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100 Things

Chapter 2

I boarded the plane, and the smell of the airplane seats and crisp air, that had become so familiar to me over the past month and a half, was everywhere. I trudged to my seat and plopped down, exhaustion washing over me. I expected it though, the tiredness. I'd been doing so much lately, it was only natural that it would be taken out on my body. Only a month left, though, and I wouldn't be tired anymore.

I closed my eyes and thought about Harry. God, he was beautiful; his personality and looks. If I wasn't under these circumstances, I'd definitely go for him. We'd gotten along so well in such a short amount of time.

I felt like I missed him, or rather, what could have been. I smiled though, at having met him before this whole experience was over.

In my memory, I shamelessly went over the details of his face. The way his lips curved, his jaw was set, and our twin eyes. I remembered the way he smelled - a sweet but scuttle cologne.

His voice, "Oh, sorry."

My eyes snapped open. His voice. I looked around the plane frantically, both hoping that I had imagined it, and that it was reality. My mind was twisted for the seconds - that felt like hours - that I searched the plane for him. It wasn't until I twisted around in my seat that I saw him. He was changed into jeans and a sweater; comfy, plane clothes. His hands were stretched above his head as he pushed his luggage into the over head compartment.

At first, my heart sunk at the sight of him - overjoyed. But then, reality kicked in, and I wanted to kill him. Didn't I tell him I needed to do this alone? Why would he insist like this? He really didn't understand how serious I was. This was a solo mission, for all the right reasons.

"Harold!" I hissed, through clenched teeth.

His head snapped towards me, first with a huge grin plastered across his face, and then when he registered my anger, it dropped. He looked, to my satisfaction, quite frightened.

"Get over here!" I hissed again.

He bit his lip and walked over to me, "Hey Avia."

I shook my head, "Harry. I told you, you couldn't come. I have my reasons. I have to do this buy myself."

Harry sighed, "Avia, I've always wanted to go to New Zealand. I want to get to know you. This is the perfect opportunity for both of these things."

I sighed in frustration, "Yes, but Harry, you can't come. You can't hang around me. You can't get to know me."

Harry's expressions started to cloud with frustration, "Why the hell not, Avia?"

I clenched my jaw, "Because!" I exclaimed. I couldn't give him a better reason than that. There was nothing else I could say. I had my reasons, but he couldn't know them. I wouldn't let him know them.

"Well, I'm going to New Zealand, no matter what you say, but its up to you whether or not we spend time together, alright?" Harry asked, clearly wanted to end this little mini fight.

I sighed, "Whatever. Don't sit next to me on the plane."

Harry just rolled his eyes and walked back to his seat. I crossed my arms and huffed. This was the first time in the entire trip that I was feeling anything except for happiness, and the occasional loneliness. Harry was ruining everything.

I didn't take my family with me, I didn't take my closest friends with me, I didn't even take my pup, Pip. Pip used to go with me to every country I traveled to. But I didn't take anyone, because they are just weight. Weight that I'd have to carry with me on my journey. I had to do this by myself. But, persistent Harry was determined to be my new piece of luggage.

I sighed and leaned my head against the chair. Would I regret not spending time with him, or would I regret spending time with him? It wasn't a question of which I wanted to do more, It was a question of logistics.

The flight attendants told us to buckle up for take off. As they were doing their little show of how to escape the plane in case of an emergency, my mind was still wondering and wondering.
The plane started to take off, and my hands clutched the arm rests tightly. I'd been on six or seven planes in the last month and a half, alone, and I was still frightened when taking off. I didn't honestly believe that the plane would crash, but there was that little doubt in the back of my mind.

As soon as the plane leveled out, I closed my eyes, and let sleep take my worries away.
I woke and checked my watch. I'd only been sleeping for around two hours, so I had quite a bit of time left. I'd made up my mind about the situation with Harry, and I prayed that I wouldn't regret it.

I unbuckled my seat-belt, and brought my feet up to pull on my thick socks. Once they were securely on, I got up and made my way down the isle, passing sleeping people as I went. The lights in the plane were turned down, to help people who found it difficult to sleep with the lights on, so it was hard to see faces and such.

My eyes soon adjusted to the light, or the lack thereof, and I saw the brunette boy I was looking for, now clad in a hoodie, with his head tilted back on his seat, asleep. I smiled at his face. His mouth was wide open, and his nose kept scrunching up every few seconds.

I reached over and gave him a little shove on the shoulder. It seemed to be enough, as his eyelids fluttered back and forth, and his mouth slowly closed. "Avia?" He questioned, in a voice thick with sleep.

I smiled meekly - although he couldn't see me - and said, "Yeah. Can I talk to you? There's an empty spot next to my seat."

He looked over at the sleeping old man next to him, and then nodded. My seat would be more private, and considerate. We both softly padded back to my seat, more towards the front of the First Class area.

I took my seat by the window, and Harry took the one next to me, on the aisle. I got comfortable by draping the blanket the flight attendant must have left for me, across my lap, and adjusting my pillow behind my back. When I finally looked up, Harry was looking at me expectantly.

I sighed softly and said, "I want to spend time with you." A smile slowly started to grow on his face at my words, "But we can only spend time together for two things. After that, we go separate ways, okay?"

He pondered for a second before asking, "What if you don't want to go separate ways?"

I bit my lip, "I'll have to, even if I don't want to. No one is supposed to help me on this adventure I'm on."

"Who says?"

"I say."

He sunk back in his chair, "Fine, but we have to do a few things I want to do while we spend time together in New Zealand."

I laughed and nodded, "Okay, deal."

He grinned and exclaimed, "Yes!"

An old woman across the aisle from us, leaned over and made a point of dramatically putting her finger to her lips, and loudly 'Shhhh!'d us.

I giggled quietly, "Harry, I suggest you keep quiet before that old lady beats you to death with her cane."

He let out a soft chuckle, "I'm shaking in my boots."

Harry and I basically spent the rest of the flight sleeping on and off, and watching movies on the little screens in-front of our chairs. When the plane began to land, my nerves kicked in again. I tightened my seat-belt, and my hands clutched the armrest tight.

My actions didn't go unnoticed. Harry whispered, "Are you okay?"

I nodded quickly, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just get a little nervous for take offs and landings."

He nodded in understanding. "You don't fly very often, do you?"

I let out a shaky chuckle, "I fly very often, actually. Very, very often."

He let out a small laugh, "Then shouldn't you be used to it by now? Avia, you're a strange character."

We landed safely, and got through airport security really quickly. We were approaching the exit when I stopped Harry, "You might want to put on your jacket or something." I unzipped my bag and started to pull out my blue ski jacket.

He looked at me strangely, "Jacket?"

My eyebrows creased, "Yes, jacket, you know, the thing that keeps you warm."

He shrugged, "I only have my hoodie."

I stood up in half a second flat, "You didn't bring any heavy jackets?"

He suddenly slapped his hand to his forehead, "Oh shit! The whole," He made a circular movement with his hands, "backwards seasons thing. Shit!"

I ran a hand through my hair, and a giggle escaped my lips, "Yep. You're now in the middle of winter, in New Zealand, without a jacket. You're going to freeze on the way to the taxi, and on the way out of the taxi into whichever clothing store we find."

"I can't believe I let something like that slip my mind!" His hand was still attached to his forehead.

I laughed again, "I can! You probably packed in five minutes to make the plane." I smiled, "It's okay, we'll just go buy you some. No big deal."

He sighed, clearly still frustrated with himself, "Alright, lets go."

I ran outside to get the taxi, while Harry waited inside, so he wouldn't get frostbite, or anything dramatic like that. I hailed a taxi, and as I waited for it to drive over, I looked back towards Harry.

He was still upset. By how frustrated it was, it seemed clear that he wasn't used to messing things up. He probably strived to do everything right, all the time.

I couldn't say I was upset that Harry had decided to tag along. I was just worried more than anything. But, it actually felt pretty nice to have someone with you; to know you're not alone. I signaled for him to come, as the taxi man pulled up and started loading our luggage into the trunk of the car.

He walked through the door, and I could see when the cold hit him. He immediately started to hunch over more, and stuck his hands in his hoodie pockets, his face slightly scrunched up. I laughed quietly at his discomfort, and he shot me a glare.

I let him get in the taxi first, and when I got in he was rubbing his arms, trying to create some kind of warmth for himself. The taxi man slid into the drivers seat, "Where to?" He asked. But it sounded more like, 'whey to?'. I hadn't heard the Kiwi accent much in the airport, but now, hearing this mans twang made the fact that I was actually in New Zealand register in my mind.

A grin spread across my face.

"The nearest clothing store, please." I said.

Harry turned to me, a soft smile gracing his face, "What are smiling about?"

I bit my lip, with the grin still plastered on my face, "We're in New Zealand! What do you think I'm smiling about?"

He answered me with a grin that matched mine.

Ten minutes later we pulled up to the store. It was an Abercrombie. I thanked the taxi driver, and asked if he could wait for us to come back; We'd be quick.

We ran in and went straight to the jacket sections. The purple one at the end of the rack caught my eye. It was a deep purple, so it was good for a guy. "You should get this one. Purple's my favorite color."

He plucked it off of the rack and smiled, "Mine too."

I quirked and eyebrow as we approached the desk, "Really?"

He chuckled as he handed the cashier the money, "Got a problem with that?"

I smiled and shook my head, but added, "You know that purple is the international gay color, right?"

He tucked the change into his pocket and turned to me with an amused smile, "Yes, but Avia, I'm not gay. And even if I had been, one look at you would've turned me straight, anyway."

I laughed aloud and the slightest blush crept onto my face from his compliment. We walked back to the taxi, slowly this time, because Harry no longer had to run from the cold. I got a chance to look around outside. The first thing that caught my eye was the mountains. They were absolutely beautiful. A blanket of white coated them from top to bottom, and I wished I could just reach out and touch it. "Lets go skiing first thing tomorrow, okay?"

Harry smiled, "So you're assuming I can ski?"
I rolled my eyes, "I've seen pictures."

"Aha!" He exclaimed as we slipped into the cab, "I knew you were a bigger fan than you acted."
I laughed, "Its general knowledge. Don't flatter yourself."

I continued to admire the scenery out of the window, all the way to the hotel. When we arrived I said, "This country is so beautiful."

Harry nodded, "And I think I counted about a million sheep on the way here."

I laughed, "You know there's a larger population of sheep than there is people?"
"With the amount I just saw, that's honestly not so hard to believe."

Harry insisted on paying for the taxi, and then we walked into the hotel. It was a cute little hotel - nothing too fancy, but not cheap either. The interior was the same as any normal hotel in America. I walked up to the front desk, "Hi."
The woman behind smiled at me, "Hello, how may I help you?"
"Checking in. Its under the name Freeman."

The woman clicked at her keyboard for a few seconds before saying, "Here we go. You already paid for the room for a night. Here's your pass key." She handed me the little credit card sized key. "You're floor four, room ninety-three."

"Thank you." I smiled.
Harry stepped up when I was finished, "A single room for one please."

"Have you booked it already?" He bit his lip and shook his head. The woman suddenly frowned - not good. "I'm sorry, we're all booked out sir. There are no available rooms."
Harry sighed, "Okay, thank you."
"So sorry."

I laughed and walked over to him, "You really never thought passed the plane did you?" He shook his head with a pitiful laugh. I walked over to the woman, "Hi. Can you just charge another person to my credit card. He'll be staying with me." She smiled and nodded.

I walked back over to Harry and he had a grateful smile on his face, "Thank you."
I smiled, "What? You thought that I was going to let you go to a completely separate hotel after you followed me half way around the world? Don't think so."

The room was quaint just like the rest of the hotel. There was a bed, a pull out couch, a mini fridge, and a TV. It was good for the amount of time that we were going to spend there.

Harry dropped his bags beside the door and took a look around the room, "So I guess you'll be sleeping on the couch then."

I laughed as I strolled over and plopped my bags onto the middle of the double bed, "Good one, Styles." I didn't look back, but heard him laugh in return, as I went to check out the bathroom.
I was smelling the soap when Harry called, "Hey, you want to go for dinner now that you have time?"

I shrugged although he couldn't see me, "Sure, I said I would, didn't I?"

"Yep, you did. So, get ready." He called back.

Harry barely knew to back a jacket, how would he know where to go for dinner? "Where are we going?"

I heard him laugh from inside the room, "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Just get ready."

I just smiled and did as he said. I had a shower, and got ready while Harry had his turn in the shower. I pulled on my black skinny jeans, and a long sleeve, flowing purple top. I put on simple make up and blow dried my hair. Harry had taken his clothes into the bathroom and changed in there.

He came out and smiled at me, "Well, don't you look pretty?"

I smiled, "Why thank you. Now, lets go eat."

Harry apparently, had made some calls while I was in the shower, and had found a restaurant and called a cab. We drove around ten minutes until we got to a small lodge that looked warm and comfortable, with chimney smoke dancing in the air outside, and bright lights shining through the windows. People were talking and laughing and eating through the glass. I wondered how Harry found such a perfect place by chance.

But then I remembered, that it seemed he strived to be a perfectionist. Our hands brushed on the walk inside, and the little touch moved to the forefront of my mind. I wanted to reach out and intertwine our hands, but my sense told me not to.

We walked in, greeted by the sounds of playful conversation, and lighthearted banter. I smiled at the amazing vibe the place was giving off.

"Two." Harry smiled at the waitress.
She nodded with a fake looking grin plastered on her face, and ushered us to a booth towards the back of the room. She took our orders of burgers and fries, and then left us alone. I smiled at Harry, "This place is really nice."

He smiled right back at me, "You think so? It's pretty casual."

I looked around at the laughing faces, "I guess, but, the whole feel it gives off is amazing. Its so light, and warm."
"Like you." He said.

I creased my eyebrows, a bashful smile forming on my face, "I'm not that chipper."

He laughed, "You so are. In all the time that I've known you-"
"-you mean the whole day and a half?"

"You haven't gone even five minutes without smiling or laughing." He finished, completely ignoring my interruption.

I looked down as a blush crept up on my cheeks, "I guess so. I try to be happy, because I feel like sadness is a useless emotion."

"I agree."

I looked around again, and blurted without thinking, "My brother would love a place like this."
"You have a brother?"

I wanted to press a hand to my mouth, but it would only make him ask why I was reluctant to speak about my family. So I just nodded, "Older brother."

"Do you like having an older brother? I don't know how that is cause I don't have one."

I tried to keep the smile up on my face as I said, "It was - It is nice to always have someone there for you. To protect you."

Harry raised his eyebrows, "Oh, so he's protective. How'd he feel about you going on this trip by yourself?"

It was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do, to keep the smile on my face as I said, "He was upset, but he'll get over it." I shook my head to clear the image of my brother's teary eyes from my mind.

Before Harry could ask me anymore difficult questions, the waitress brought our food. Harry looked at the waitress as she set our food down, "Could I have a beer please?" She nodded and Harry turned to me, "Want one?"

I bit my lip and shook my head, "Water, please." How desperately I wanted a beer, though. But, I couldn't mix alcohol with my medicine. They waitress nodded again and left.

"Is it normal for the server to not say word throughout the entire restaurant experience?" Harry chuckled.

I laughed as I realized that the woman hadn't spoken once since we came in. "You know what they say, better for everyone to think you're a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right."

He smiled, "I've actually never heard that one before."

"It's a good one though, isn't it?"

He laughed and nodded. We continued through dinner that way, lighthearted conversation, getting to know each other better. When it came time for the check, I realized I didn't want it to end, I wanted to stay in that booth forever with Harry, eating hamburgers and laughing.

"You want to go for a little walk before we head back to the hotel?" Harry asked as we approached the door.

I nodded, although it would be cold, it would definitely be pleasant. We exited the restaurant and started to walk around the little town we were in. It seemed quite lively, with people walking around, talking and shopping. We pointed at window displays that we liked as we walked, and laughed at a couple arguing in thick kiwi accents.

Harry suddenly pointed to a little park, covered in a think blanket of snow. "You want to make a snowman?"

I grinned and nodded, talking off running towards the park. I heard Harry laughing as he followed behind. We reached the park and I immediately started rolling the bottom part. Harry followed my lead and started rolling the middle.

"C'mon, my grandma can roll faster than that!" I teased as I was almost finished rolling mine, and Harry was no where near done his.

He stood up and shot me a glare. I just stuck my tongue out at him, "Oh, you're going to get it now." And so the snowball fight commenced. Harry won of course.

We managed to finish the half the snowman after half an hour of rolling, with snowball fight intervals. "This is taking forever."

Harry laughed, "I think its finished."

I raised an eyebrow at him, "It doesn't have a head."

"I beg to differ." He said, as he walked around and slightly crouched behind the snowman, placing his head ontop. It was one of the most amusing things I'd seen in a long time.

I burst out into laughter and managed to get out, "Don't move! Don't move!" I pulled out my phone and took two pictures.

Harry chuckled, "Here, you need a picture too."

I followed what he did, but I didn't have to crouch to place my head on top. He took a picture while chuckling. He smiled as he walked over to me, my head still on the snowman. His smile got softer as he grew closer to me. He said as quiet as a whisper, "You're the cutest snowman I ever did see, Avia."

And then he leaned down and kissed me.

My stomach erupted in butterflies for the few, short seconds that his lips lingered, and then a smiled spread across my face when he pulled away. I opened my eyes to see him smiling back at me.

We held hands on the way to the cab, but didn't kiss again for the rest of the night. We kept smiling though, and I wanted to kiss him so badly. But I liked that he didn't try to again, because it wasn't supposed to be happening.

This romance would disappear with New Zealand, but I tried not to think about that, because I'd enjoy it while it lasted.

Before bed, I pulled my list out and crossed off number sixty- five: Have a kiss that makes you smile afterwards.


I was going to post this a little later, but I'm going out of town and I'll be home late so enjoyyyy


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