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Kings of Queens

Liam POV

It was beautiful. Lying next to her and feeling her warm soft skin, the blood that runs through her veins which Louis so much craved. Her naked body pressed against us, her ass against Louis and her front against me.

I wrapped my arms around Isla and found Louis' hand on her waist, i joined him by landing my hand on top of his. Louis moved to the touch and then half of his eye opened to greet mine, them baby blue eyes glared at me and then a cheeky smile came on his face, that white smile that felt like heavan.

I just hope nothing will break this moment.


To Liam this was his glory, the place to be if he was to die again. Little did he knew that even though he loved Louis he cared alot about Isla, he loved her as well, maybe a bit more then Louis and that was fine to him.

Over in Jensaona where Louis' family castle is they was expecting someone to arrive, with Louis away this person has to wait until he came back. King Felis was waiting out in the courtyard with his wife, 4 daughters and 3 grand-daughters.

Then the sound of horses glapping and the people cheering loudly, the black carriage came through the gate and the dark horses went around so the door of the carriage was by the steps.

Then it came to a stop, a lone man came out he was dressed in the finest things that money could buy and he stood very proud. Then he looked at King Felis and smiled at him, reaching for his hand.

"Felis, Good to see you"

Felis shook it and looked at his wife, she didnt agreed with her husband but what could she say against the King? This is her only sons life that he will ruin.

"Good to see you too Henis"

Then Henis looked behind and looked at the figure that was his daughter Lady Eleanor Calder. She was dressed in a black silk dress, red ribbion around the waist and her hair was light brown with waves flowing through it. Felis couldnt understand why Louis doesnt like her, she is everything to be for a future queen, good for the role of maybe a wife, mother, partner for life.

But little did Felis know that his son was really cheating on Eleanor with a human, not only has he kissed the human but also bite.

The law that all Draculas and Vampires follow is that when you have just been married instead of 'You may kiss the bride' it changed to 'You may bite the bride' the reason being is that the 'bite' off a male vampire is seen as a lovebite, something that shows alot of passion and has more reason then the words 'I love you', Its stronger and powerful and this is why Felis cant find out about Isla and that bite.

Until his grand-daughter Felicia tells him what is happening with Louis and about Isla.....


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OMG! Felicia tells her grandfather who is King Felis that Louis is cheating on Eleanor with Isla and that Liam is in this as well. :O

Thoughts? Feelings? Will Isla and Liam die? Which one will get the blame?

Quick question..

Are you Team LouLa? Team LiLa? Or Team LoLiLas?


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC