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Harry Styles Parodothology

Awkwardz #5 | Terrible Toilet Times

The girl's POV:

*During a heated make-out session*

Currently, I was laid against a couch with Harry on top of me, making the shit out of me.

Our tongues were currently gliding with each other's, but thenI stopped my so-called tongue battle.

"Whats beh matar" I heard Harry's muffled voice through me.


"No, you aren't going anywhere"

"Harry I need the toilet!" I screamed because that shit in me was currently on breaking point...

He leaned back a little slowly and nodded, giving me way.

And then I ran to the toilet to do my job of emptying... You know what I mean.



OMG so me and a friend of mine, we had a loyalty card to a cinema (go to the theatres 10 times and randomly pick out a movie to watch for free). So we ended up with this movie called Dhoom 3... and guess what? It was not in English (originially in Indian) and like... the movie was SOOO GOOD but reading along quickly was sooo hard. And then theres this weird song called 'Malung' or something and then we read the subtitles and the song had an AMAZING MEANING!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! BEST NON-ENGLISH MOVIE EVER!!! AND THE GUY IS SOO HOT.... I'm weird

Here's the link to the song (just thought I'd share my thoughts :P )


funny as helllllll plz update

I liked chapter 4 a lot, I imagined it and I laughed so hard.

Miss Direction Miss Direction

Lmao I feel for your friend

Miss Direction Miss Direction

lol fummy as f***

@Bmo Stampy Cat Tomlinson

Hahaha ;)

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360