'followers. Another 'King' at their highschool. Also big on being a player.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

Marcilines best friend from preschool. Very protective over her and his other best friend, Racheal.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

One of Zayns 'followers. Another 'King' at their highschool. He and Niall are the life of their gang.

Marciline Royals

Marciline Royals

Timid 17 year old girl whose best friends are Liam and Racheal. Hates the 'Kings' with a passion but doesn't know what's in for her

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

One of Zayns 'followers. Another 'King' at their highschool. He and Louis are the life of their gang.

Racheal Jones

Racheal Jones

Liam and Marcilines best friend. She's also a broken girl on the inside whilst hiding it with a bubbly cover to others

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

The badboy, The 'King' of the school. He's also one of the many fears of girls but in a way an excitement.



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This is one of my favorite fan fiction that I have ever read; I love it!

Pleaee update!!!!

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Everyone but me is going on spring break!!! Lucky...

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