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You Were Mine For The Summer

Chapter 9

Harry’s POV

“Harry! Look over here please!”
I went inside the building our last interview was going to be held. Passing by the screaming paparazzi only wanting to know something and then write it to a whole different story. Paps are really pissing me off to be honest. When I’m finally inside I walk over to Lou, our stylist. But when I spot Lux, I got over to her first so greet her. I swear to god she’s the cutest little child I’ve ever seen, and I’m happy to say I am the godfather for her.
“Hi baby… Are you playing with your dolly?”
I didn’t really get a good response so I walked over to Lou and sat down with a smile. She started on my hair, brushing it up into a quiff and spraying it.
“So last interview then?”
“Yeah, it feels pretty good to have at least a year break from tour and music recordings. Not that I don’t love it cause I do”
“Everyone needs a long break sometimes… Do you know what you will be doing?”
“We will go to Australia, but I will go there a couple of weeks earlier so they will come later. We won’t tell anyone besides family though”
“You will come home and look like an Asian then?”
“I thought I looked like an Asian now?”
“Yeah, you’re right” We both laughed while she finished with my makeup; just some powder on and I was ready.
“Okay now go get Liam for me please”
“Yes miss Teasdale!”
“Don’t call me that!”
I went away while laughing and picked up Lux and told Liam to go get fixed


“Hi everyone and Welcome on this beautiful day. I’m Hailey and this is SaturdaysTeenShow! (I just made up a name for it). Today we will have the most famous band right now, here today! Yes it is One Direction! Welcome in boys!”
All of us walked in, in a line and sat on the red couch. I must say it was really small. Easy to say we were crushing eachother.
“Hi boys! Great to see you!” The interviewer said. Her nametag said Hailey and looked to be in her thirties.
“It’s great to be here!” Liam said, being the responsible one.
“So tell me… I heard you were gonna take a pretty long break, right?” She aimed the microphone towards me
“Yeah you heard that thing right…” Simple answer
“How long and why if I may ask?”
“Well… We’ve been working pretty much non-stop these years ever since the beginning so I think it’s safe to say we deserve this 1 year or so break”
“How’s your fans taking it all?”
“I’ve seen different reactions… Some of them is happy cause they don’t want us working this hard and some of them is taking it pretty hard... But remember! We’re still here guys.”
“And now to the question everyone wants to hear… Who of you are single?” There it was… The question we get in every interview. Liam, Zayn and Louis raised their hand while me and Niall had our hand down.
“There you have it! 3 fifths of the band is taken and 2 of them is still on the market!”
The interview kept going, us being questioned the usual questions like we always do. Us nodding, answering them like we always do… One thing that irritates me though is that almost every reporter/interviewer keep saying that it’s “Harry and the band” like everyone thinks it’s my band… Sometimes I can feel the words almost slip out of my mouth that we’re a band together! But of course I can’t….
“Now, one last question before I will release you… Where will we find you during the year? Any plans?”
“We will travel around, be with family and just relax. It will be an amazing year”
“Thank you boys for taking your time coming here”
“Thank you for having us”
Each of us hugged the interviewer and waved goodbye to our fans in the audience.

We talked to our dressing room chanting “VACATION” Louis of course was the loudest so you could mostly hear him screaming. Out of the band he’s loudest, it’s weird cause in the beginning we all thought he was the shyest. And look at him now… We instantly became best friends. we just clicked. Our thinks we’re dating, calling us Larry Stylinson. That’s another thing that irritates me. A lot. He’s happy with his girlfriend, Eleanor. They love eachother! Our relationship has changed because of our fans. We can’t act like we want to in the public eye. Only when we’re inside. When there are no cameras. Just us boys. They think that if we just look at eachother it means something. It’s just a glimpse guys… And whenever we have a announcement they always freak out, thinking it’s about us dating. I think it’s clear to say that we can get quite irritated.
Zayn interrupted my thoughts, making me blink out of my thinking time.
“Harry when’s your flight?”
“It leaves early in the morning, so I will go home and pack the last I have left”
“How much have you really packed?” damn Louis knows me well enough to know that I’ve barely packed anything.
“erm.. uhh..” Louis face turned up into a mischievous grin.
“Well you better get home and pack little boy…”
“I will! And I’m not little! I’m taller than you!”
“Shut up…” he mumbled and I started laughing while I moved and started walking, on my way home but not before saying bye to our crew. Yes we probably will have interviews some times but we won’t have to proper work for a year.
“I’M OLDER THEN YOU” I head Louis last scream before I walked away from our dressing room.
“SHUT UP” I hoped he heard that… At least I’m hotter… no I didn’t say that out loud…
“Hey guys, I’m gonna head home to pack so have a great time!”
“What? It’s not like we won’t see each other for a year, se you soon Harry, take care and don’t forget the sunscreen!”
“I won’t! byeeeeee” I waved goodbye to everyone in the crew while walking my way out of the big building.
When I outside the doors, there were swarming with paparazzi’s, a lot more then if was when I came here. I put on my sunglasses and looked down when I headed to my car I had parked outside the studio. Questions were thrown at me
Harry! Is there something between you an Taylor Swift?” no. Publicity stunt
“Are you going to visit your family now?” as much I’ve wanted to, no…
Tell me about Kendall Jenner!” she was just a one nightstand… we met at the club, we were both drunk and she thought we were dating after that night. We’re definitely not dating…. And I listened to one of her calls to her mother, she didn’t know of course but I heard her mum talk about “Hang out with him as much as you can and you will get the publicity you want” So yeah… publicity stunt.
I ignored all the questions they screamed me and finally I was at my car and began my drive home to my apartment here in LA. The traffic here is always busy, It would probably be busy in the middle of the night too. If there weren’t this many cars out now, the ride to my apartment would probably only take about 5 – 10 minutes. But right not, like always there’s traffic stocking so the drive takes about 20 minutes.

I open the door to my apartment and close it as fast. I walk to the kitchen and poor myself a glass of water and chug it down. My legs carry me to my room and as I see my phone charger I remember I need to charge my phone so I plug it and lay it down on my king-sized bed while I go look for a suitcase to pack in.
Where is it?! I gotta have one… what loser don’t have a suitcase? When I’m too tired of looking anymore and I don’t have it in me to go out and buy one, I decide to pack in my duffel bag. That’s good too, the only negative thing with it, is that you have to carry it. I lay it down on my bed and just look at my wardrobe. What to pack…

I didn’t really pack much… And I don’t really have many clothes either… But with me I have my 3 tight jeans, some plaids, swimming trunks and some shirts. Not much. I will probably buy something there.
Since I have to get up like 5AM to catch the flight so I go and take off my clothes (shirts and pants only) and go and brush my teeth and then head to bed, hoping to get some sleep.

My alarm goes on, on 4:55AM. My flight leaves around 8AM. I sit up and brush away the sleep in my eyes to wake up a little. I stand up and get dressed in my usual clothes – black jeans and black shirt – I basically only have 3 pair of black jeans and that’s it. I maybe should buy some more.
I then go down to the kitchen and eat a sandwich before I leave so I don’t need to be hungry on the long flight.
When I’m finished with everything, packed my bag with the last I walk out the door and lock it. I say bye to my apartment, I won’t be coming home for a while. And would down the steps and out to my cab I’ve called for.
“Heathrow” And the driver drives away, away from my safe heaven.
This will be a whole lot of fun. The times I’ve been in Australia with the band, it never seems to disappoint me.
Bye England… And hello Adelaide, Australia!!!!

Sunny’s POV a few days later she came

I have been in Australia a few days now, 6 days to be exact. It feels like I’ve been here much longer to be honest. Anyway… I finally got rid with my jetlag. It was much worse then I thought…. Poor famous people that has to do this all the time, with jetlag I mean. All we’ve been doing these days is basically nothing, just been at home, lying in the grass. Relaxing.

“What shall we do today?” Madeline asks me while we’re eating breakfast - egg and bacon -
“Well I’m not that tired today so maybe we can do something other then lying here?”
“Yeah okay good! Maybe we can…” Both of us make a thinking face…Until Madeline’s face lights up. She got an idea
“Maybe we can go shopping? And then later tonight go to a club I know about?”
Her idea didn’t seem that enticing… I’ve never been clubbing before, never been drunk. Yes I have tasted but only a little bit. You maybe think of me as a dork now… But I have never been that kind of person that hangs out late at nights, I like being home just chilling and another reason is that I don’t even have that many friends. The ones I hung out with in High school lived on different places so I was just hanging with them during school.
“Eh… yeah sure…” I fiddled nervously with my fingers. I don’t know if she noticed my nervousness but she didn’t say anything. I do think that the shopping will be fun. I do! It’s just the clubbing part I don’t like… What if she will think I’m boring? If I don’t get drunk I mean…
Stop overthinking it! My mind keeps telling me… Great, I’m talking to myself…
Just do it! Do what?
Go out and have fun! Can you please stop talking?!
Not until you go out tonight! Urgh! Fine!
“Sunny are you okay?” Madeline’s voice wakes me up from my argument with my inner voice.
“Huh? Oh, yeah I’m fine! Shall we start getting ready for the shopping?”
“Oh! Yeah, of course!”
We had now done the shopping and I swear, she was much worse then Hilly… She basically forced me to buy a dress that would get the most attention – which I hate. The dress wasn’t me. At all. It was the sluttiest I have ever seen. It was barely covering my but and it was just screaming of it “Come and get me! I’m free” But of course little me don’t have it in me to say “No!” I’m too nice sometimes…
I don’t even want to know how I will look like after she’s done my make-up, She insisted on doing it, I don’t know much so I let her.
“Okay, sit down with your back to the mirror. You can’t look, okay?”
“I don’t want to much”
“Trust me Sunny! It will be perfect!” I looked nervously and breathe out a shaky breath. I sit down, my face to Maddi. She started with some creamy thing… Foundation? Yeah probably. And that’s how it went… me scrunching my face whenever she did something I didn’t like. But when she finally was done, I was shocked. She made me look so beautiful! I feel like a different person.
“oh my… it’s beautiful mads! Thank you!!!”
“I told you to trust me!” I jumped on her with a loving hug. I will always let her do my make-up from now on.
“Now to the hair!!”
“Can I just straighten it? I can do that on my own”
“Yeah that should be fine” Thank god she approved of that simple style.
This will be an adventurous night, I can tell.


How long is it since I updated really? probably a little over a month :( I feel bad :( BUT I FINALLY DID IT AND I'M HAPPY
I hope I can update soon again! I don't have any homework this weekend so maybe I can write if I know what will happen :D


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Madline's outfit to the club > http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=118449346
Sunny's outfit to the club > http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=118449241


tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

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omg love this please update soon!

Nope. Nope.

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hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

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Can u please update soon I need to read more!

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thanks! :) you're actually the 1st ever to comment on a story besides friends! I llike that ha