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Harry Styles Parodothology

Awkwardz #6 | That Escalated Quickly

The girls' POV:

"Ughh Harry" I moaned as he thrust himself right into me

"Scream my name baby boo" he whispered and dug his way deeper up my va-jay-jay.

"HARRY!" as soon as I yelled, my phone from the side table rung, snapping the shit out of both of us.

I reached over but Harry stopped me, "Babe. No"

"Okay bub let me just see who it is!" I urged and grabbed my phone.

My eyes widened over what I saw. It was Helena, my new boss for my new job.

"Hello!" I answered and saw Harry give me a snarl mixed with a death glare.

"Yes?... Oh my gosh really!... I'm coming there in five!" and I hung up to be see Harry putting his clothes on.

"Oh um Harry" I mumble and bite my lip

"It's over. Our relationship lasted less than Kim Kardashian's and Kris Humphries' marriage. Go wherever you need to go now, I'm out" and before I could stop him, he was out of my apartment.

I lowered my hand and frowned and started to slowly dress.


"Meh, who gives a fuck" I later said to myself and walked out of my apartment.


Oh my gosh you guys probably hate me for updating only ONE CRAPPY CHAPTER after like, a year! Seriously, I had a bad writers block for this. But I wont drag on with my excuse so I'm sorry once more.

OOOH also if you see stories like this one anywhere who haven't given me credit, tell me and I'll talk to them. Also PLEASE comment more ideas!

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funny as helllllll plz update

I liked chapter 4 a lot, I imagined it and I laughed so hard.

Miss Direction Miss Direction

Lmao I feel for your friend

Miss Direction Miss Direction

lol fummy as f***

@Bmo Stampy Cat Tomlinson

Hahaha ;)

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360