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You Were Mine For The Summer

chapter 8

When we landed in Beijing, everyone in the plane started walking out calmly and slowly in our tired state, sitting down in 10 hours just makes you tired. Even if you sleep the most of the time, you’re still tired. When I was out of the plane I started walking around, trying to think of something to do these 7 hours of waiting. I decide to go into the nearest shop and buy something. A magazine and chocolate sounds really good right now. I will probably end up with eating all of it now but who cares. I pay for the things and walk out. I look to my right and then my left. I decide to walk to my right since I came from left. When I walk further down, I see some chairs standing there, like armchairs, but the thing you actually sit on, are as long as a bed. I walk closer to the armchairs and see some people laying on them, actually sleeping. I sit on one it’s really comfortable, now deciding that I will stay right here in 6 and a half hours. Not gonna move one bit of me. I open up the chocolate – milk chocolate – best chocolate ever! I close my eyes for a bit, trying to get some sleep. But after a while I think that I maybe should set an alarm in case I fall asleep. I set the alarm so if I fall asleep; I get 6 hours of sleep.
After what feels like hours of sleeping I wake up and rub my sleep from my eyes so I will wake up. I look tiredly around me and look at the clock on my phone. Since the alarm hasn’t called yet, I understand that I have more then 1 hour left in Beijing airport. The clock on my phone shows me that I have 3 hours left. I slept for 3 hours, I can tell I really needed that. I probably will need all the sleep I can get. Jetlag will probably be a pain in the ass for me. I probably look like a drugged person right now so I stand up to find the nearest toilet to fix myself a little. Lucky for me it wasn’t that far away so didn’t need to show myself to all the people going through the airport. When I walk into the bathroom it smells disgusting! Literally the worst smell! It always smelled like this in the secondary school I went to – drain – I almost puke and walk out, not going to be able to be in that smell ever again! I will leave Australia if I even smell it there! Okay... maybe I wont… I overreacted. But I really hate the smell. I sigh as I look around me get a thought of what to do. Wait! What was that?! I saw something… I look back and see someone with curly hair… I feel like I recognize him from somewhere but can’t really put it where. He’s sitting down while talking on the phone. I can’t see his face since he’s sitting with his back turned towards me. I start walking there trying to be as discreet as possible. When I’m almost there though, he stands up and take all of his belongings and starts walking in the direction where he still have his back to me. I sigh but still think I should follow after him, I mean… He maybe can be a relative? That’s what I’ll do. Stalker Sunny on the run! I have to jog a little keep up with his big steps. He must be late in time cause he starts to jog too. Or either he feels like someone’s following him, which is kind of true since I am following him. I’m curious of me! I was walking so fast and looking straight forward that I didn’t see where I was walking, meaning, I kept bumping into people and they gave me cold glares and a few people saying things like “Ey! Watch where you’re going!” Ha! nah I have a boy to chase. But yeah, I’m not that lucky. The next moment I’m on the floor. I fell. I look up to see if I still can see the curly boy but I don’t. Damn! I let out an irritating groan. I stand up again and wipe away possible dirt form my tights and walk about to the comfortable armchairs again. HE’S THE BOY IN MY DREAM FOR FUCKS SAKE! I sit abruptly when my brain basically screamed who that boy was. It was the exact same hair! No wonder I felt like a needed to follow him! Oh my…

We just landed in Australia, Adelaide and I’m walking out with lots of other people from the plane. I’m exhausted from all the flying, that sounded like it was me that was flying on my own with wings lol just no. I meant that I’m exhausted from sitting down in a plane, uncomfortable seats and babies crying. I’m just really happy that I’m here now. I really hope there won’t be a long drive to their house. I would rather walk.
I wait for my suitcases and finally see them and drag them from the treadmill. 2 big bags and I now have to walk to where people are waiting for us to arrive. When I see the sign “SUNNY WE FINALLY MEET!” I recognize my Madeline and starts running towards her and throw myself on her in a hug that means “gosh finally we meet I’ve missed you so much”
“Sunny! Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re here!”
“I know! After 3 years we finally meet!”
“We will have so much fun, trust me!”
“What do you have planned?”
“Oh you’ll see tomorrow, but you’re probably tired from sitting on a plane in like 25 hours or something”
“You bet! I’d love for you to carry me but I would’ve crushed you”
“Bullshit sunny-pea”
“sunny-pea? Since when you do call me Sunny- pea?”
“Since just seconds ago, now sit on this weird carriage and I will take you to the car where my mum is waiting on us.”
“I’m warning you, I’m heavy”
“Shut up sunny”
I was shocked when she actually started walking not groaning because I was to heavy but she walked with such ease!
“How much do you really work out mads? This is quite shocking”
“Told you that I could do it” “now hop off, the car is right there”
“The white one?” she nodded, shooing me away leaving me to decide whether I should walk to her mother I’ve never met, alone, or just wait for Madeline to come with my bags. I decided to just wait for her, it couldn’t take that long anyway. She came back after like 5 minutes and took my arm indicating me to follow.
“Mum, this is sunny. Sunny, this is Margaret”
“Oh Sunny, it’s lovely to finally meet the girl Madeline always talks about”
“It’s great to meet you to miss Wilson”
“Oh please call me Marge dear. Oh I can take your bags into the trunk. Just sit down”
Madeline and me hopped in in the backseat while her mum put my big suitcases in the trunk in the back of the white fancy car. Maddi (I call her that) told me to sleep on the way to the house, saying it was an hour drive. And so I did, cause I was tired.

I woke up again, feeling my body shaking, not really knowing why so half opened my left eye to see what was going on.
“Sunny, we’re here. We’re at the house!”
Huh? Oh. It was Mads shaking me awake.
“Oh okay thank god, I need something comfortable sitting on”
“I promise you, we have the best beds and couches”
My lips curled up into a tired smile. I loosened the seatbelt and walked out of the car, following Madeline towards the house that will maybe be my house the rest of the time I’m here. We’ve discussed if we should go live in the cabin they have just outside of Adelaide, but we haven’t decided that yet.
“Come on, I’ll show to our room. Is it okay if we share?”
“yeah sure!”
We walked down a hall that had pictures on its walls. It was probably pictures of the family, like every family has in their house. In the end of the hall, on the right side there was a door that I assumed was Maddi’s room – ours now - It had a sign on the door saying “Do Not DISTURB” And we walked in. The room was nice and clean. There was an extra bed beside hers so I laid my bags on the floor beside it. I sat on the bed and indeed it was really comfortable like she said! I laid down, arms and legs stretched out and letting out a relieved sigh I was holding in.
“ You can get some sleep if you want? Or if you’re hungry there’s some food downstairs?”
“Thanks, but I’m to exhausted to even do anything so I will go to sleep”
“Yeah I totally understand! I’ll let you sleep as long as you liked” “nighty night Sunny-pea”
“Nightie Maddi, thanks for having me”


Heyyyy :) sorry I didn't update yesterday! but I've basically written all day I think. I'm not sure what I think of this chapter but hey, SHE'S IN AUSTRALIA FUCKERS. and I HAVE A BREAK FROM SCHOOL IN A WEEK HELL YEAH.

Twitter @PolkaDotsStyles
please :) xx

Madeline's outfit when they meet up at the airport > http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=118449060


tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

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omg love this please update soon!

Nope. Nope.

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hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

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Can u please update soon I need to read more!

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thanks! :) you're actually the 1st ever to comment on a story besides friends! I llike that ha