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"Never ask why"

Louis's POV

Why did she never told us? I mean yes i know i can be freaking when mad, i have a temper like my father but i cant help but to be mad at her. I want the best for her and she stabs me in the back by going behind it, Isla drives me crazy and thats what i like about her.

She is this bright, blubby and hot girl which just turned up in my life and then all the sudden im shagging her. How did i get like this? I was brought up to hate humans, to scare them, to haunt them. I frighten little kids to sleep at night, they fear my name everytime they hear it.

But why wont Isla?.

That girl is not afrad of anything, earlier when i had her pinned down i felt run through my veins to bite her, i mean why didnt i? When im angry i do bite but she had this look in her eyes which made me stop and think about her.

I was right what i said earlier, 'You drive me crazy' and she does i cant get enough of her. The sex is UNbelieveable and the kisses are passionate and sweet, her body is fresh to kill on the spot.

And as for Liam.. I never thought i would be one day have him shag me up the ass and hear him whisper sweet nothings down my ear, i never thought he loved me that much or ever cared.

We are both risking our heads for this girl who we met 3 days ago and we are doing everything that most people dont do in a months like fuck, kiss, hug, fight.

We are doing everything.

I dont know how im going to explain this to dad, im fucking a human and getting shagged by a ghost.


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OMG! I cant believe u guys love this story, this just happened in one night. Just a dream i had, oh my life i love you guys so much thanks for giving me this spotlight its amazing.


Grammar and spelling are NECCISSARY.

Thank you ;-) ;-)


I really like this story

Hello1Dkitty Hello1Dkitty
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@Sami's Babe Phillip
It should be on PC