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"Don't talk to the girl, Understand?"

Liam's POV

So i guess i should start off with saying 'Hi', Im Liam Payne and im a ghost.

I havent always been a ghost of course but the only reason i was brought back here was because the Demon lords told me too, It was my duty as a ghost to haunt people nightmares and dreams. Im not what they expet. Im not evil like them or even selfish, i was born into a well mannered family and its kind of stupid saying that now because they are all dead now, every last one of them. I

tryed to fit in the Demon world but its hard too and i should be grateful because they treat me like im family, they are the only family i have left. Not every ghost is like me and there isnt just ghosts that are ruled by the Demon lords.

Also Werewolfs, Goblins, Mummies and even Vampires and Draculas are ruled by these Demon lord. You might think we all get on because we are all dark creatures and we all scare people, but that not always the case. There are rivals. Mummies hate the Goblins because the Goblins are so cheeky that they try to unravel the material to make them disappear, undernearth they are dust.

Werewolfs, Vampires and Draculas dont get on at all becuase they are always fighting for territory or meals, the Vampires and Draculas are not as the same as people think they are. They are completely different to each other and people alway seem to get that wrong?. And well my kind, us ghosts, hate the lot of them. We have just never got on at all, never seemed to fit into the dark side and we have tryed too.

I really hate that Dracula! And if you know who im talking about... Yes that dracula Count Louis Tomlinson, he is a dick and one of the Demon lords son as well but still a dick. He pretends that daddy would be there for him if something bad happens, but i doubt it very much because daddys more intresed many people scream and fear him. I dont think he gives a shit about you at all.

I never used to hate him that much, my first year as a ghost was difficult and Louis' father used to say he would punish me for being a worthless, unscary ghost. Louis stuck up for me and teached me how to be scary, let everyone fear my name and that was until we had a massive fall out, its been going on for the last 100 years and i dont care if he doesnt want to be friends anymore because i have my ghost life to think about.

When the Demon lords called me to there castle today i was frightened, well everyone is if you have been called personal by them because that means you have to die and only sometimes its different but it depends what it is they want you for.

As i was making my way up the castle Niall popped out from behind a sheld, Niall is my ghost friend who died around about the same time that i did and he is a real gentlemen and he is also Irish, me thinks thats why the ladies love him.

"Hey mate where're ya goin'?"

I stopped and shook his hand, he could see in my face i have been called by the Demon lords and he was scared for me, Niall has never been called up personally by the Demon lords before nether has Harry or Zayn so they didnt know how to feel like what i was feeling. His smile dropped into the floor and looked up at the castle that sat on the hill, he looked back at me in a worried way and i just nodded.

"Oh no ... Liam ..."

bursted out crying and he pulled me in for a hug, even Niall knew what it meant to be called. Only just last week we lost another friend of ours that we have known for years and he was called up to them as well, he did nothing though and thats what pissed Niall off the most because he was a nice lad who had friends.

He even had a girlfriend who he adored and his death hurt her like a tonne of bricks, even that day she went up to the castle and told the Demon lords she wanted to die with him and they did.

Everyone knows dark creature cant stand out in sunlight because they would turn to dust, i was up there with Niall and Harry even there parents. They said there last goodbyes to everyone and they stood in a arch drawn on the floor, they was calm about it and if it meant dying together to be together thats what they wanted.

They stood there and waited until one of the lords told the guards to open the curtains to draw the sunlight in, before they even opened them he kissed her in the sweetest way and told her he will always love her, she said the same back to him.

They looked at us three and smiled, then when the comman was said and the curtains opened they gripped onto each other and there parents face was unbelieveable like they didnt know what to do. I heard her voice before she turned to dust and she said 'I love you', he kissed her and then they just gone! The dust was on the floor and the guards shut the curtians again and Harry started crying but not to much for everyone to notice, that was it we lost both of them and people still act like nothing had happen because thats just how it is here.

Niall was really worried about me and i finely stopped crying, he told me to remain calm because it might not be for my death sentence.

"I have to go Niall, they are waiting"

He patted my shoulder and pulled me into another hug, he nodded and i started to walk up to the gates. The guards was there and they just looked at me like dirt, hearing my name in a wicked tone sent shivers down my spine.

"Liam Payne?"

I nodded and they opened the gates for me, i walked past them and i heard them laughing, i just carried on walking up. Then when i got to the door of the castle i knocked it and a girl came to the wooden doors, she wasnt anything like us. She was human. She opened the door and i walked inside, i was really frightened now and i wanted to know how she knew our secrat and i felt rude to ask.

"You wondering why a human girl like me is here, Right?"

I smiled and looked at the ground, how did she knew i was going to say that.

"Its alright you know, i get that alot. Im only here because im Mortus's mother and he wants me here"

Mortus is one of the Demon lords son, in fact there is 6 Demon lords and Mortus is Kandie's son. Kandie is a Werewolf/man lord, but he has ruled for years before i came here and this girl was so young.

"Your Mort's mother? But your so young and Kandies... old".

We got into a lift to take us up to the place floor, she pushed a button and the doors closed. She breathed heavyly.

"Im 38 Liam, i know Kandie can be over the top in his opinons and i know about your friend the other week. You should know how old Mortus is, i was 18 when Kandie found me all alone and i guess he helped me and thats when i found out i was pregnant with Mortus."

The lift was still moving and i needed to asked a question about her.

"Why didnt Kandie change you into a Werewolf?"

She looked at want number we was on and pulled me towards her, she was scared at what she was going to say.

"Kandie did change me shortly after Mort was born, but my blood wouldnt take the change and i felt gravely ill. Kandie couldnt do it again, he didnt want to hurt me and he might seem unhearted and cold but he really is a nice guy. He loves his son and he might by 367 years old, but at heart he is still the age i thought he was when i met him and take it from me if you want to get in his good books dont say 'No' unless you have too".

I toke in everything she said and then the doors opened, we walked out and walked across the corriordor to another wooden door. She looked back at me and nodded to see if i was ready, i nodded back to her. She pushed the doors open and they landed on the wall with a bang, she lead the way and i followed. I looked up to the chairs that was on a platform and saw all 6 of them including Mortus and of course Louis, he was always the nosy type.

She walked up to the stand and Kandie got off his seat and walked down the steps towards her, the guards stopped me on a certian stop and i watched how she meant Kandie loved her. He kissed her and wrapped his arms around her, i heard her giggle and then i heard Mortus's voice.

"Honsestly father, not here please. How embrassing."

Louis looked at him and giggled, he was standing behind his fathers chair. All the sons was behind there fathers chair, it was like respect. Kandie looked at Mortus and shook his head, he kissed her again and she went back across the hall and passed me. She nodded and i nodded back.

When she was gone Kandie sat down again and looked at the other lords, then Count Felis got up. He was Louis' father and he knew me because of Louis.

"Well, well, well. Nice to see you agian Liam"

I answered him back because it was a greeting.

"Likewise M'lord, Why do you bring me here on this fine day?"

Felis looked at Damian who was the lord of the Goblins, but he wasnt ugly like the other ones down in town.

"Well Liam seen as you have been here for a long time we have desided that it was time that you played your part as a ciztern, monster, dark creature."

I looked at him confused, i honsestly didnt know what he was on about. With the things he said about my friend the other week was completely different to what he just said to me and i looked at Louis, he just shugged his shoulders. He always was the sassy one. I guess he didnt know his fathers plans at all, that was alright i guess. I tryed to get my head around what he just said until Gruis the Mummie lord explained even in more detail.

"What we are saying here Liam, we think its time for you to go out into the world."

They was going to let me go, let me leave this place. Let me get away from here for good and never come back. But i seen it was the wrong idea. Damian then said in his evil voice.

"We have found somebody who is very frightened and scared of everything. She is a 14 year old girl, comes from a very high ranking family and has the prefect house to haunt. Its big and spaceus."

They want me to haunt a 14 year old girl who might have braces and looked ugly, they want me to shit up a girl even more until she goes mental. What the fuck is wrong with them? But i know i cant say 'No' to them, i have to remember Kandies wifes words to get on there good books.

I nodded and agreed to the misson they had set me, Gruis sent me away to go and pack for this journey. I was about to leave when Felis called me, i turned around to face him.

"Dont talk to the girl, Understand?"

How was i going to scare her if i couldnt talk to her?.

"I mean it Liam, Any funny business, any at all. You will suffer more then her. You keep your feelings and hands off her."

I nodded me head.

"Yes M'lords"

After that i was aloud to go, i walked back down to the lift and waited until it open. Once it was open i stepped in and pressed for the bottom floor, it shut and went down.

Felis Pov

I dont trust him at all, I turned to face my only son and called him to me. He came down and the steps,

"Yes father"

I turned to face him and put my hand on his shoulder.

"I dont trust him Louis, Keep an eye on him for me."

Louis nodded and followed him on, i just wish he does become the next lord after me. He will make a great leader for the Draculas and he will be the most excellent husband a women could have.


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So love the plot? How do you feel about Liam? What about Louis' reaction to seeing him again? Kandies wife is a human?

Thanx for reading


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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It should be on PC