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You Were Mine For The Summer

chapter 5

These Flashbacks is getting me so crazy that I don’t even know what to do! Why do I keep having them just now?! I need to get away from this house it holds too many memories. I need to get away from Sweden. That vacation seems to be really good right now. I have been thinking about some places that I want to go to, like Spain, Los Angeles, Australia, Greece, Cyprus and so on… Besides UK of course! And I also want to go back to New York! I was there a couple of years ago with family and cousins, it was a birthday present to my gramps and we had such a great time!
Maybe I can go to Australia? Yes it is pretty expensive but Madeline told me I could live at her house. I think I’m going to give her a call and ask if that is okay which it probably is. I dial her number, knowing it by heart, without looking at the paper slip I have wrote it down on. And before I know, she answers on the 3rd tone.

“Hey Sunny!”
“Hey Mads whatcha doin?”
“I’m just laying in bed you know, to lazy to get up”
“As usual hahah”
“Yeah you know me”
“Yeah definitely, after knowing you for 3 years I think I’ve managed to get to know you quite a lot”
“3 years wow, it feels like we’ve known eachother so much longer! And yet we haven’t even seen eachother!”
“I know! That’s why I’m calling you actually…”
“Oh? What is it?”
“Well… You know I’ve graduated and I really need a vacation so…”
“Cut the crap Sunny of course you can stay with me!”
“Duh Sun!”
“Ah oh my god! I just hope my mum will help me book the ticket and everything”
“Well call if everything is settled but you have a place to stay so it won’t be as expensive, okay?”
“Yeah talk to you soon Mads”
“Bye Sunny”
End of conversation


I have been 8 weeks since my parents have gone missing. It has been 2 weeks since I went shopping with Hilly that means it has also been 2 weeks since I got that weird creepy note. Seriously who was it that sent it to me? If its goal was to scare me, well it sure did. I have been having nightmares every night about it and I am sick of it. But that person did send me a text to so that means he know my number. I don’t know what to think of this really. I need a distraction, and for that, I will go to the park and just lie on the grass, look up on the clouds and just relax. Hilly sadly can’t come with me since she has work at the bowling.
I walk out the door and I felt a warm gust of wind, it must be like 20°C outside since it’s summer. For once it’s sunny and warm outside. Usually Swedish summers sucks! All it does is rain.
When I come to the park, it’s barely anyone there, just a few kids playing football/soccer. I go to the river I always use to sit. I found this place, years ago, when I was out walking trying to get away from my parents; they were a pain in the ass that day. And I found this river by the park and ever since then, I always go here when I need a quiet place. And right now, I need a quiet place. To just think… Think about memories, memories with my little family. Mum, dad and me.

I remember when we were on a vacation when I was like 9 years old. We were on a waterpark and I was on a slide with logs on the both side you could hold in. And I went down that slide, held the logs to slow down but yeah I got a splinter on my index finger, it was hurting so much I almost fainted so we had to go to the cottage hospital they had in the waterpark to get it out. When they got it out, I got a blue plaster that I still could bath in so it was all good.

Another memory was from the same waterpark and it was carousels and mum and dad and all the others we were there with, wanted to go on a family rollercoaster but I was to scared to, but they still got me up on it. And I loved it! It was so funny that I just wanted to go on it again and again but they didn’t let me.

Oh and another was when we were visiting my cousins, I was like 8 there or something I don’t know… But we were sitting on the couch just watching some TV while the adults was sitting in the kitchen talking. I farted. The people on the couch heard me. They started laughing at me. I became sad and went to the kitchen crying and told them what happened. And my cousin’s dad became angry at them for laughing at me. Omg yeah-sad right? He he…

I wake up from Memory Lane by a football landing on my stomach, sitting up and look around me finding the source. It was the kids playing football/soccer. I give the ball back to the little boy that must be around 8 years old. He told me sorry and that it wouldn’t happen again and he went back to play. He didn’t even let me say anything before he ran off again, guessing he would be worried about my reaction, but really, it was no problem.

I look at my phone to see what time it is 4:28 PM meaning I have been at the park for a long 3 hours so I stand up on my way home. I walk past the little kids and they’re still playing football/soccer. I send them a genuine smile and they just stare at me like I’m a mad woman. Kids these days.

When I’m about halfway home I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket meaning, I have a text message.
Turn around” - unknown
What? I turn around but see no one there. Could it be the same person giving me that note 2 weeks ago? I turn around again in case someone is there, but I see none. I’m scared if I admit it.
“Hello? Is it someone here?”
no answer, but I do something that sounds like someone just walked on a branch. I turn quickly but see no one there. I look frantically around me cause I have that feeling that someone is watching me but when I see no one I start running home. I’ve never run this fast. Usually when I walk home from the park it takes like 15 minutes but now I’m at my doorsteps in just 3minutes. I turn around one last time and yeah, I see no one there, so I walk fast in, not opening the door fully just so I can get in, and run up to my room. I sit down on my bed, arms resting on my legs with my head in my hands. I stand up and walk back forth not knowing what to do nor what to think. When I’m scared, frustrated I usually go to my mum and dad to talk but they’re not here. Not even my gramps are here to calm me down. So the only thing is to cope with it. I slide down by the wall and just then, I know tears are falling down my face.
“Mum. Dad. Please. Where are you?”
I can’t stop crying so all I know will take away the pain is not a good idea, but I have to… I walk into the bathroom, and take my pink razor. I’m breathing deeply and slowly. And then I take one cut for mum. One cut for dad. And I’m full on sobbing, barely knowing how to breath. All I want is to have them by my side. But I know Nothing.

flashback ended


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