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You Were Mine For The Summer

chapter 10

I wake up with throbbing headache. I look around me. Where Am I?... I look down at myself but something’s wrong, I don’t see any clothing on me. When I look on my left I see someone. Someone I don’t recognize. I sit up in a seconds but it wasn’t that good of a thing to do. I felt myself getting dizzier. I groan and put my hand on my head trying to stop the spinning. Where am I?
The person beside me starts to stir, his eyes opens and I can see he has a beautiful blue colour and he has blonde hair. (I AM NOT DESCRIBING NIALL OKAY?) He looks at me with a grin and I feel disgusting as he stands up and I see that he’s naked. I just wanna throw up. He comes back from the toilet and lie down beside me again with that stupid grin of his.
“Last night wa-“
“What happened last night?!” I say before he could finish that dreading sentence I’m sure I don’t want to hear.
“You were all over me at the club, I took you home (his house) and yeah… We fucked. God it was amazing! Up for round 2 sweetie?” If he won’t stop talking I swear I will kick him where it hurts most and puke on him.
“Did you use a condom?”
“Of course I did! I’m not an idiot” “Do you want any breakfast?”
I didn’t answer him, I just sat up quickly and got dressed and then I ran through his house, straight against the door. I even forgot to get my shoes but who cares I can’t run in them. I don’t know where I am, but I just keep running straight forward anyway and see where I come. I come to a place where there are a lot of people but I keep running, bumping in to people sometimes that looks back at me like I’m a mad woman. I must look like one, a girl with tears streaming down her eyes.

In my purse I’m holding I feel something vibrate and remember that I do have a phone. I look at it and I see that the clock is showing 11:37 AM and that it is Madeline that’s calling me. Even though I don’t know where I am, I decide on declining the call. I need to just run away for moment, and think. I stop running when I see a river in front of me. I lean forward with my hand on my knees and pant like a dog. Literally. I walk to the verge and sit down on the grass and dip my feet in the water. It’s warm.

I haven’t stopped crying since I ran away from that unknown boy. I’m only crying more. He probably didn’t know that he took my virginity. The worst thing is that I was so drunk that I didn’t even know what I was doing, I don’t even remember anything from the club. I’ve always wanted my first time to be romantic and with a guy I have strong feelings for. Not like this. Drunk.

It’s only the beginning of my vacation here and I don’t really feel any better. I feel the opposite way. Much worse. I just wanna go home. But I know that I can’t do that. I tell myself that it will get better, that this is just a bad dream I have, I’m good at having nightmares. But it’s not. This is as real as it can be. I just hope it will go away soon. So I can enjoy this trip I’ve wanted to have for years now. It’s clear to say that I didn’t come here for this. The tears have subsided by now but I’m still crying a little bit. I’m sitting like a ball. Knees tight against my chest while my head are hanging down against my knees and then my arms around my neck.

Every time I just wanna be by myself, I always go to a river nearby my house. I can sit there in hours and just do nothing. I don’t know why, but hearing the water comforts me. After and hour of crying and it still hasn’t stopped. I’m better now though, I feel much calmer now then I was before. (She’s still crying but less)
After a while with me still sitting on the grass I hear footsteps behind me and I get shocked when I see someone standing there. Curly hair. Tall. And I recognize him but I can’t just think of where.
“Hey… Are you okay? Sorry but I’ve been here a while and I think I heard you crying? I wasn’t trying to be nosy but yeah… Are you okay?”
My eyes are probably red and like he said, he heard me so need to be lying.
“Ehm… Yeah I have but I’m okay…” I’m not okay I’m lying anyway… I used to lie a lot when I was younger, being afraid of what my mum and dad would say if I had done something bad. So I said it was someone else. I lie sometimes when I feel like I should. And I guess this is a moment like that.
“You sure? You don’t seem to be okay?” He’s now moving forward and sitting beside me on the grass. I just now remember that I’ve been staring at him quite a while. But I can’t stop.
“I’m okay” I say with no emotion. I didn’t want anyone to find me. But he did. A total stranger for me but in a way not.
“Okay… what happened? If you don’t mind me ask…” He’s annoying me with all his questions
“Don’t you have anywhere else to be?” I just want him gone.
“Nope” he says popping the p
“I want to be alone…” I don’t know if he heard me cause right when I said I curled up in my ball again, trying to hide myself. He didn’t answer which I found kind of weird but when I looked up to see if he was still there, he was staring at me with a worried look in his green eyes.
“Sorry… Want me to take you home?” I actually considered having him taking me home; since I don’t know where I am nor do I know the way home.
“Yeah… I don’t really know where I am so that would be good” I gave him a small smile and grabbed my phone from the grass and texted Madeline the address to the house.
For him to give me the drive home I really much needed, we had to walk back to his house, but he said it wasn’t a long walk. He knew I didn’t have it in me to talk in the moment, so we just walked in silent. Drove to Madeline’s house in silent. Of course when we were there I thanked him for the drive home and that I really appreciated it, but nothing else happened. I just didn’t feel like talking to anyone.

Harry’s pov

My jetlag had hit me hard. Therefor I could barely sleep anything and on top of that, woke up to early for my liking. I decided to go for a long walk and be a real tourist for the day. Who knows, I will maybe find something interesting. I decided that I would hire a house when I’m staying so I won’t need to pay for a hotel room every night. Live in a house would be much better since I don’t know how long I’m staying. It wasn’t to big and not to small. It was a perfect size for me. I don’t really like to live alone in a big mansion when I’m alone; it makes me feel… alone… how smart I am… anyways… So a house between the sizes would be good for me. I was living a little bit outside the city so I decided to just walk there; it wasn’t that much of a walk really, maybe 15 minutes. I walked in shops, bought souvenirs and just walking around. It felt good, no one had recognized me yet and I hoped it would stay like that.
I had left the house when then clock was like 8AM in the morning. It was now 10AM. I told you I woke up early… You maybe didn’t think that early but I can’t deal with jetlag. And remember when I told you that no one had noticed me? I shouldn’t have said that, I saw more and more people keep stealing glances at me. And the paparazzi’s had woken up to. I decided to call a taxi instead of walking home. I paid the driver when I came and sighed, relieved that no one had followed me to this little neighbour-hood, at least I think no one followed after me…
I decided to walk a little bit more, just around where I lived. But first I went inside my rented house and left all the stuff I knew I wouldn’t need. The scenery is really beautiful here, I love being here, and we didn’t get to explore much of Adelaide when we were on our tour though, since we would only get mobbed if we went outside.

After a while of walking I came to this beautiful river, but I saw someone sitting there. A girl was sitting there alone. When I walked closer I heard that she was crying, and it wasn’t a little bit, she cried a lot... Whatever happened to her, she don’t deserve at being alone. Me being the gentleman I am approached her and asked her if she was okay and that I heard her crying but that I didn’t try to be nosy. I always care for people. No one should be left alone. She just said that she was okay. I know when people say that when they’re “just fine” they’re at their worst. I got the feeling that my questions were irritating her but when I asked if she wanted a drive home, she accepted. Even that we were quiet for the rest of the time, I was still happy I could do something for her.


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