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Still Friends? (Larry Stylinson AU)

Chapter 10


"Same old Louis" he told me shaking his head taking the drink from my hand.

I always did love to tease Harry, it's just I never knew that he'd actually wanted it to happen since last night when Liam told me. I didn't know how I felt about Harry, but I do have some feelings for him. All I know is that I just barely got my best friend back and their was no way I was going to lose him again.

"And just so you know Lou," he told me taking a drink of his Mocha Ice Coffee "I love Mocha." I smiled while he sat back down and continued to watch the Kardashians.

He looked so sexy in his black skinny jeans with his white v-neck T-Shirt. I don't know anyone who can pull off skinny jeans like that. I wonder what it would feel like with his pretty little mouth around my- I didn't realize I was staring until he turned and looked at me.

"Everything ok Boo?" He asked me. I shook my head and laughed.

"I'm just glad to have you back Harry." I told him. He smiled and then looked back at the TV. I couldn't keep my feelings all to myself longer. I was to happy. I had to many sexual feelings about him.

I had to tell someone. I told Harry I would be back and walked upstairs towards my room. I decided now would be the perfect time to call one of my friends.

I would call Zayn, but I know that he would just try to make it awkward between me and Harry. There was also no way he wouldn't tell anyone. He'd probably tell Perrie. On the other hand Niall will literally scream and fangirl over my little crush I have going on. He will ask me all kinds of questions but at least he won't tell anyone... I didn't even know I was Gay.

I pressed "Nialler" on my phone and it started to ring. I shut my door so my sister's wouldn't come in.

"Hello!" Niall answered.

"Hey Niall I have something to tel you" I said in a shakey nervous voice

"Yeah, anything"he said. Oh great he's willing to heat me out. Ok Louis you can do this.

"Um.... Ok Niall you remember a few days ago how I told you and Zayn about that guy who I was dreaming about and how it was making me question my sexuality?" I asked him hoping he would get the point.

"Um.. Yeah I think. The one who you haven't seen in like 5 years and don't even know if he is still alive?" He asked me.

"4 years and yeah. Well since then I have figured out that, um.... ithinkimgay." I said rushing through the last part.

"What Louis? I didn't catch that last part." He said.

"Niall, I'm gay." I said not holding back. It went silent for about 3 seconds till I heard the phone drop. I heard ruffling and then he picked his phone back up.

"Geez Niall I didn't think you would be that surprised." I told him laughing.

"NO, no Lou, it's not that. It just I'm in shock. Me and Lilly made a bet saying she thought you were gay. Since you were always looking at chicks asses at school, I figured that you were strait so I went against her. This means I just lost $100." He told me laughing. At least he didn't freak out and hang-up.

"Thanks for making a bet on my sexuality Ni." I told him.

"No problem Louis. But I have one question. Who ate you gay for?" He said

"That guy I haven't seen in years" I told him

"Okay one more question." He said.


"If you still don't know if this guy's alive then how do you know your gay for him. Are you sure it's not a phase?"

"Niall, remember how I told you about that babysitter. This guy is the babysitter. We made up and now I'm developing deep feelings for him. To make matters worse he was my Best Friend when we were growing up. He moved 2 weeks before you and Zayn came back." I told him. It was silent for a few moments and then he talked.

"Well Louis, I have to say you screwed. If you guys are Besties again you have to choose between friendship or your own desperate needs. And both are important." He told me.

"Thanks Niall, words of inspiration. Look I have to go check on the girls." I told him. I wasn't worrying about the girls I just felt like I had to see Harry, even though it's been less than 10 minutes.

"Ok Louis, I'm guessing I shouldn't tell Zayn?" He asked me in a form of a statement.

"Yeah you know he'll just tell people." I told him.

"Ok look I won't tell Zayn if you tell me 2 things about him." He told me bribing me.

"Ugh fine let's see... his name is Harry and he looks fucking amazing in skinny jeans." I told him then hung-up.


Once Louis walked out of the living room I was immediately concerned of where he was going I've always had a certain protective instinct over Louis ever since he got made fun of one time a few years back.


"Hey babe get me a bag of chips while your there." Louis yelled across the hall to me. I was on the way to the vending machine. I turned around and gave him a thumbs up to show that I heard him.

I saw Louis friend Lilly grin at what Louis called me. She was all for us going out. There was half of the school who loved our pet names and half who hated them. Big surprise is that one half are Homosexuals and the others aren't.

I made my way to the vending machine. I inserted a $5 and got me a bag of Chex mix and Louis a back of Lime Hot Cheetos. Those were his favorite.

I was walking back to Louis locker and I saw Brad who was supposedly supposed to me the bad boy of the school pushing Louis against the wall.
I dropped my book in the middle of the hall and started walking towards Brad and Louis.

There was already a little group forming. Somebody saw the way I was glaring and walking at Brad and tested to stop me. I just pushed them away and kept going.

As I got closer I heard what Brad was saying to Louis.

"You know what gay boy. You and Styles might be fooling everyone else but not me. Everyone knows that he's only hanging out with you because he's sorry for you. Look at you. Strips and suspenders."

I saw Brad raise a fist and that when I started running. I pushed past the people around Louis and Brad and tackled Brad to the floor. I punched him in the stomach knocking the breath out of him and then looked him square in the face and told him:

"If you ever come close to Louis again, let's just say you'll need an ambulance." I pushed up off the ground, handed Louis his chips, grabbed my books from someone who picked them up, and turned away.

Not a second later I turned around, looked Brad strait in the eyes and put my hand out towards Louis.

"Come on, let's go to class Babe."

*End of Flashback*

Ever since that day I was protective over Louis. If he got a scratch, I would make sure I knew what happend. I was like his personal body guard.

I was craving a brownie so I was going to ask Louis had any brownie mix. I walked up and heard Louis talking from one of the rooms. I followed it and found myself at a door. I was about to know when I heard him say something.

"Niall I'm gay." I heard him say I couldn't believe it. My Lou. Gay. Well technically he's not MY Lou. But he did know how to scream very high pitched.

I went to the bathroom I had found earlier and when I came back I heard more.

"His names Harry and he looks fucking amazing in skinny jeans." I heard him say. I heard him stand up and I ran down stairs and looked down at my pants. I did look good didn't I.

Louis sat back down on the couch with me not knowing I heard anything. I grabbed his phone so I could play Flappy Bird. He wrapped his legs around me and I entangled my legs with his.

While I was playing he got a message. He asked me to read it out loud.

"Hey lou, can I see these skinny jeans?" I read I looked back at him about to laugh.

"Umm, yeah Haz, I need you to stand up and turn around." He told me. I gave him a confused look and stood up. I walked ahead a little and turned my head so my ass was facing him along as my head. I had a devilish smile on my face as Louis took the picture.

"Love, what was that for?" I asked him.

"Nothing" he said shaking his head. A few second later he looked up at me.

"By the way, my friend Niall thinks you have a nice ass and your name suits you." He said randomly.

"Oh really" I asked.

"Yeah, and I do to."


Hi guys sorry it's been a while. I hope this chapter is good. I was so obsesed with the Story of my life Video that I couldn't even... And plus Harry's Birthday. And all this "Kendall" stuff. Any ways I have 3 Things I want you guys to do.
1) let me know what you think about "Kendall and Harry"
2) tell me what you think of this story!
3) check out my story that I just started Co-Authoring on. Its a Larry Fanfic called Crash Into You. Here's the link! http://www.onedirectionfanfiction.org/Story/28636/Crash-Into-You-Larry-Stylinson/
Stay Beautiful-Ali<3



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update please! but....It's a lovely story I could ever imagine!. :) hope you get a good idea of the next chapters but I'll make this a quick idea: Date movie night or Cliffhanging date.)

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