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You Were Mine For The Summer

chapter 3

Chapter 3
Flashback but also a dream
I was running around the house like a desperate and panicked woman, looking for my parents, that were no where in sight…

the day before
I was hanging out with my best friend Hilly. we were having a movie night when my ringtone interrupted us in the middle of the movie – The Hangover. I checked my screen and saw it was mum calling me.
“Hil, can you pause the movie for a while? Mum is calling me”

“Mum? You there?”
There wasn’t anyone there… this was starting to scare me right now… Is it breathing I was hearing?!
“Hello! I can hear you breathe!”
End of call

What?! Whoever was in that call just hung up on me leaving me speechless, having no idea what to do!
“Was it your mum?”
“Eh yeah.. But she wasn’t there?”
“Oh… maybe she called you by mistake? I always call people by mistake. And you know that”
“But I heard breathing! Like… like someone was there!”
“I am sure it was nothing!”
“So should I start the movie again?”
Maybe I am just being paranoid… But I swear it was actual breathing in the other end, like someone was listening.
When the movie was over – it was then 3 AM – we went to bed. Nothing more about that. But I just couldn’t stop thinking about the call…


We woke up at 10:47 AM but stayed in bed a little longer. Okay fine! We stayed in bed in a couple of hours, until the clock was 1PM. You just got to love the bed. Best invention ever made!
We got up and made our breakfast that consisted; scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, American pancakes and bacon. It was Delicious!!
“Sun I’m sorry but you can’t stay long. Is that okay?”
“Of course it is! You going to do anything special?”
“Well…. Jake’s kind off coming over?”
“Because I wanted to wait until I know for sure what we are you know? We have just gone on a couple of dates”
“Aaaaaw so cuuuute! Do you want him to be more? Honest”
“I don’t know… Yes I like him, but I don’t know…”
“Well what will you do when he’s coming over?”
“Don’t know, just watch movies or something?”
“Aw cuties, well then I guess I have to go now! Call me when he’s gone!”
“Yeah I will! Bye Sun, love you!”
“Bye love you!”

When I saw the front of my house I saw that the door was wide open. Why was it open? It is not supposed to be open right now. Shouldn’t they be at work?
I was starting to get nervous so I quickened my pace up to the house. I stood in front of the door and took a deep breath before I walked in. The house looked nothing like I left it yesterday. The clothes in the hallway were thrown everywhere, the paintings had fallen down and was now broken… Broken in thousands of pieces. I keep walk into the kitchen and see all of the porcelain crashed in millions of pieces. Two legs on the table are broken. I do not know what to think of the sight in front of me. I walked to the living room next… And it wasn’t better then the other rooms I have yet seen. The couches were laying upside down, and one of legs on the table was broken, so was the TV… My mind wouldn’t stop thinking the worst things…
“Are you in here?”
No answer…
“If this is some game it is Not funny!”
“Where are you?!... Please…”
I broke down on my knees my head in my hands while crying, sobbing in the living room. If the main floor looked like this I did not want to see how it looked like upstairs …
I walked up the stairs, dreading what to find, how the rooms will look like.
That’s it! The whole house looked trashed! What could possibly have happened?! And where is mum and dad?!
“911 what’s your emergency?”
“I don’t know where my parents is and I came home to the house being trashed!!”
“Okay, where are you at right now Miss?”
“Aldersgate street house number 7.”
“Okay. What’s your name?”
“Sunny Pearson”
“Okay. We will be there as soon as possible!”
“Please hurry”
“We’ll try. Bye”
“Thank you! Bye”

I was sitting on the porch when I saw the police come.
“Hello, are you Sunny Pearson that called after missing parents and a trashed house?”
“Can we please take a look inside?”
“Of course! Here let me show you around”

“When was the last time you saw your parents?”
“Yesterday… before I went to a friend.. Around 2 PM I think”
“But I got a call last night, it stood that it was from mum, but all I heard was breathing?”
“Oh okay… what time was it?”
“The call started 01:07 AM and ended 01:10 AM”
“Okay… Do you remember what clothes they were wearing last time you saw them?”
“My dad had black-ish jeans and a plaid shirt. My mum had black tights and a purple mid thigh shirt”
“How old are they?”
“Dad’s 45 and mum’s 42”
“And last question. Their names”
“Anna and Pete Pearson”
“Okay thank you for your answers, we will start an investigation as soon as possible. But do you have anywhere else to live during the time?”
“Yes, I have my grandparents?”
“Great! We will get back to you when we find something or need more help. Is that okay?”
“Yeah sure”
Flashback over


I woke up, panting yet like a dog. I keep having flashbacks that I certainly do not want to be reminded of. Like when my parents god kidnapped by two psychotic men around their age. The police officer told me that they hit my parents with one of our pans from the kitchen. They didn’t find them after 6 weeks, which was 6 painful weeks for me. I had to stay at my grandparents house and sometimes I slept over at Hilly’s to take a break form them. Grandparents can be awfully annoying.
I then looked at the clock, seeing it was only 3 AM in the middle of the night. So I closed my eyes hoping I could get back to my sleep without having another bad dream. But when I wasn’t tired anymore I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes to get the sand away. I stood up and got my robe and went down to the kitchen to get some water. Every time I am down in the kitchen, I always keep thinking how it looked like that day. The day from my flashback. Everything was trashed… I then walked into the living room and walked to one of our shelves and took the photo album they gave me on my 18th birthday. I started crying when I got it. I sat down on the couch with a blanket on me while looking on the photos. Memories started flooding in my head from different pictures form my childhood. I was such a beautiful toddler when I was little...

I was halfway through when I felt something wet on my cheeks, yep I was crying, like I always do when I take a trip down memory lane… I love that I am able to just look at the pictures, the beautiful pictures that either someone in my family or a close relative took to save as a memory. I closed the book and walked upstairs again. I had been down there for almost an hour so I was going to try and get some sleep again... But since it’s me we are talking about? It took what felt like hours to get me into a deep sleep. Atleast I didn’t get another bad dream, so I was in my dreamland for a couple of hours. To 10 AM to be exact.


hii guys :D
Happy 2014!!!!
I really hoped this would be a little longer but I don't know what more to write. I really hope I can update again tomorrow since I have school on Wednesday *sobs the atlantic ocean* but don't keep your hopes up!
Q: What did you do at christmas and new years? :)
I Love You Sunshines! Please


tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

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omg love this please update soon!

Nope. Nope.

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hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

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Can u please update soon I need to read more!

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thanks! :) you're actually the 1st ever to comment on a story besides friends! I llike that ha