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Still Friends? (Larry Stylinson AU)

Chapter 8


I was driving to Liam's house. I hope he still lived in the same place. I never really talked to Liam but Harry always seemed close to him. I see him around school every now and then.

As I pulled up to the house I hoped was Liam's, I realized that I didn't even know what I was going to say to him. I guess what ever comes out comes out. I walked up to the door and before I could double think I knocked on the door. I waited a few seconds until I heard footsteps on the other side.

"Hello" Liam answered the door. It was kind of weird because he was shirtless and had some grey sweat pants hanging down low on his waist.

"Hey" I said itching my head not knowing what else to say.

"Umm... Louis not to be rude or anything but what the hell are you doing here?" He asked me. Good question why was I here. Oh yeah, answers.

"I need answers Liam. I'm so confused and I can't take not knowing anymore!" I told him. He paused for a second.

"Okay, come in its freezing out there." He told me opening the door wider for me. I walked in and went and sat on his couch. He followed me sitting on the opposite side of the couch.

"Okay Louis what do you need to know?" He asked me.

"Well first you should know that Harry is back in town." I told him.

"I know." He said confidentially. How the hell did he kno- never mind that doesn't matter.

"Okay well then you should know that Harry got a babysitting job than right?" I asked him

"Yeah" he said

"Ok well it turns out that Harry is helping me babysit my little sisters while my mum is gone." I told him. He didn't look shocked. He looked like he was already informed on all this.

"Louis I don't understand. What's your question?" He asked me trying to get to the point. I need to know everything and anything about why Harry left." I told him quickly hoping he understood what I just said.

"Okay well how much do you know?" He asked me. Oh great. If I tell him I know nothing than he won't explain everything he might change the story. I better say that I know alot. Than maybe he'll tell me more. Right? I guess it's worth a shot.

"Ugh... Harry tried to tell me almost everything but it was kind of hard to understand some parts." I told him. Now he doesn't know what I do and don't know. He has to tell the truth.

"Okay, where to start? You know how Harry did that thing to make you jealous." He asked me. Wait jealous?!? I never knew he did it to male ME jealous. I just nodded my head and pretended I knew.

"Well Harry told me that after he did that he knew there was no way you would be with him. He wanted you as a boyfriend but he didn't want to take the chance of having you not even forgiving him as a friend." He said rubbing his eyes. I'm pretty sure I woke him up from his nap.

After I processed what Liam just said I think my heart literally just skipped a beat. Harry. My Harry. Wait technicly he's not mine but still. How could he possibly want me as a boyfriend. I tried as hard as I could to not show any emotion while Liam continued.

"He couldn't face you Louis. I can understand why to. I mean your always so happy and cheerful. I can't imagine what you'd look like mad and sad at the same time. I mean screaming and crying instead of laughing and yelling. It must be horrible." I never knew Harry was afraid of seeing me like that. I mean he said he couldn't face me but I never knew why.

"Everyday I would text Harry begging him to come back to Doncaster. He would never listen saying he couldn't see you. Yeah I missed him but I rather have him run away from this than face it and the love of his life." Liam said.

Love of his life? Me. It can't be. Maybe I just heard him wrong. We both waited in silence. I turned away and when I looked back at Liam I saw a tear but he quickly wiped it away.

"Louis just promise me one thing. Promise me that you'll forgive Harry. He was a mess for as long as I can remember. HELL HE'S STILL A MESS!" He yelled the last part. He took a deep breath and then continued in a very quiet voice.

"Just promise me that you WILL forgive him. He's been through enough and he's payee the consequences of his actions. He won't be able to last that much longer. Just, promise me you'll mend his broken heart and make him new again." He told me putting out his had to make this deal.

"I'll do it on one condition." I told him. With a deal there's always a condition.

"Anything, just as long as you'll fix him." He said looking strait into my eyes.

"I get to sleep here tonight, Deal?" I said putting my hand out to meet his. I couldn't go see Harry again today. I will in the morning.

"Deal" he said shaking my hand.


I need to figure out how to get Louis to like me again. I don't care what I have to do. I'd just gotten done putting Phoebe and Daisy to bed. I got to say it wasn't easy but I did it.

They had to brush their hair, get read a bedtime story, get tucked in, 4000 other things and brush their teeth. They almost used the other persons tooth brush. I remember the first time I used someone elses toothbrush.


"LOUIS WHERE DID YOU PUT THE TOOTH BRUSHES?" I yelled out across the camp ground from inside the tent. We were in the sixth grade and our teacher was taking her class camping in the mountains.

"THEIR IN THE SIDE POCKET OF MY BAG HAZZA!" He yelled back from somewhere outside the tent.

Everyone found it weird how we had pet names for each other but we didn't care. Sometimes we called each other cute pet names like Boobear or Hazza and sometimes we called each other couple pet names like babe or baby. It just depended how we were feeling.

I was just about to step out of the tent when I heard Louis call out again.
"Babe can you grab my tooth brush to?" He called out. I heard a 'ugh' signaling that someone disliked what he called me but we don't care.

I stepped out of the tent and me and Louis started making our way to the hose that was our only water supply. There was already about 6 girls over there.

I got out one of the two tooth brushes, pit some toothpaste on it and stuck it in my mouth. Louis was turned around looking at something in the trees.

"Haz, can you hand me the blue tooth brush?" Louis asked me. I went to grab the other toothbrush that wasn't in my mouth and I looked down at it. It wasn't blue. It was red. My toothbrush was red.

Louis looked at my hand to the toothbrush to my mouth. He looked puzzled for a second then it disappeared.

"Oh well" he said. He took my toothbrush out of my hand put toothpaste on it and put it in his mouth.

"Ewww!!! You guys might as well make out to!" One of the girls said.
Louis spit out his toothpaste and looked at her.

"Who says we haven't."

*End of Flashback*

I need to stop thinking about Louis. Maybe if I go to bed I'll stop thinking about him.

Who am kidding. He's always on my mind.


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I promise I will more often now. Love you all so very much. Stay Beautiful-Ali <3



PLEASE UPDATE!!!! I like the movie date idea. or maybe something with the park that they use to go to for their first date or something like that. just please update its a really good story!

i agree about the date movie night or cliffhanging date.

skyeannarino skyeannarino

update please! but....It's a lovely story I could ever imagine!. :) hope you get a good idea of the next chapters but I'll make this a quick idea: Date movie night or Cliffhanging date.)

Ocean_97 Ocean_97

What a great chapter at least they made promises about they are willing ly taking it slow but soon they will get there.

Ocean_97 Ocean_97