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Liam POV

Ok this is weird, Louis toke Isla out so she could watch him hunt and keep an eye on everything. But the trouble is they have been gone to long, over an hour somewhere and its starting to freak me out i dont know where they have gone or what Louis has done to her.

I just hope she is safe, thats the main thing.

Isla POV

Louis' eyes was deep red still, but i could feel my own life drift away into a cloud. Im worried when will he stop this? When will he notice its me he is draining? I dont want to die, not yet at least. But dying in the arms of somebody i love seems like a good way to go, my body was numb and pale like ice.

I couldnt feel my shoulder anymore it was gone and i felt my arm tingle, i could feel the blood coming out of different body parts to his mouth, now and again he would bite hard but then i would cry out and he would stop pressing down to hard.

But that wouldnt make him stop completely and for that i was scared, frightened and i wanted Liam to stop him but he was a mile away and wouldnt hear me. I found out the only way was to scream out for him, think of him, call his name and maybe he would hear me plea. I toke a deep breath and screamed as loud as i could.


Liam POV

I fell asleep in the end leaning against the wardrobe door inside, then i heard my name.


I must be dreaming or something because for a momemt that sounded like..


Isla? Isla!?! Oh god she needs me. I quickly ran down the stairs and went out through the back door in the garden, i looked around and listened again.


It came from the forrest, what has Louis done now? I ran up the hill into the densty of the forrest, once i was in there i shouted for them.


Nothing. What the hell is Louis playing at? And then i heard a cry, i saw Isla's feet and then Louis' back. He was draining her! I knew this is what he was going to do. I quickly went over and tryed to pull Louis of her but his teeth was sunk in too deep, i cant lose her, she can not die like this.

She was crying and Louis was blanked out, forgetting what he was doing his Dracula-like instincts kicked in and made him forget about her.

"Louis? Louis listen mate, you have got to stop this. Your gonna kill her."

Louis couldnt hear but maybe he could hear it from her, she plead with him.

"Loubear please stop this.. Your hurting me now, i cant feel my shoulder Lou. Stop it.. Stop it..."



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Would Louis stop? Did he listen to Isla's plea or will he just kill her?


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

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It should be on PC