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Until My Last Breath


Aphrodite Markou is Liam Payne's Best childhood friend, when she meets the rest of the band she finds the cheeky green eyed chap to be endearing. After enjoying some company time with him she finds her heart is in his hands. Harry and Aphrodite love each other, but the question is are they right for each other?


Aphrodite Markou

Aphrodite Markou

Liam Payne's childhood best friend Occupation: Actress and model . Age: 17/18

Aria Fotia

Aria Fotia

Aria is Aphrodite's Older cousin. Occupation: Student Nicknames: Ari, Eri Age:19

Daniel Michalidis

Daniel Michalidis

Aphrodite's Ex-Boyfriend, Best friends with her, good friends with the family, Quarterback, Going into Engineering after his Victory Lap (second year of grade 12 by choice)

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Aphrodite's Boyfriend Occupation: Member of One Direction age: 18

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

Aphrodite's Best childhood Friend Occupation: Member of One Direction Age: 18/19

Sam Markou

Sam Markou

Aphrodite's Younger Brother Occupation: Student--> Sophomore Age: 15

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Has a crush on Aphrodite Occupation: Part of One Direction Age: 19/20


  1. Preface.

  2. Chapter one

    **Read Prologue First *1&2*

  3. Chapter 3


  4. Chapter 3


  5. Chapter 4


  6. Chapter 5


  7. Chapter 6


  8. Chapter 7

    * 14 &15&16*

  9. Chapter 8


  10. Chapter 9


  11. Chapter 10


  12. Chapter 11


  13. Chapter 12


  14. Chapter 13


  15. Chapter 14


  16. Chapter 15

    * 37-39

  17. Chapter 16


  18. Chapter 17


  19. Chapter 18


  20. Chapter 19


  21. Chapter 20


  22. Chapter 21



Love it!! And I can't believe they forgot! Woow! If that were me I would do the same think but the next day I flip shit on them! Yeah anyways love it!!

XxlovedoneXx XxlovedoneXx

@Scarlett Kat
Oh god!! Here comes the drama train!! Lol

XxlovedoneXx XxlovedoneXx

Think about it,

We have all established That It was Modest behind Haylor... (Not Hating on Taylor or Kendall)

Haylor? Ski resort

Hendall? Ski Resort

See what I'm getting at?

I was planning to make her dad flip shit... but i decided her dad might as well be a tad bit like my dad, kinda sort chill kinda not, haha, bet mix for some drama :) I'm glad you liked it =D

Scarlett Kat Scarlett Kat

Wo... I didn't know he did that with his "FAKE" girlfriends.. but yeah.. I can't wait to see what happens!! And at first I thought her dad was going to hate him!!! Wow.. anyways LOVE IT!!

XxlovedoneXx XxlovedoneXx

OMFG!! these last two chters i read... i sobbed! the things you make harry do.. just make me want to hug him and never ever let go..!

XxlovedoneXx XxlovedoneXx