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Dollhouse saga; "Forever always, For eternity "


Isla POV

I was snug in my bed. To think this is where i met Louis and Liam them years ago, i still think sometimes what if it was someone else would they have the same life and love that i have towards these boys. What if they hated me with the passion? What if i was used?

Just then Louis' voice made my eyes open, i looked to find him by the open window he was smoking a cigarette. I told him once he needs to stop but then he reminds me that it has no effect on him due to being a Dracula.

"Isla, honey, you need to stop thinking about that".

He saids as he takes another poof.

"I told you once before, its always gonna be you. Stop saying these what ifs in your head cause me and Liam are always gonna be with you".

I move more into the pillow as i watched him, I peered at the clock and it was only 1 in the morning. I turned over trying to miss my very big bump and reached for my phone, Louis watched every move I made, I felt his eyes watch me like he used to when I was human.

I unlock my screen. My background weirdly is a 'selfie' of us three. Me, Liam and Louis. I smile when I see Liam's face and a tear foamed in my eye, Louis of course saw it.

"Dont worry baby girl he is fine, youll see"

I always do seem to believe Louis which is crazy, i mean half of the time he is right. Just to be on the safe side i go to my contacts and search Liam, i pressed the call button. Louis looked at me shaking his head. I've always been scared to leave Liam on his known though after last time.

I hear it ringing. Yes hes phone is still on. After a while it answers and i get a groany voice on the end of it, sounds like Liam.


He answers.

"Hey babe".

"Eghh.. Honey dont you realise what time it is?".

He groans and then i hear covers moving.

"Your in bed? Asleep? Liam you never sleep thought".

Im surprised ! The time I've known Liam not once but very rarely has he ever fall to sleep. I'm kinda shocked.

"Never mind me you should be resting our babies"

He sounds so serious like that, you can tell he will become a great father to our baby.

"I know i got kinda worried.." I hear him yawn. "I just wanted to check if you were alright"

I hear him ove again. Maybe to a new sleeping postion. Liam has never slept in a long while so finding it comforable must be hard for a ghost who never sleeos or even sets foot on a bed.

"Well honey i was asleep until you disturbed me, but im glad you did. I was thinking about you actually".

Louis joins me on the bed shutting the window.

"I miss you Ice, miss you so much".

This makes my heart flutter and then Louis rests his head on my chest wrapping his arm around me. This is how he sleeps anyway with me alone but with Liam its different.

"Come on Ice, you need your sleep baby. Lie down.."

To my suprise i do what he says.

"Now i want you to get some sleep and think of us back together again by dinner time.. Imagine all of us in that bed if you really miss me. Remember how that night you let me sleep with you for the first time. Feel that again Ice"

I smile and touch my stomach, louis of course, brushes his hand on top of mine and kisses my tummy.

"Ok Liam ill get some sleep.."

"And stop worrying, ill always be with you baby."

"Forever always?" I ask.

"For eternity", i feel his warm smike through the phone. " i love you icey".

"I love you too Li".


OK! Sorry its been so long and all that, been kinda busy with essays and exams. But of course this is co auother as well so you get this hopefully daily next week due to I've got no school.

So Isla gets the what ifs?

Liam sleeps?

#new : So im writing another story called "13 going 30" its basically gang rivals diary's. With of course the boys of One Direction even the 5 seconds of summber boys. Check it out.


OH PLEEEAAASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!! I know this know this book updates slow but omfg please just update date! This book is so amazing! !!! This book is beautifully written and i just can't wait for an update, these is the most perfect book I've read in my life!!! I started crying alt the end of chapter 40 when she gave birth and was comparing the babies with Louis and liam..please update!!!

awwwwww !! omg please update soon !

Update oh my life !

Update :D !

I was a total groupie over Dollhouse which, as ELMO told you, led to me getting to co-author the sequel. I love her characters and the first story was awesome.