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Still Friends? (Larry Stylinson AU)

Chapter 9


I woke up to a bang from upstairs along with a major heartache. If I had to estimate I would say it was somewhere around 7:00 am. I hardly ever wake up this early. My head was pounding. I feel asleep on the couch last night since I wasn't officially assigned a room to sleep in.

I got up from the couch and went and walked towards the kitchen. Surely there was some pain killers somewhere in here.
Right as I was about to open the first cabinet to look for some pills the girls ran down the stairs and into the kitchen dressed in not matching clothes what so ever.

"Sorry Harry, we didn't mean to wake you. What are you doing in here?" Phoebe asked me. I was about to tell her that I was looking for some pain killers when Daisy interrupted my thoughts.

"Were you in here to get some cereal! If you were can we have some to?" She begged me. I wasn't going to get some cereal but if the girls are hungry than I better feed them. The girls told me where the cereal is kept and I got them each a bowl. I decided to go watch T.V. while the girls ate.

I was flipping throughout the channels when I looked down and noticed I was in the same clothes as yesterday. I looked across the room and saw my bag on the love seat. I quickly clicked the channel I was on which just happened to be "Keeping up with the Kardashians". I then grabbed my bag and made my way into the nearest bathroom.


I left Liam's house about an half an hour ago. It was 7:20 now. I just pulled up to the drive up at Starbucks. I knew exactly what I was going to get. I have got the same kind ever since me and Harry walked to Starbucks when we were 12.


Me and Harry were walking home after school.

"HARRY GET OFF THE ROAD!" I yelled at him. There was a blue dodge coming down the road towards us. Harry jumped of the road not a second before the dodge pasted us honking its horn.

"He almost hit me!" Harry screamed pointing at the truck.

"I told you to stay on the sidewalk." I told him.

"I know but what if I died! Would you go to my funeral?" Harry asked me.

"I don't know if I would be able to handle seeing you like that. I would probably kill myself." I told him. I couldn't live without my Haz.

"Awww! Lou! Well to celebrate my life not being over let's go to Starbucks!" Harry yelled grinning widely. I guess Starbucks couldn't hurt

*At Starbucks*

"What can I get for you guys" the employee behind the counter asked. He looked somewhere around age 20.

"Umm.... I'll try the Carmel Cappuccino with ugh..... extra chocolate drizzle." I told the cashier.

"And I'll have a Mocha Ice coffee. " Harry told the cashier.

"Ok coming right up." He told us.

Once we got our drinks we both took a drink and each fell madly in love with it.

"Holy shit Lou" Harry said as a whisper. "This is amazing."

*End of Flashback*

"What can I get for you Sir." A woman said from the speaker snapping me out of my daydream.

"Um.. a Carmel Cappuccino with extra chocolate drizzle." I said to the speaker.

"Anything else for you" she asked me. I guess it wouldn't hurt getting another one.

"Umm.... Yeah I'll also have a Mocha Ice Coffee." I told the cashier. I hope Harry still likes Mocha.


I was in the living room in different clothes, learning all the newer shit going on with the Kardashians. I can't believe they became famous because Kim made a sex tape. I wonder if I can become famous by making a sex tape. Maybe Louis would help me out. "World's most popular Gay sex tape." Yeah that would actually pretty coo-. Ugh I'm doing it again.

Right then I heard a key in the door and in walked Louis holding two drinks. He took off his shoes and then he turned, looked at me and started walking towards me.

"Ok Harrry. I have four things to say to you. Ok here we go. Number 1, I need to know where my sister's are." He told me walking to the living room and sitting on the love seat.

"I believe that they're up in their room." I told him. Some baby sitter I am right? Not even keeping track of the kids.

"Yeah, I figured they would be up there. So now for number 2. Why are you watching the Kardashians?" He asked me.

"Umm... I'm practicing for my future sex tape life." I told him. He laughed at my answer. And it wasn't just a normal laugh. It was his real laugh. The kind he can't fake. The kind that only happens when he's happy.

"Same old Harry. Ok, Number 3. I want you to know- no I need you to know that I truly forgive you for what you did. I need you to know that I hold no grudge and I'm kind of hoping we can start from where we left of." He told me. He forgives me. Their has to be a catch. What happened to him last night?

"Of course I want to start from where we left off. I would like nothing better than to have back my BooBear back. And if it's not to much trouble can we go back to our playful little fake lovely old selfs. I loved when we were like that." I told him. I don't know if this is a trick but if there is a chance we can go back to our old selfs than I'm all in.

"Of course Haz, and now that I have that off my chest-" he told me standing up with the two drinks in his hand. I stood up and noticed that I was taller than me. When we were 14 we were the same size.

"I need to know" he said stepping closer to me. Almost half a face away.

"If" he said stepping even closer than before. I guess he wasn't kidding about wanting to go back as fake lovely old selfs. Not that I mind it, but it's just with Louis I would like it to be real not fake.

"Ugh Louis?!?" I asked him backing up a little not knowing where he was going with this.

"Shhh. I'm talking." He said placing a finger on my mouth.

"Like I was saying, I need to know if you-" his lips were almost on mine. I could feel his breath on my lips.

"Louis" I said. Is this really happening?

"Still" he said.

"Lou." I said in a serious tone.

"Like" he added.

"Like?" I asked him. I saw his eyes shut. This is really happening!

He suddenly scooted back and held up one of the drinks.

"Mocha Ice Coffee.


Haha did I get you!!! Did you really think they were gonna kiss!?!?! Not yet my friends <3
And by any chance did you guys see
the Midnight Memories music video!!!!! Absolute Perfection!!
Stay Beautiful-Ali<3



PLEASE UPDATE!!!! I like the movie date idea. or maybe something with the park that they use to go to for their first date or something like that. just please update its a really good story!

i agree about the date movie night or cliffhanging date.

skyeannarino skyeannarino

update please! but....It's a lovely story I could ever imagine!. :) hope you get a good idea of the next chapters but I'll make this a quick idea: Date movie night or Cliffhanging date.)

Ocean_97 Ocean_97

What a great chapter at least they made promises about they are willing ly taking it slow but soon they will get there.

Ocean_97 Ocean_97