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This Is Me


I suffer from Depression and Bipolar Type 2 un-medicated! My role model is P!nk. My Favourite band is One Direction!!! I am in Grade 10. I live in Australia, Brisbane, Springfield Lakes. I love dancing. I do contemporary/ballet dance. I want to be a Paramedic when I am older and join the Australian Army if not the Army then I would go TAFE or UNI and study Paramedics that way. If I cant become a Paramedic, I would the look at studying for Midwifery NUrsing :) I am such an easy person to get along with. I have no friends. I would love to make some new friends if you guys dont mind? A lot of people judge me before they get to know me, so please dont judge me unless you know me inside and out because It hurts me to think that people love judging me before they actually get to know me!! I am good at writing my own songs and short stories :) But I am more best at my dancing :) They are just some extra hobbies LOL.. I have blue eyes, Brown Hair (Natural), I HATE School. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters and my brothers are the most annoying ones out of all haha... I love meeting new people :)


  1. Hiya

    This is Me

  2. hi

  3. Just a Random short story that I wrote for School English class :)

    Me being prepared for my English class tomorrow :)


Can u rate my story, it's called They Don't Know About Us, please?
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Can you rate my funny imagines? not really a story but I just want to know if its funny or not. :D
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