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Listening to Niall

Chapter 48- Player

"It was so much fun! I wish I could do that day over again" Perrie said dreamily.
It was Saturday morning, and we were sitting around the table at Zayn and Perrie's flat.
Perrie was telling us about their valentine's day as we drank our coffee and ate some breakfast.
"How wonderful" I smiled. It was late morning, all of us up for a late start.
"It was such a good idea Harry! You making Jamie go out" Zayn turned to Harry "This way she wasn't sitting alone in the dark" He winked at me, making the conversation about Harry and me once again.
"You've got to come see the flowers Niall sent her- they are beautiful" Eleanor cut in.
"They are" Harry agreed with her. Eleanor was the only one who knew Harry had slept over that same day, bumping in to him as he left the flat. She hadn't said anything, but I knew she did not approve.
"I don't want to go back to school" Perrie wined leaning her head on Zayn's shoulder.
"You still have Sunday.." Louis pointed out. Just then I get a text.
I check my phone

From: Harry
I need to talk to you.

I glance over at him. He was leaning his chin on his palm listening to the conversation. I text him back.

To: Harry
I'm sitting right next to you.

After a moment he answers

From: Harry
Yeah, but I don't fancy the whole lot listening in.

To: Harry:
All right...

"Who are you texting?" Eleanor asked leaning over to look at my phone.
I push it back into my pocket "Just Rachel, something about school" I shrug
I feel Harry staring at me. I make it a point not looking at him.
"Let's go out tonight- there is this party at that club" Louis can never remember names of places.
"Yes! Let's go" Perrie Jumped up excited.
"Sure" I say, not really feeling up for a party without Niall, but not wanting to let my friends down.
After a while longer I excused myself, leaving for the workshop to catch up on a few projects.
"Jamie" I hear my name. I knew I would, turning to watch Harry jogging up to me.
"So.. what is the big secret?" I ask. Truth is, I couldn't stop thinking about that text. I was wondering what he had to talk to me up.
I was fearful he would bring up Valentine's day, not knowing the answer to that. I know I must sound like an awful person. Having a boyfriend that absolutely adores me, sending me flowers and chocolate overseas, and I am thinking of another.
But let me explain. I know how bad this seems and I am beating myself over it. I lover Niall. I do. With all my heart and soul. I would give the world to be with him. I really would. But the same heart that loves him so much, has something for another as well. I can't help it, but admit to myself the truth. I have a slight something for Harry that still hasn't gone away. Niall being far, and Harry being so close doesn't help my situation either.
However, I am not a cheat. I will not cheat on Niall, no matter what. Sometimes I wonder how it would feel to be with Harry. But I made a promise. I wear that promise on my finger, and I will keep it.
"Jamie?" Harry calling my name, snaps me out of my daze. He is standing so close to me, I can see the different shades of green in his eyes.
"Sorry" I feel my cheeks grow warm.
"I need your help" He is serious, and I can breathe a little easily knowing he will not bring up Valentine's day.. at least not know.
"Can we sit? For just a moment?"
I nod my head and we walk over to the bench on the side of the walkway. It is cold out, but we ignore it.
"SO last night I was at the pub, and I met this girl" He starts. That makes me sit up slightly straighter. I will not let him know this, but that short sentence made my heart flutter with jealousy.
"I was flirting with her- I think I like her, and she was going on and on babbling you know? And I asked for her number, and in the beginning she wouldn't give it to me.. but then she finally did" He exhaled.
"So.. why are you telling me all of this?" I was confused, I did not expect this from him.
"I need you to tell me what to do" He wined
"Me? Why would you need me? You asked a bunch of girls out- including me! So why would you need help now?" I scoff him.
"Because she is different! I mean we were talking and everything was great, and I'm sure she knew I was going to ask for her number, and she led me to think that if I'll ask she will be more than Happy to let me have it, but then when I did she made this face, and said 'in your dreams' and then-"
"Wait she said that? After you sat next to her the whole night flirting?" I ask carefully, this whole story made no sense.
"Yes! And then I asked her why would she care if I had it, since obviously she had a nice night and so after that she gave it to me" he replied
"All right then, so you have her number, what do you need me for?" I ask blatantly, not able to keep my annoyance under control.
"Because I called her, and she didn't answer, and then she texted me she is busy with school work, and we are texting but every time when I ask to see her she changes the subject"
"And you met her last night?" I make sure I got the story straight.
"Yeah.. and now she is taking her good old time to answer" His shoulders sagged with defeat.
"Harry.. she is playing games" I reply firmly.
"Wait- why would you think that?"
I felt as if I am having a conversation with a 15 year old and not a guy who has been out on dates multiple times
"Ok, she said she was busy with school work?" I ask
"SO text her back saying- fine, whenever you feel like meeting up give me call"
"And then what?" He leaned closer, as if not wanting to miss a thing I say.
"And then nothing- the ball is in her court. She needs to make a move- and I promise you she will text you back.. She will wait to hear from you and when she doesn't she'll miss you and text"
"She'll miss me?"
"Well, not you.. but the attention she was receiving from you" It was weird seeing Harry so insecure.
I watch as he pulls out his phone to text her.
"What is her name anyway?" I get up to my feet, tightening my coat around my body, shielding it from the cold.
"Sharon" He smiled. I nod and turn towards the workshop, leaving Harry behind.
A few hours passed until I heard from him again, Lea nodding towards the open door of the workshop as he walked in a grin on his face waving at the girls.
"Hiya love, fancy seeing you here" She smiled up at him.
"Long times Lea… Jamie I think you need a break, up on your feet" He pulls at my arm. My eyes meet Lea's, who glanced up at me with question as I rose to my feet, shrugging and turning as Harry steered me toward the door he just came through.
"Harry- what is wrong with you?" I scold him as he holds my wrist and pulls me sideways.
"You were right- and she was over" His eyes were shining, and that made me think of Niall, missing him staring at me like that.
"SO?" I swat at his hand still holding on to me.
"She asked who you were" He folded his arms across his chest
"Why would she know who I am?" I crinkle my forehead, but deep inside I was smug. I know I had no right to claim Harry to myself, after all I had Niall, and even though…
"She was looking at the photos on the fridge, the ones from the different parties and all, so she pointed and asked about you" My mouth twitched into a smile hearing that.
"What did you answer?" I asked looking up at him
"Said we used to date, and you have a serious boyfriend now" he shift to his right foot, moving over his weight "She will be at the party tonight"
"Well… good for you Harry" I smile, though my teeth are gritted, reminding myself that Harry is not mine, he is free to date other girls.
"So we'll all go to the party together yeah? I will meet Sharon there but you know I am going with you lot" His dimples deepened as his smile grew wider. He was excited, and I wondered if he was as excited before going on the date with me.

"He wouldn't shut up about her" I tell Niall as I watched his laugh grow at my story about Harry. I was closed up in my room, having some Niall time on skype.
"Are you sure we are talking about Harry? Harry Styles?" Niall chuckled
"I know right? It was nerve grating at some point, I mean she is just a girl why get so worked up over it?"
Niall let out a long breathe peering at me through the screen.
"What?" I ask
"You're beautiful" He smiles
"Get off it Ni" I wave at him.
"I miss you! Come visit me" He leans his chin into his hand.
"You know I can't" I pout
"Come visit me!" He repeats
"I wish I could.. I wish I could leave everything behind and come to you.. But the final project is due soon and I haven't even started"
"I know… wishful thinking… is all it is.."

My group of friends and I step into the club the party was taking place at. It was in full swing and a wide smile appeared on Perrie's face as one hand shot into the air and the other pulled Zayn to the dance floor.
"Come on you" Eleanor pulled Louis and me after her, following Perrie and Zayn. I reach out to close my hands around Harry's and tug at him to follow too.
We reach Perrie and Zayn, already taken by the music, jumping around hands in the air.
I take Harry's hands in mine and start moving to the music. Eleanor and Louis join, we open to a circle built just of us, dancing together.
"Come with me to look for her" Harry yells in my ear
"What?" I can't quite hear him over the loud music
"I want you to come with me- I want to look for Sharon" He pulls my arm. He wraps his fingers over mine and steers me into the dancing crowd.
"That's her" He points at this girl. She is plump looking, long brown hair and dimples. She notices us. I give Harry a slight push towards her as I turn to find my way back to Eleanor and the others.
Someone grabs at me. I turn to find this tall guy standing over me "Let's dance" He says
"Umm.. no thank you" I try to pull my arm away.
"I didn't ask.. Come on- dance with me" He grabs at my other hand.
"There you are- Let her go" Harry says his hands on my shoulders. I turn to look up at him. His eyes were black, and I knew it wasn't because of this guy in front of us.
The guy didn’t need to be told twice.
"I thought you're going to hang out with Sharon for a bit" I say.
"Me too, but after a quick hello she turned to dance with her friends.. I don't get it" He shakes his head. I feel really bad for him, he looked slightly hurt. So I did the only thing that came to mind. I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck, bringing my lips to his cheek, kissing him gently. Harry brings his arms around me, hugging me back. I open my eyes as my chin leans on his shoulder, finding myself staring straight into Sharon's eyes.



I LOVED THE ENDING.... but haz is still alone... oh well

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

Yassss they kissed! :) i cant stop smiling!

I an so happy

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

I think her and hazza should be together

CrazyM0F0 CrazyM0F0

They have to get back together :'(((

ClaireBearrr ClaireBearrr

I just got my friend hooked and so she can tell me :D
But they really have to stay together if they don't I will cry and never stop