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You Were Mine For The Summer

chapter 6

After talking to Madeline on the phone I walk down the stairs, looking for my mum. I was going to tell her about what I wanted to do. Going to Australia, to get away from this, and finally getting to see my friend that I have only been talking to on the Internet for like 3 years. My friends in school always told me at first that she could be a creepy old man wanting to get to know and then meet me to get in my pants. And only acting like a girl in my age. But she wasn’t, and I’m happy for that. Yes I have proof. Skype. Spending hours of talking, until one of us had get some sleep because of the time zones.
Anyway… I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen seeing my mother sitting at the dinner table reading a gossip magazine. She really loves those. Believing every thing she’s reading. I keep telling her that not everything she reads is the truth, but she won’t listen to me.
“Hey mum”
“What’s in the gossip world today then?” I ask mum teasingly
She hands me the magazine letting me read what she was reading when I came to talk.

“The incredible famous British and Irish boy band One Direction that broke through in the 7th season of X Factor UK in 2010. Finished with coming 3rd place but Simon Cowell, their mentor and judge signed them the day after saying It was just the beginning for the boys. The band is going to take a break, Liam Payne 20 saying it will be for at least a year. “We’ve been working non-stop for 4 years and we deserve a long break. Plus Zayn is getting married so they will start planning with the wedding” But they are all agreeing that this will not be the end of this. “We’ll be back!” Says Harry Styles 19 finishing the interview”

“Well I’m actually quite surprised, didn’t it go really good for them?”
“Yes! Well I understand they need a break after 4 years. But the fans must be devastated”
“Yeah...” “But mum… That wasn’t why I came down here though…”
“Oh? Then what is it?”
“I wanted to talk… about… Okay, I feel like I just really need to get away from here. I keep having flashbacks. It’s making me crazy. I need a vacation.”
“I’ve talked to Madeline and she says I can live with her while I’m there. It won’t be as expensive then!”
“You really want to go to Australia? That’s like on the other side…”
“I know mum… But I want to. I just really want to meet her and not just keep talking to her through a screen.”
“So… You’ve made up your mind about this?”
“Yes… Can you help me book the ticket?”
“Yeah sure… “
“Mum… are you okay?”
“Of course sweetie, why wouldn’t I be?”
“I can see there’s something…”
“I just don’t want my little baby growing up…”
“I will always be your little baby mum…”
“I know… Come here” She opened her arms, wanting me to hug her. I squeezed her a caring hug, rubbing her back soothingly.
“I will always be your baby” I whispered in her ear, feeling her nod against my head. I broke the hug, seeing that she was crying. I stroked away the tears with my thumbs and gave her one last reassuring hug.
“ Can you help with the booking now? We don’t need to do it right now. We can wait ‘til tomorrow”
“No it’s okay. Come on.” She had her hand on my back as we walked to the couch where the computer was waiting for us.
“I’ll be right back, I’m just going to call her and say that we’re booking the tickets”

A few days later

I was now packing. I was leaving for Australia in 2 days. I didn’t really know what I had to have with me. I know that it’s winter there but it’s summer here. But it’s still warm in Australia. She (Madeline) told me to pack clothes I use to wear in the summers here since I probably will think it’s hot there. She told me to pack bathing suits, since we probably will be spending our days on the beach, walking around the city and just acting like tourists. She only told me that so I just packed things I wanted to have with me; clothes I liked form my wardrobe in general.
It ended with me almost packing my whole wardrobe. I will be gone for a few months actually. When I was almost ready with the packing just having the things like toiletries left for the last moment I sat on my bed and looked around my room. I had pictures set up on my walls as memories. One picture was about my best friend, and me or should I saw ex-best friend since she kind off ditched me and became a whole other person during one night. Becoming one with the populars, and I left where I was standing before.


I was walking in school with my best friend, Sophia, planning what we would do tonight.
“What about we go to the beach?”
“Isn’t that a little to cold? Since it’s in the middle September I mean?”
“Oh… yeah maybe.”
“What about the park? Like for a walk?”
“Nah to lazy for that…”
“Now I know! The carnival!”
“Yeah! Shall we meet there at 7PM?”
“Sounds good! I have to go to math now but see ya tonight Soph!”

“Mum! I’m gonna go the carnival with Sophia” I’ll be before 10!”
“Okay sweetie, have fun! And say hi from us”
“Okay bye”
I was walking to the carnival since it wasn’t that far away, maybe like 15 minutes walking. When I came there I didn’t see Sophia so I stood at the entrance and waited for her. After a while I heard footsteps walking up to me from behind, so I turned around and Sophia… With the populars… What was she doing there with them?
“Ah, Sunny. So nice to see you here!” Christina, the leader of the group said with that stupid smirk she always wears.
“Christina…” I faked a smile towards the fake ass bitch.
“Shall we go in Soph?” I gave Sophia a real smile, and walked towards her since we were like 5 feet away from eachother, her still standing right next to Christina.
“erhm…” She kept sneaking glances towards the girl on her left side. She coughed a little awkward, not knowing what to do.
“Are you okay, soph?”
“Yeah, are you okay soph?” Christina was mocking my voice making it sound like some annoying squeaky rich girl.
“What are you doing here anyway?! Don’t you have some guy to get some with?” She rolled her eyes at me. I’m still confused why Sophia is still standing on her side.
“What are you waiting on Sophia?” what? What did that Christina bitch say to my best friend?
“C’mon… We don’t have all night. Just do it” Can she fucking whip that smirk away? I just want to vomit all over her.
Sophia stole a quick glance at the leader, her nodding. She was walking with small steps towards me with a milkshake in hand. We were now standing eye to eye, just a step away from eachother. She looked at Christina one last time; she nodded at my best friend, still confused as what she was going to do. She gave me a look that said, “I’m sorry”. The next she did was not what I expected. She poured the milkshake all over me. Letting in pour down all over me. Christina and her ‘gang’ walked to Sophia giving her a pat on her shoulder, all of them having smirks. Only Sophia did not have it. Her look was dull. I didn’t see any emotions through her. Grey eyes just looking into me. Glistening grey eyes.
“Good job Soph! Thought you never would have done it!”
I gave Sophia – my best friend that I have no idea anymore – a questioning and confused look. She just looked down on the ground, seeing her shoes more interesting.
“Sophia…” She still didn’t look up and by now I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I turned slowly walking away
“Yeah go away! Go to your mummy and cry!” Yeah… That was Christina…
When I was halfway home I felt raindrops coming down the sky. I didn’t bother walking any faster. When I was home, I was soaked; my clothes were sticking to my body and water dropping down my face. My mum wouldn’t even see if I had been crying or not. But luckily; no one was home, so I just walked up the stairs and into my room. Laying down on my bed with my face in the pillow just screaming out my sad feeling and anger towards this day.

Flashback ended

I don’t know what happened that day. But I haven’t talked to her ever since, and I’m not planning to either. I put the picture of us back on my shelf, hiding it so I won’t need to see it anymore. You know what? I take the picture of us and threw it on the floor, letting it break into pieces. I don’t care. And neither does she. Clearly.


hiii sunshines :D I don't have school for like 3 weeks so I hope I will update alot! I love you! keep read it please!

this is what Sunny wore in the flashback to the carnival > http://www.polyvore.com/flashback_to_carnival/set?id=118409893
clothes she takes with her to Australia > http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=118415099


tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

Sannie Sannie

omg love this please update soon!

Nope. Nope.

@niall lover216
hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

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Can u please update soon I need to read more!

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thanks! :) you're actually the 1st ever to comment on a story besides friends! I llike that ha