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A soul for a life

It was dark. They couldnt see. Then a mass of bright light reflected off there eyes like diamonds, Louis' blood red eyes still stuck out from the white mist and remained that way. Isla was still crying and she looked around at everyone, then she heard Liams voice in the hallway.

"Get off me! Frozen bastard!"

Isla turned her head towards the door and then Liam came bursting through the hall door with a BANG! And Isla's eyes wided. Liam was pushed by 2 dracula guards and they were violence with him, pulling him like a doll. Liam looked and they was Isla on the floor, crying with her hands tied behind her back.


The guards pushed Liam on the floor and he crawled on his knees to Isla, with there hands tied behind there back it was impossible to cling to each other for support but instead Liam leaned in for a kiss. A kiss of love, a kiss of support, a kiss of i will always be there.

Liam looked up at the Kings, they stand on there thrones in slience not daring to say anything because it was there kind. This matter was between the King of ghosts and Felis, but Isla never knew there was another world beond hers and was terrified to death. Just then Felis came in and should by his chair looking down at them, Isla looked around and saw no Louis. She looked at Liam with sad eyes and Liam saw Louis wasnt here.

"Wheres Louis?"

Liam said trying to keep his life and Isla's safe, Felis chuckled sightly and sat down looking at his wife who was at his side. Louisa couldnt think that Louis would do this and then when she saw Isla she noticed that she looked like the girl that the Giyle said.

The Giyle was a future telling and years ago Louisa went to see what would happen in her childrens lifes and she saw Isla, Liam in Louis' arms, embracing each other. But little did she knew that one day it would come true.

"You dont have to know where Louis is, but thank god he is away from you"

Felis said in angry voice staring at Liam.

"You got him in this mess. You knew he was going to get married!"

Isla's eyes wided and she looked at Liam, she never knew anything about this. They never told her and Louis was going to be a married man, she helpped him cheat on his future wife and thats what makes her sick to the stomach. Felis saw Isla's face and he could tell that she never knew, he walked towards her and bended down to her level.

"You never knew did you?"

Isla shook her head and started crying in sow, Felis looked at Liam and he was getting mad at Felis for telling her.

"Ah! Poor girl. You thought you had something speical with them didnt you? Dont worry at least one will suffer."

Liam then shounted back at Isla.

"Listen Ice, Louis doesnt love her. Its you he wants, he told me that he dont want to lose you!"

Felis looked at Liam and got up walking towards him, staring down at him.

"Louis told you that!?"

Liam nodded and looked back at the crying Isla on the floor, she couldnt believe it.

The two people she loved risked themselfs for her.


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Oh! Liam told the truth and Isla dont like it. Will the ruin there love?


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC