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Harry Styles Parodothology

Awkwardz #3 | Banal Black Friday

Harry’s POV:

After two years of marriage, here we are together, just strolling along the streets on a Friday.

I suddenly latch my hand around Corinne, who glances up me in surprise then blushed afterwards.

“What’s so shocking?” I said

“I don’t know I just—“I cut her off quickly

“Our love will never fall apart; nothing can break the bond we have between us. I’m not afraid to show my love in public, Corinne”

Corrine took the both of my hands and wrapped her warm ones around mine, holding them up just were both of our hearts were.

“Harry, I agree. We’ll always stay forever as Corry; Corinne and Harry. Tell me that you’ll nev—“she was suddenly cut off by a wave of angry shoppers rushing towards us.

They rushed right through our connected hands and broke us apart, and into the stores behind us.

“Black Friday? OH MY GOSH I have to check out the sales!” Corinne said and ran to some store, leaving me standing there dumbfounded.

I thought she said no one will tear us apart?

Well then…


Heeey! DOUBLE UPDATE, GUYS! (Australian Time)

Thank y'all for the awesome suggestions on what to write next. :D keep dumping in more n I'll give you credits.

Love you all, my beautiful bitchuzzz!!! xD

-Emmee <3


funny as helllllll plz update

I liked chapter 4 a lot, I imagined it and I laughed so hard.

Miss Direction Miss Direction

Lmao I feel for your friend

Miss Direction Miss Direction

lol fummy as f***

@Bmo Stampy Cat Tomlinson

Hahaha ;)

HazzasGurl360 HazzasGurl360