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The Serial Killer


Bo isn't your every day 17 year old teenager.
At the age of 11, she killed her entire family. After that she found pleasure is the kill.
She killed over 200 people and is far from done. The problem is, Bo isn't very good with people. Big surprise there. But people do seem to like her. maybe it's her appearance or maybe she just acts so sweet and innocent.

She got six rules, rules she can never break.

1. Leave no prints at the crime scene.
2. Don't show you're weakness.
3. Don't get attached to anything or anyone.
4. Find a new city (or country) after killing someone.
5. Don't make unnecessary contact with people
6. Know you're victims, you got to have a reason to kill them.
If by any reason she breaks any of these rules, she's screwed.
She probably gets killed or put to jail.
No one knows that she exist, not the police or government. No one.
They all think she died in the massacre when all of her family died.
Better yet, when she killed all of her family.




serial killer, 17, doesn't have a soul. At least, that's what people seem to think

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

victim 1. Gang leader, 20

Liam Payne/ Liam Styles

Liam Payne/ Liam Styles

victim 4, Harry's long lost brother, 23

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

victim 5. The guy that seemed to pick a fight with the wrong girl, 23

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

victim 2. Drugdealer with his brother, 21

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

victim 3. Serial killer. He's new in the business and irritates Bo, 20


  1. victim 1

  2. victim 1

  3. victim 1

  4. victim 1

  5. victim 1

  6. victim 1

    now it's Harry's turn..

  7. Quick note, please do read...

  8. Victim 2

  9. Victim 2

  10. Victim 2

  11. Victim 2

    WARNING: sex (haha no for real, sex)

  12. victim 2

  13. Victim 2

  14. Victim 2

    it's time for Niall and John

  15. victim 3

    Hello there Zayn

  16. a note, it is about the story and it's important...

    TamTamTam...... (dramatic music)

  17. quick note, i will update two

  18. Victim 3

  19. victim 3

  20. victim 3

  21. Victim 3

  22. victim 3

    "goodbye Zayn Malik"

  23. Victim 4

    "the name is Liam.."

  24. A/N Very important


This is an amazing story! Keep going with it!

➳ Simran ➳

punkrock punkrock

I really liked it, it is different xx :)

I love this story so much!!! Great writing keep it up

@Samantha Is Proud
haha, thank you.
i love that you love this <3
AllAboutYou AllAboutYou
i love it, i think it deserved more viewers but that's just what i think.
i love all of you're story's but this one is by far my fav.

i love you xx