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Listening to Niall

Chapter 47- Flowers and fairies

"So where are we going?" I asked as we drove out of campus.
"Don't you want it to be a surprise?" He glanced over at me before turning back to the road
"I guess" I sigh, leaning back in my seat "Harry?" I look at him
"Mmm?" He was watching the road
"Isn't this weird for you? I mean, we did date once- twice before we became friends, but now it's just.. I don't know.. forget that I said anything, I don't even know what I'm thinking" I look out the window regretting speaking my mind feeling foolish.
"No- why? I understand where you're coming from Jamie, and look at this outing as friends just having fun, I mean, it shouldn't feel weird to you, you used to go out with Niall all the time before you became a couple right?" He smiled that half smiled of his that always made my heart give a slight flutter.
"I guess you're right" I shrug. Harry put some music on and started singing along.
He turned into the shopping center's parking lot, and I sat up straighter in my seat, not understanding what could be such a great surprise here.
"I know, this is just the shopping center, but we don't want it" He parks and turns of the engine.
"So.. what are we doing here then?" I look at him, confusion on my face.
"Come on" He got out of the car. He walked to the back getting something out of the boot.
"My lady?" He offered me his arm. I let out a small giggle excepting it.
"So what's in the bag then?"
"You're a nosy little thing- patience love".
We stride out of the parking lot. Harry leads us to the park across the street.
"Is this? Are we?" I stutter as realization of what we will be doing downed on me.
"Yep!" Harry gave me a full grin. My eyes are wide with fear.
"Don't tell me you're scared of ice skating?" He exclaimed
"I am not scared! I- I just never done this before" I tell him
"Really? Well better late than never, come on" He puts his hand on the small of my back and gives me a slight push forward. I let him walk me to the entrance. We gave the lady are shoe size for skates, and waited for her to hand them over.
"Harry, I don't have socks on, it's only my tights" I look up at his eyes, feeling lost and sheepish for never skating before.
"I have you covered" Harry opened up his bag. He took out thick socks, gloves and scarves.
"You're good" I shake my head at him, never took Harry as an organized fellow.
He smiled, making his dimples pop once again handing over socks for me. I put them on while Harry wraps a scarf around my neck, pulling out my hair that got trapped.
"You two are such a cute couple" The lady who gave us the skates winked.
I start to let her know we are not a couple, but then decided against it, just smiling and saying thank you. Harry glanced up at my face, something changed in his eyes but he kept quiet, kneeling down to help me put my skates on.
"Ready?" He said getting up to his feet.
"I'm not sure, I know the idea of skating, sliding your feet, but how does one get to the skate floor from here wearing skates?- I sound like such an idiot" I pout. That made Harry laugh out loud. When he was done laughing at my ignorance he held out his hands for me to take. He helps me up and I wobble slightly.
"All right then, try walking like you do without these" He said letting go of one of my hands and turning to face the same way as me.
I do as I'm told, though I'm not too steady. Harry takes the hand he is holding and drapes it around his shoulders, bringing his own around my waist.
"Better?" He asked. I nodded as we made way to the icy floor.
"Ok" He says when we get to the entrance "So, umm, what you need to do is slid your feet back and forth and try your best not to fall" He smiled, his dimples showing once more.
"All right, I think I can do this" I take a step onto the icy floor and nearly fall over, Harry catching my elbow, right before I slipped back.
"Hold my hand for starters" He closed his fingers over mine in a tight grip.
"Watch my feet Jay"
I look down at his shoes, taking in the way he slid his feet gracefully forward, once his left foot and once his right, slowly, I mimicked his move, getting the hang of it, and getting my balance in check.
"This is cool" I smile, loving the feeling of almost floating on the ice. I knew I wasn't as graceful as Harry, having my arms stretched sideways in an attempt not to fall, but even though, I was enjoying myself.
"Do you want to try by yourself?" Harry asked. I was scared of letting go of his hand, mortified to find my bum on the icy floor, but wanting to prove I can was stronger than the fear.
Slowly Harry unlinks our fingers, letting my hand loose. I wobble slightly trying to keep my balance. He reaches out for me, but I shake my head, my mind set on acing this on my own.
"I can skate! This isn't hard at all" I say, moving slowly and very ungracefully, but I was moving, and not falling, so it was a start.
"You are" Harry chuckled at my attempt. There were kids skating across like little champs. I was jealous of the way they glided around, promising myself that by the end of the night I would do the same.
"You're getting the hang of it" Harry was skating backwards facing me. He outstretches his hands and I take them in mine, smiling. I was happy, I was having a wonderful time.
Once we had enough, we gave back the skates and went to fetch some food. We got hamburgers, the ultimate friends outing supper.
"Gosh Harry, that was such a good idea" I said before taking a bite.
"I'm happy you enjoyed yourself"
"I really have, thank you for taking me"
"It was really my pleasure" He smiled picking up his burger.
We ate and talked bringing up fun things from the past we have done together, like painting the kids school, and the parties and the snow fight.
After supper, we walked around watching all the lights and couples out on the street.
"It is a holiday" I whispered
"It was made into one, yes" He agreed with me
"Harry?" I look up at him "Why did you break up with me?" Our eyes met for a slight second before he looked back at the street.
"Because, you were in love with Niall" He said simply
"Niall and I weren't together then" I reminded him.
"No you weren't, but you two were in love with each other. I knew Niall loved you the way he spoke about you in India. I thought maybe you turned him down and he was looking to set you up with someone…" Harry took a break. I waited patiently for him to continue.
"When we went out you haven't brought him up so much, but when you did.. You should have seen your face… So I broke it off before you'll break my heart"
I was gobsmacked. I never thought that was the reason of him breaking up with me.
"I feel quite bad now" I sigh glancing up at him once again.
"Don't be" He smiled that smile of his. We got back to the car ready to head back to campus.
"Jamie?" Harry asked once we were seated with the doors closed "Can I kiss you?"
I ripped my head back to him to see if he was serious.
"You know? A valentine's kiss? On the cheek.. I don't want Niall to beat me up" He winked.
"Sure" I smiled once I got over the shock.
Harry leaned over, taking my face in his palms. I felt as his soft lips touched my skin. I could feel the warmth of them being hijacked by my cheeks, which turned bright red.
When he let go smiling at me I leaned in offering my own kiss. I kissed him on his dimple, one of my favorite parts of his face.
"Thank you for being my Valentine" He said quietly.
"I wouldn't have it any other way" I smiled. Though we both knew I would. If Niall was here, he would have been picked over Harry.

We reached campus. Harry stopped the car outside my flat.
"Here you go" He motioned as we came to a stop.
"Hey- Fell like coming up? I'm not sure I want to be alone" I tell him. I could see he was hesitant, not sure if it was a good idea. In the end he turned off the engine and stepped out.
I unlock the door and we go inside.
"Tea?" I ask as I shook off my coat.
"Sure- thanks" He said, taking a seat on the couch. I make us some tea while Harry flips through the channels to find us something to watch.
I join him on the sofa, and offer him his cup.
"Is Eleanor coming back tonight?" He asked
"I don't think so" I whispered. We then kept quiet, watching the telly.
The ring of the doorbell woke me up. I sit up fast, feeling something fall off me. I look down and find Harry sleeping. We fell asleep. I feel asleep on Harry. We fell asleep cuddling! The door buzzed again and I hurried to answer.
"Hi" I open it. In my way there was a huge bouquet of flowers.
"Hello" said a voice behind it. The boy moved the flowers so I can see his face.
"Are you Miss Jamie Hart?" He asked
"Umm… yeah I am" I whispered back.
"If you could please sign here?" He handed over a sheet of paper. I sign and take the flowers and the small package in his hand. I thank him and close the door.
"Good morning" I jump to find Harry sitting up.
"Good morning" I smile, as I walk to the kitchen to put the flowers in some water.
I take the note attached to the package and read it.

Jamie my love,
Flowers- since I'm sorry. Sorry for not being there with you on the love day.
Chocolate- Because I love you. I love you with all my heart.
Thinking of you always

I sigh, folding the sheet over and putting it down. My heart hurt. I felt terrible. Niall is all the way there, thinking of me, and I fell asleep with Harry. As I opened the package I reminded myself that nothing happened. This is nothing since Harry and I are just friends. And I fell asleep a thousand times with Liam or one of the others. It is just the same.
In the package there was indeed chocolate, shaped Hearts.
I smile, such a cliché thing to buy. With the chocolate there was something else. I take it out and unwrap it. Harry is watching me from the sofa, keeping quiet as he does, giving me some space.
A fairy. A gasp escapes my lips as I turn it around examining it. She was beautiful.
"For your collection" Harry spoke up. I nod, not able to talk. He remembered my fairies.
I stand there looking at the flowers, taking them in. I don't know for how long I stood there, but at some point Harry raised from the couch and paced over to stand by me.
"Are you all right?" He asked. I just stood there watching the flowers. I didn't feel Happy. I felt sad, and I don't know why. I felt Harry's fingers on the side of my cheek, pulling back a strand of hair and tucking it behind my ear.
"He loves you" Harry whispered "He really does"
I nod at that, knowing it's true. That was why I was so sad. Niall loved me, and sent flowers and got me a fairy, and I went out skating with Harry, and fell asleep on the sofa with him.
"I'm going, I'll call you later" He said kissing the top of my head lightly. And I just stood at the table, staring at the flowers.


I don't know who I feel bad for.. Jamie, Harry or Niall?
What do you think??

also, I don't know which of you checked out my new story 'Keeping Hope' but it is coming along nicely, so I would love for you to go check it out =)

Also whoever hasn't subscribed or rated this story- please please do..
It does mean so much!
I also wanted to inform you guys that this story is coming to an end soon.. only a few more chapters and then that's it...
have a lovely week


I LOVED THE ENDING.... but haz is still alone... oh well

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Yassss they kissed! :) i cant stop smiling!

I an so happy

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I think her and hazza should be together

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

They have to get back together :'(((

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I just got my friend hooked and so she can tell me :D
But they really have to stay together if they don't I will cry and never stop