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Harry Styles Parodothology

Awkwardz #4 | Vicious Voices

Harry's POV:

Finally, after what had been 6 lonely months of my life being single, I was meeting Sherrie; the most beautiful girl I had met on Zoosk.

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SherrieAndCo: "are we meeting up at Starbucks Coffee?"

I quickly type a reply,

HarryEatsCellery: "yah I'm there"

SherrieAndCo: "alright I'll be there in 10 - S. xx

As the minutes pass by I get more nervous and excited. I even got my 4/5 band members to play music near our table.

"Guys, are you ready?” I ask the other boys who were practicing songs

They look at me and nod, and then point to the window.

And then... there she was walking, and it felt as if everything was in slow motion. As I walked trance-like to her, her lips started to part.

And I heard the most monstrous voice ever; hers.

“Har-ry!” Sherrie came running over to me, while I stared at her in horror.

Someone as beautiful can have the scariest voice ever.

"Erm... I-I gotta go"

I ran outside and into my car, ignoring the “heys” and shouts from the boys.

As I watched from my window, I could hear the whole of Starbucks running outside and into their vehicles. Oh my gosh Sherrie-Apocalypses!

Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn soon joined me, Niall starting a conversation with, “Harry, if you ever have a date, please call the girl and see how her voice is”

I nodded and started to drive, while awkward silence took over.

I sometimes hate my life.


This one sucked, I know. But OH MY GOD SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING QUICK!

I will excuse myself;

My dad cut my Wi-Fi on my laptop and tablet and so I hacked into his computer and his Wi-Fi works and I wrote the chapter on here. The things I do for you guys :')

Now tell me, which Awkwardz Sitz was your fave? The next one will be based on a suggestion someone wrote to me :)

For now, Emmee says bye bye <3


funny as helllllll plz update

I liked chapter 4 a lot, I imagined it and I laughed so hard.

Miss Direction Miss Direction

Lmao I feel for your friend

Miss Direction Miss Direction

lol fummy as f***

@Bmo Stampy Cat Tomlinson

Hahaha ;)

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360