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You Were Mine For The Summer

Chapter 2

“p-pl-please let me go” “HELP”
“Shut Up!”
“p-p-please. What have I done?”

I was in a pitch black, dark room, I couldn’t see anything. Who was doing this to me? I haven’t done anything.
“I said shut the heck up!! If you don’t you will probably regret it. You hear me?”
I whimpered. I was scared. I was squirming, but it didn’t help. He had my hands tightened with ropes.
He was touching me everywhere. Every part of my body. I wanted to scream, hit him and run away. But my body wouldn’t let me. His hands crawled up my shirt and my bra. I was letting out sobs since I was crying. I have never felt scared like this ever before. I was just on my way home from a friend and he just hit me and when I woke up I was in this creepy room.
He unclasped my bra next and I felt it going down my arms and then it was on floor. This terrible man felt me up like I was his lover or something. Like nothing was wrong.
He squeezed my breasts and I couldn’t help it but let out an unwanted moan.
“You like that huh?”
I couldn’t speak. My mind wouldn’t let me. I was crying. I couldn’t stop. But then again, who would. My body wouldn’t let me just hit him in his manly parts so I could just find my way out. I was stuck, in this room with a man, raping me. No one probably doesn’t even know if mum and dad know I’m missing. I don’t even know what time it is. How long have I been here?
The next thing he did was pulling my jeans down my shaking legs, with my pants along it. I now only had my tank top on me, but I guess it wouldn’t be on much longer either. He pulled down his joggers and pants and he was naked. I shut my eyes. He started thrusting fast and hard inside and out of me. He was moaning like there was no tomorrow. It seemed like he was shut out from the world, just doing his thing. Torturing me. He seemed like he didn’t even hear my crying screams. This was not how I wanted to lose the most important thing. He was thrusting in and out of me, while I became weaker and weaker.
After a while I felt something warm spurt inside me and he released himself from me and laid beside me. I just lay there, to scared to move.
I lost my virginity in one of the worst ways possible.

I sat up quickly, making me dizzy. I was breathing like I just ran a marathon staring up at the ceiling. Thank god that was just a dream! I couldn’t have lived myself if it wasn’t! I laid myself back down again in my comfy bed trying to calm myself. I checked my phone seeing it was 10.37 AM and put the phone back down. To calm myself I started thinking of something else use to help. That I was laying on a beach just relaxing and hearing the water and the kids laughter. My breathing has now calmed down and I sit up again to put my clothes on. I put my hair up in a messy bun (AN like in every fanfic lol) and walked down the stair to see my parents sitting at the dinning table eating breakfast; pancakes with syrup. Yummy!!!!
“Morning mum” “morning dad”
“morning sweetie, how are you doing?”
“Good, I’m good”
“great. Well we have pancakes here for you! Thought it would be good to have that on your first day after graduation, you know”
“Thanks, love it!”
“so do you have any plans for today?”
“I have work downstairs if you want help. You will get money”
“No! No thanks but I will save that offer to another day mum”
“haha sure. Clean the table when you are finished, will you? Where going downstairs”
While I was eating my delicious breakfast I was thinking of what I should do today… Since it is sunny and warm outside I maybe can clean my room first and then I can just relax in the sun. Sounds good. To soon I finished my breakfast and I clean the table.
I go upstairs and first brush my teeth and then go in my room and put music on from my phone and the first random picked song is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. That song really gets me hyper so I guess it is a good start of my cleaning session. I use the mop as a microphone and pretend I am a superstar. It is funny getting silly with things and use it as a microphone. Just let go of everything and get crazy.

By the time I’m finished with cleaning my room the clock shows 14.07 PM and I take out my bikini and walk out to the garage to find the sunbed and lay it on the grass.
God it is so hot! I am melting away and the beach is to far away from my liking. I put music on my phone and let the sun just shine on me.
After an hour or so I heard the balcony door open, seeing my mom stand walking out in short and a tanktop.
“Sunny, I’m going to get some groceries do you want some?”
“Chocolate, maltesers! Coke! Oh and Chips!”
“You really think you need that stuff? Think about your body for once Sun”
“With you reminding me I think about how I look like every day! There’s not one day you go without saying that!”
When I wasn’t even finished with my last word and not waiting on her response, I angrily walked in and up to my room
“Sunny… come on, don’t be like that. Come down here!”
I was blasting music on high volume and laid myself on my bed with my face on my pillow and screamed, screamed out my anger against my mum’s words.
Think about what you’re eating, you don’t need any more weigh on your body”
It echoed in my head. She said before I don’t need more weigh, she basically told me I was somewhat fat. I’m really thankful for that mum, I will always remember those words like you said it yesterday, though it was like almost a year ago.
I was lying in my bed with my head in my pillows bawling my eyes out. I don’t know why I was crying when I thought I was used to it, but it still hurts you know? Your own mum calling you basically fat. I will never get used to that.

I woke up again after my nap, 3 hours or so later. The clock showed it was 6PM. If it was school, I probably would have jumped out of my bed to my school bag doing my homework that we kind of would have everyday even on holidays. But since I am not in school anymore I just stayed in bed, putting on my telly. While zapping through the channels I stay and watch the movie The notebook, I have seen it a lot of times and I am never getting tired of it. In other words; MY FAVOURITE MOVE IS THE NOTEBOOK! Don’t ask me why… It just gets to my heart every single time. Like in the ending... (AN: Sorry if you haven’t seen it. i don't even like it lol) when Noah comes to Ally and they both die in her bed while holding hands? I cry every damn single time when that shows. It should be smart seeing that with a boyfriend, then you could cuddle and be cute… sadly I don’t have one, never had and probably never will. Like who wants to have me? Since I am fat, according to my mum. I have told myself that I will need to the gym, but it never happens, I am too lazy to do so. So it is my fault in the end anyway. But you still don’t want to hear it from someone, like your own mum.
I take my computer from my nightstand logging in on twitter to see if something has happened since last time I checked. Nothing new, more than a band called One Direction announcing new tour dates for their up-coming tour. I log off twitter and turn on another movie instead, this time I choose Blue Lagoon with Indiana Evans as the main character. It is my favourite movie to. It is about Emma (Indiana Evans) going on a school trip and then she and her friends go on a party on a boat and she falls in the sea with a guy and they get stranded on an Island and blah blah they fall in love! You just have to see it! (AN: I saw it this week and I absolutely love it so SEE IT)
In the middle of the movie I hear a knock on my door. So I pause the movie hoping the person outside – which I probably think it is my mum - will be gone soon so I can keep watching it.
“Who is it?” why do I ask when I know it's my mum? instincts I guess
“It’s me, can I come in?” urgh I don’t want to talk to her right now…
“ehm.. Sorry no but I don’t really feel like talking in the moment”
“Oh okay… I just want you to know that I am sorry. I really am okay? So yeah I will let you be. Good night sweetie love you”
“Night…” Though I don’t think she heard it since barely I heard myself say it.
Anyway… Did she apologize or tried to apologize? I have no idea… but I am sick of hearing her say that I don’t need more weigh… like you don’t need to say out loud for fuck sake! Yes you have to be honest, but you pretty much crossed the line!
I start the movie again hoping someone or something will not distract me again.
The after credits start rolling down my screen and I turn my computer off before I go and brush my teeth. I don’t really want to go to bed, having this morning’s nightmare still fresh in my mind. But I know that I can’t keep myself awake because of a dream… So I check my phone if something happened while I watched the movie but no… So I turn off the lights and close my eyes in hopes of to sleep well without any bad nightmares that will haunt me in my sleep and every awaken hour…


heyy sorry for late updates… but I really hope you like it? comment what you think pwease! I wanna know what my sunshines think :D

the bikini she's wearing while tanning > http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=118373599


tysm! I'll update as soon as possible! :) xx

Sannie Sannie

omg love this please update soon!

Nope. Nope.

@niall lover216
hii sorry I haven't updated since last week! I started writing chapter 4 today so I will try to update this weekend! :) And school started again..

Sannie Sannie

Can u please update soon I need to read more!

niall lover216 niall lover216

thanks! :) you're actually the 1st ever to comment on a story besides friends! I llike that ha