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You Were Mine For The Summer

chapter 7

Today was the day. Today I was leaving for Australia. Today I was finally going to meet Madeline in real life, and not through a screen. I was at the airport with my mum and dad, waiting to board the plane. We were walking in different shops since this flight was going to take like 25 hours; I wanted to have lots of magazines and snacks so I had things to do on the plane. The plane would leave 3:07 PM. It was now 2:24 PM, which means. I will soon get to board the plane. I haven’t booked a flight home yet because I didn’t know when I wanted to come home yet. I was supposed to land early in the morning Australian time, around 5 AM. Madeline and her mum were going to meet at the airport and drive to their house.

“Flight to Australia, Adelaide boarding now.” A female voice said through the speaker while I stood at the checkouts to buy my magazine. Mum and dad stood outside the shop, waiting for me so we could go towards the gate and I could board the plane.
“You ready, honey?” My dad asked me when I came out with my snack and magazine.
“Yeah, shall we go?” they both nodded. The look in their eyes looked dull. It seemed, as right when I would go on that plane, their emotions would spring free, not wanting me to feel guilty for leaving them.
When we finally reached the gate – 3 – I turned around meeting mum and dads eyes. If you haven’t figured, yes I’m a parent’s girl. Mums eyes were glossy; she was going to start crying any second.
“Mum… It’s okay… I’m not dying, you know” I gave her a smile, which showed some sympathy in it.
“I know… it’s just… I will miss you so much” She hugged me a bone-crashing hug, feeling her tears down my neck since her head was buried there. I looked at dad giving him a smile and stretched out my arm meaning that he should join our family hug. He of course joined our loveable hug and stroked my back a comfortable feeling. I will miss them so much. I have never been this far away from them, ever. Nor have I been this far away from home. I will be across the world with the time difference as almost 10 hours. (9 and a half hours to be exact).
“Final boarding to Adelaide, Australia, Gate 3” sighing, we broke the hug and by now dad was also crying a little bit, not as much as mum but he was still crying.
“I guess I have to go now…” they both nodded sadly and hugged me individually one last time.
“Take care, sweetie” my dad whispered in my ear when it was his turn to hug me goodbye.
“I will. Always” “bye guys, see ya. Love you!”
I bent down and took my hand baggage and turned around and walked a few steps and turned around again. Giving them one last wave before boarding the plane.

I looked outside while walking in the pipe glass corridor thing, seeing all the planes, some of them just landing and some of them heading to a different place that is unknown (for me). I take the seat 24 B that is on the ticket and thankfully it’s a window seat. I hope I won’t have anyone beside me. I really hope they have some great movies to watch on the screen in front of me or I don’t know how I will cope, really. The sign “seatbelts on” lights up and the plane starts rolling on the long asphalt. I wonder how long the airstrip really is. The plane speeds up and before I know it, I feel it tilt up and we’re up in the air. To late to get back now. The scariest with flying is the landing part, I think. To just feel the plane tilt down and when it hits the airstrip, And it just starts to get bumpy and all I can think of is that the plane will crash somewhere because the brakes doesn’t work. Just no thanks.

After like 10 hours of being on the plane, we were going to land in Beijing like a “pullover” in like 7 hours. And what to do that time, I don’t know. Probably just sleep. But right now we’re in the air, high above the ground, over the seas and the “belts on” sign is off so we could move around. I made myself comfortable in my seat and checked at which movies you could watch during the time; the weddingcrashers, the smurfs, you me and Dupree, Snow buddies and This Is Us. Like who wants to watch flightplan when they actually are on board on one?! Definitely not me. Now what movie should I watch during this long time? I’m thinking between Weddingcrashers, The smurfs, Snowbuddies and This Is Us. Isn’t This Is Us the movie One Direction made?... I think so.. oh well… I end up picking the smurfs after a few minutes just staring at the screen in front of me. I’ve seen the movie before but I love it and I can’t get enough of those blue little people. Wanna know a secret? I once had a nightmare… And Gargamel and his cat were in it… He he. They actually tried to kidnap me so stop laughing! And before you ask, yes, the cat could talk, and walk, and it was really evil. I said stop laughing! God damn it you won’t stop it won’t you? Enough with that. I think I seem to be like the Lazy smurf. Maybe everyone has a little bit of a lazy smurf in you. As the movie is going I have bought some snacks to eat and some water. Since I didn’t have anyone in the seat beside me. I sprawled myself out in the seat taking that one for my legs. And the man at the tip, just looked at me mumbling the word “teenagers these days” ha sorry! Don’t care old man!

After the movie is finished after like 2 hours I feel myself getting more and more tired. So I get myself comfortable again and drift into a peaceful sleep, hoping I won’t wake up until we land in Beijing. As I’m asleep I have another dream


It was a sunny day in Australia, Adelaide and was out walking like a tourist in my sundress. I held onto my friend, in case I was getting lost, which sounds really like me; I’m not really used to be in big cities. We were now in a shop trying to find something cute to buy, maybe for my friends back home. A souvenir. I loved buying souvenirs, it’s like a memory you take from a special place and always will have with you anywhere you go. I was looking at the souvenirs that were hanging on the wall and some were standing on a table in the corner. I look at the mug standing there, it was a starbucks mug and I just right there knew I was going to buy it. We have 3 starbucks mugs at home. New York, Oslo and England. I only buy that for today, I can buy more along this vacation since this is just the first week I’m here.

It was a busy day on the streets it seems, but Madeline told me it was like it usually is. I look around and see a guy with curly brown hair stand on the other side of the rode just staring at me. We lock eyes and everything else seems to disappear, like it’s only us 2. He starts walking and I follow after him like I’m in some trance. He’s walking and keep looking behind him and look at me, like he wants me to follow him. He turns and walk down a pathway that sounds like it leads to the beach cause I can hear the waves crash against the small cliffs. I was right. We’re now standing on the beach; he just stands there at the limit just where the waves can’t reach him. But then he just turn around and look at me and give me some sort of flash and then just disappears. What the? He’s gone. I turn around trying to see if he’s standing somewhere else but no, he just disappeared out of the blue.
“Sunny? Where did you go?! I was worried I lost you!” I turn around and see Madeline standing there with bent legs trying to catch her breath.
“o-oh… I was just… erm… nothing” I can’t really tell her that I someone and then he just disappeared. She would think I’m crazy.
“Oh, okay. Shall we go back to the house then?”
I just nod and we start walking to the direction we came from.

End of dream

I wake up from my dream, as confused as I was in it. That boy just disappeared. How? I don’t know.. But I decide to forget about it since it was just a dream and I see the “belts on” sign turn on again. I do as it says and look around trying to find an airhost asking why we need the seatbelts right now.
“Miss? Excuse me, but why do we need to have seatbelts right now?”
“We’re about to land in Beijing. Just calm down and everything will be okay” she says while smiling reassuring at me. I slept for like 6 hours?! Wow, well I didn’t expect that. I look out of the window on my right side, and I find myself thinking about the dream again.


hiiiya!!! It seems like I keep updating on sundays so maybe I should have that as a schedule? I don't we'll see about that.
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what Sunny's wearing on the plane > http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=118448527


tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

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omg love this please update soon!

Nope. Nope.

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hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

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Can u please update soon I need to read more!

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thanks! :) you're actually the 1st ever to comment on a story besides friends! I llike that ha