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You Were Mine For The Summer

chapter 4

I graduated June 10th. The date it is today is, June 19th, which means that I have been free from school in 9 days. I am able to solve that easy math but harder? I am screwed. Literally. I can’t believe that I got a C in math when I suck at it. My friends know it. My teacher knows it. My parents know it. Everyone basically know that I suck at math in school! The only subject I was good at in school was English.
Now enough with school since I am free from it. I don’t miss it at all! Anyway… It is June 19th like I said. And I am now lying in bed the clock says it’s 9.15 AM and I am thinking of what I really want to do with my life. Do I want to move to England? I have been literally crazy about the country in 4 years so I would be ashamed if I backed out of my dream now. When all I have ever done these years is pester my parents about England.
So If I move to UK I want to move to some place in England! Either London or Eastbourne. It says that Eastbourne is the sunny place there but is it true? Don’t ask me, it is me that is asking!
But before I move, I have to find a job so I can pay bills and actually can live on my own. And of course, I have to find a house to live in. I don’t want anything big… I want a small and cosy house where I will feel like home. So I don’t have to miss living in this house. So I want a pretty similar one.

I start thinking of the flashback I had the night ‘til today, who was the one calling me that night when I was with Hilly? I guess he was involved in the kidnapping. But how could he know my number? How could he know my name? Before I start thinking about anything else I get another flashback.


My gramps was not home right now, saying he had some errands to do that had about his car so I was sitting on my gramps couch in his living room, on my phone, waiting for something to happen. I was playing candy crush and I am stuck on level 91, this game makes you want to break down when you feel like it is impossible finishing a level. How can other people be on level 170?! They must play like all day. My phone then started ringing, disrupting my game. The caller ID showing it was Hilly.

“Hi Sunny! What’s up?”
“Oh nothing! Please say you’re calling me cuz you have plans?”
“Of course I have! Wanna go shopping?”
“YES THANK YOU OMG I thought I’d never get out of this house!”
“hahaha well are you ready in 15?”
“Yeah sure, you gonna pick me up?”
“Yeah. See ya!”
End of conversation

I lay my phone on the coffee table in front of the sofa and walk up to my room so I can change my clothes from sweatpants to my favourite black tights and a black shirt with the text “Aloha baby” on it. I fix my make-up when my phone lights up indicating something happened on it. A text from Hilly saying she is outside waiting in her car. I typed in “okay” as a reply and walk down the stairs and get the house keys from a hook behind the door and lock it. I walk to Hilly’s car and get in.
“Hi Hil”
“Hey! So you ready for a shopping spree?”
“You bet”
“Then let’s go!!!”

After 20 minutes we finally got to the mall and ready for some shopping. It is not often we go shopping so when we do it? We do it Big!
It was a pretty cloudy day so it was a lot of people here but that didn’t really stop us – the shopaholics.
“So where to first Sun?”
“What about… well I need new jeans! So anywhere where they have jeans?”
“Yeah sure, let’s go”
“So are you looking at any specific jeans? Or just some jeans that will fit you?”
“I want black tights and yes they have to fit me”
“What about these ones?”
“Yeah I like them, I’m gonna go to the dressing room”
“I’ll be right there with some jeans for you!”
I was standing in dressing room with a pair of jeans on, looking in the mirror if it fit me. Hilly knocked on the door so I opened it for her and she gave me 3 more pairs of jeans – black ones.
“You like them?”
“Yeah! I’m gonna get these”
“Great! I’m just gonna go and hang these back and we can pay?”
“Yeah, I will just get dressed. Be out in a minute”
We walked to the checkout and stood in line waiting for our turn. Hilly was going to buy 2 pairs of jeans, one dark purple and one black, while I was going to buy 2 black and a purple pair of jeans.
We were now finally first in line. But I told Hilly that she could go first.
“Did you see that it’s 4 pairs for 2?”
“Yeah I did but I just take these”
“Okay, then you will have to pay €65.49, please”
“ Thank you, do you want the receipt in the bag or do you want it?”
“It’s okay, I can take it.”
“Here you go. Hope you have a good day”
“Thanks, you to”
Hilly and me walked out of the shop to go the next one – Hollister. It is both of our favourite shop and if the mall is about to close? We walk in there anyway. We are very stubborn when it comes to shopping. We probably should start with Hollister first so we don’t get stuck in it. Oops. And yes, that has happened! Well anyway I wouldn’t mind being stuck in one of the best shops in the world.

We walk out from Hollister with 1 big bag in our hands with at least 12 clothing in the bag. I think we spent like one and a half hour in the shop, looking through every rack of clothes.
“So, what now?”
“Meh.. I’m hungry!”
“Yeah me to. Where do you wanna eat?”
“Pizza hut for sure!”
“Hi and welcome to PizzaHut what can I get you today?”
“I will take a Margarita and she’s having a Veggie and 2 cokes please”
“You wanna eat here or take it with you?”
I looked at Hilly and she gave me the look and pointed with her finger that we will eat here
“We’ll eat here”
“Okay, then I will come with your pizzas in like 15 – 20 minutes. You can take your drinks with you”
“Yeah me… Thanks”
“Then your pizza must be Margarita?”
“Yes it is. Thank you”
“You’re welcome girls”
“So how are you coping with your parents gone?”
“I don’t know actually… I don’t feel anything, only numbness you know?
“Yeah? How long have they been missing?”
“6 weeks or something I think?”
“That’s pretty long, geeze… Don’t you miss them?”
“Of course I miss them!” “It’s just hard you know? They’re just gone without no one knowing, some psycho person doing who knows what with them.”
“Yeah… I just hope the police find them soon”
“Yeah… Me too..”
“So how’s your pizza?”
“Delicious! What about your?”
“Mega delicious!”
“Urrghh I’m not eating anymore, I’m full”
“Yeah me too… but let’s just sit down for a bit or I will explode”
We waited for the food sink in our stomachs and paid the man in check-out and headed out with our shopping bags.
“Wanna go to Forever 21 before we leave?”
“yeah sure, but I won’t buy anything, I’m almost broke!”
“Yeah good luck with that miss IThinkImBrokeAndDontHaveAnyMoneyLeft”
“Heey! I think I’ve bought enough clothes for the day and I don’t want another bag to carry”
“fine… But then it won’t be such a smart idea to come in that fabulous shop“
“You’re right, I would buy something… I’ll stay out here and wait for you just hurry!”
“Yeah yeah!”
I sat down on a little bench and took out my phone while waiting for that shopaholic I call best friend. Guess what. Yep! I started playing Candy Crush and. Nope. I still haven’t finished level 91. I’ve been stuck on that level for weeks! It’s like I’m in a prison and you just can’t get out whatever you do.
“Hey you coming?”
“Finally Hilly! How long did that take you really?! I’ve been waiting for an hour woman!”
“I had to try on clothes okay?”
“Well did you buy anything?”
“Yeah I did but I won’t show you. Ha!”
“Fine, let’s just get out of here”
“You want a drive home or you want to come with me?”
“I think I need to get home in case gramps is home waiting”
“okay sure.”
The ride back to my house or should I say gramps house was silent, both of us tired from our big shopping spree. My arm will probably hurt tomorrow from all these bags. After 20 minutes she dropped me off outside the house and we exchanged our goodbyes for now.
When I took out the house-key from my pocket I saw a note hanging on the door.
“I saw you today, sweetie xx”
What the? What is that suppose to mean? Who saw me? And why “xx”? This is creeping me out honestly.
“Gramps? I’m home!”
No answer… He must still be out. Next thing I feel my phone vibrate and I got a text from an unknown number.
“You got my note, sweetie? ;) xx
What The Actual Fuck? Okay who is this?!
I decided to sent back a text and see if he answer
“Who are you?”
It took just a minute and my phone vibrated again.
“Oh sweetie… I can’t tell ya xx”
Okay now I am a little scared.

Flackback ended


Heeyyyyy I'm so sorry that it took me so long to update!!! but thanks to @onedindahouse


tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

Sannie Sannie

omg love this please update soon!

Nope. Nope.

@niall lover216
hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

Sannie Sannie

Can u please update soon I need to read more!

niall lover216 niall lover216

thanks! :) you're actually the 1st ever to comment on a story besides friends! I llike that ha