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Through The Dark(Niall Horan)

New York

Eight hours later and I finally landed in New York. The flight was long, I had too much time to think. I cried a lot, wishing my dad was still around. None of this would be happening if he was still alive. I would still be happy, I wouldn't have bruises or cuts, I wouldn't need Niall to save me.

I sighed, shaking all the thoughts of my dad out of my head and standing to leave the plane. I pulled my phone out of my bag and exited the plane. No service. Of course, my phone doesn't work over here. Perfect. I shoved my phone into my pocket and made my way towards baggage. I checked out all of the men in suits holding signs with different names, nothing for me.

I turned around to go find a phone, that's when I saw him. He was wearing a black hat and sunglasses. I thought he would send someone to get me to avoid the media but I guess I was wrong. My smile got bigger and bigger as I made my way over to him.

He opened his arms as I got closer, making me pick up my pace to end up in his embrace. “It's good to see you.” He smiled, rubbing my back.

I hadn't felt so at home in so long. A hug from my best friend was all I needed to feel safe, and loved. “I missed you.” I mumbled into his chest.

“I missed you too, Teag.” He smiled and loosened his embrace. “Let's get you out of here.”

I nodded, pulling my hood up as we exited the airport. It wasn't long before a flock of photographers were around us. I did my best to hide my face, praying no one got any pictures of the cuts and bruises. Niall led me to a black SUV and helped me in the back, following after.

“How was your flight?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.

I shrugged, not really wanting to talk. “It was fine.”

Niall nodded. “We can go shopping later, to get you some clothes.”

I had completely forgotten that I got on the plane with nothing but my purse. “Okay.” I smiled a bit. “Thanks for everything Niall. I don't know what I would do without you.”

He smiled and grabbed my hand. “You're my best friend Teagan. I will always be there for you. No matter what.”

I smiled as we arrived at the hotel. We went in a back entrance and made our way up to the room. “I'm actually really tired...do you think I could borrow some clothes to sleep in?”

Niall nodded and went over to his suitcase. He pulled out a pair of basketball shorts and a tshirt and tossed them at me. I went into the bathroom and changed, looking at myself in the mirror for the first time since London. My lip was still swollen, but not too bad. I ran my finger over the cut on my cheek. Yep, still hurt. My black eye had turned a dark purple and stung when I touched it.

I was surprised Niall didn't say anything about it, but I'm sure he was just waiting until we were alone. Which means he was probably sitting in the hotel room waiting for me so he could ask me all of the questions I've been trying to avoid.

Niall knocked on the door. “Teag? Everything alright in there?”

“Oh uh, yeah. I'll be out in a minute!” I changed into the shorts he gave me and kicked my other clothes into the corner.

I opened the door, only to find Niall standing there waiting for me. He stared at me for a long time. Looking over every inch of my face. “Is this it?” He asked.

I shook my head, my eyes falling to the floor. “My ribs...”

Niall cussed under his breath. “I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you.” He shook his head. “I promised I would be there for you.”

“Niall you are in the biggest boy band on the planet. You're on tour living your dream. It's not like you were just fucking around when it happened.” I wrapped my arms around his waist. “You got me out of there. That's all that I care about.”

Niall rubbed my back. “I just feel so bad. You've gone through so much this year and I've been gone for most of it..”

I nodded, looking up at him. “You're still my best friend, Niall. And I'm so proud of you. You've done so much this year and I couldn't be happier for you.”

Niall smiled and pressed his lips to my forehead. “I'm sorry this happened to you and I'm sorry I couldn't stop it sooner.”

I just sighed, hugging him tighter as he continued to rub my back. Being in this position, in Niall's arms felt so right, so calming. Nothing could get to me when I was here. Wait. This is starting to sound weird. Almost like we're in a relationship and I don't like Niall like that. Do I?


I'm sorry if the ending sounds a bit rushed. I'm not feeling well but I was almost done and wanted to finish the chapter before I went to bed.
I still hope you like it! :)


Please upload you only have a few chapters left. This was my first fanfiction. I have read so many after yours but no ones is as good as yours please update! I love you! If your sick or something and you can't upload you will be in my prayers.

Love your story. First fanfic I have ever read and is still my fav. Take all the time you need to write this and for personal matters. And my friends say they LOVE you to death cause of your story. Yea there sitting right next to me. Thanks


Rebekah Knapp Rebekah Knapp

Take a brake u need it we love u and ur story

Winter rose Winter rose

I agree with @The Renegade. Take your time girl. We understand that you have more important things in your life and I know a lot of us can relate. I hope things get better for you soon :)