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One Thing

"I used to think that I was better alone. Why did I ever want to let you go? Under the moonlight as we stare at the sea. The words you whispered I will always believe." A woman's cell phone sang.

Jules was now clothed in a plain black long sleeved shirt, black skinny jeans, and regular black high tops. There were three outfits in the emergency bag and she decided to pick this outfit.

It was September 4th and she was now checked out of the hospital. She was sitting on a chair in the hospital waiting room, waiting for Paul. The doctor had given her crutches to help with her walking. She also had an emergency bag.

It was 9:32 am and she's been waiting for about five minutes. She yawned. She didn't get much sleep since the argument she had with Sierra. Well, Jules hoped it was just an argument. She loved Sierra and she knew Sierra loved her back, but everything she said didn't make since. Was it how she really felt?

Jules shook her head, wanting to get rid of the thought of Sierra. She didn't want to think of her right now. She could have gone to London with Jules and could have seen Liam and the rest of One Direction.

Speaking of One Direction, she had become nervous. She didn't really know about them. She never looked them up or learned about their likes and dislikes. What if they didn't like her? She knew their names and faces. She did have a particular favorite though. It was Zayn Malik.

He was amazingly beautiful. Once Jules saw his face on the news, she gaped. He was exquisite. She once had the thought of meeting him, but she thought it was crazy. She let that thought leave her head. When she heard him sing, it was as if Angels were being called down from heaven.

She was so lost in thought about Zayn and Sierra; she didn't even notice someone was tapping her shoulder saying Miss. She was tired of people calling her Miss. It was Jules. Not Miss.

She looked up to see a man in his mid-thirties. He had gray eyes and dark brown hair. He smiled at Jules. He held a sign right to her face. It read 'Juliet Davids'. He raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to answer. She nodded slowly. His smile had gotten bigger.

"Hello, I'm Paul Higgins. I'm the tour manager and body guard of One Direction. Liam sent me to pick you up. Correct?" His Irish accent spoke. She nodded again. "Good. Shall we?"

Jules nodded. She stood up from the chair and stretched her arms. Paul picked up the blue and white emergency bag. Jules didn't know what to say besides nod. They exited the hospital and walked to Paul's black Bently. Jules gaped at the car.

"You like it? It's not mine. It's Zayn's. You know Zayn Malik? He's one of the members of One Direction, but I think you already know that." Paul smirked opening the passenger door for Jules. She nodded a thank you and entered the car.

Jules couldn't help but start fan girling mentally. Even if she wasn't that much of a 'directioner' or a fan, she did like Zayn. Not that she didn't like the other boys, but Zayn was just her favorite.

Paul entered the car. They closed their doors and strapped their seatbelts on. Paul began to drive to the nearest airport. The car was silent and awkward throughout the drive. Paul decided to break the ice.

"You don't talk much, do you?" He said. Jules turned her head to Paul with a blank expression. "Are you mute or..."

"I do talk. I just don't talk much around new people until I get to know them better." She whispered, turning her head back to the window. She saw airplanes shoot through the sky. They were near the airport.

"Oh, so you're shy?" Paul said, turning the car to the next street. It was the street that led to Adkins Airport.

"I guess you can say that." She mumbled, still staring out the window.

"Well trust me. You won't be shy around me any longer. I hang out with the lads a lot. They're fun guys. Especially Louis. He's a real joker, ya know." She shook her head. "Well you'll know once you meet him."

They pulled up into the airport where other cars were dropping off or picking up. Paul parked the car and Jules and him got out. Soon a valet attendant basically ran to Paul's car. Paul and the attendant talked and Paul left him, not without giving him his car keys. Jules pulled out her duffle bag and Paul slipped on a pair of tinted glasses.

As they walked into the hospital, Paul spoke up.

"So, I know one thing about you. You're shy. Mind telling me more about you on the plane?" They walked up to where the police are, checking the bags through a metal detector.

Paul seemed like a nice guy. So were Ian, Sierra, and that nurse Matt. He didn't seem like that nice though. She could trust him, but it would take some time. All she did was nod. Like she always does to Paul so far.


Boom another chapter! This is the sixth chapter and she hasn't seen 1D yet. I promise I'll introduce the boys tomorrow, if I will update. I think I will in the morning. It will be my Christmas present to you!


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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Your arms broke! Omg, are u okay? - xx Tenzin(:

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