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Another World

"Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy, till we see the sun. I know we only met, but let's pretend its love." Paul sang softly to himself, the song has been non-stop in his mind. Thanks to Niall.

Jules and Paul had been on the plane for seven hours, about to land. They've gotten to know each other during the ride. She could see him as a friend, but it would take a little more time for her to open up to him. Paul was fine with that.

Jules looked out the window and saw night was out. She thought it would be 4:00 or 5:00 pm. Paul explained to her there was a time difference. London was five hours ahead of New York City.

The plane landed and passengers were exiting with the help of flight attendants. Paul was out of his seat first since he had the seat by the aisle. Jules wanted the window seat to look out the window of course.

Paul lowered his hand for Jules to take. She gladly took his hand and he pulled her up. Paul took her duffel bag off the shelf and handed it to her to carry. She took the bag. They walked down the aisle, towards the door. They exited the plane. As soon as they did, Jules instantly shivered at the coldness. The long sleeve wasn't good enough. She needed a jacket. Paul noticed her shivering; he shrugged his olive green jacket and placed it on Jules.

"Thanks Paul." She said, full voice. Paul smiled, knowing she was getting there to trusting Paul. He ruffled her hair and placed an arm around her.

As they came into the airport, a couple of men with cameras rushed to them. Paul stepped in front of Jules as they walked. Once they came to Paul, they shouted out random questions.

"Paul, Paul, Paul is this your daughter?! Is she going to see One Direction?! What's her name?! Are you cheating on your wife with her?! Did you ride on the plan with her?!"

Jules was confused on what was going on. Who were these people? She then heard Paul whisper to her that they were paparazzi. What did they want with Jules and Paul? How did they know Paul?

Paul made sure she was covered and tried to make sure there was no pictures being taken of her. Liam would be angry if he had found out that the paparazzi had practically attacked Jules.

They made it out of the airport, still having paparazzi on their tale and a few fans too now. Some did know Paul and thought he was as famous as One Direction because he was their tour manager, bodyguard, and some fans read those damn fanfiction about one of the lads and him being in them.

Paul opened the door to Zayn's black Bently, which was parked right outside. The doors were unlocked because of the valet attendant who was driving it. It was the same attendant Paul had spoken to in New York.

Paul closed the door behind her and rushed to the driver sear. He entered the car, only to see the paparazzi taking pictures of Jules through the window.

"Damn you Zayn for not having tinted windows." Paul muttered to himself. He gently grabbed the back of her head, catching Jules by surprise, and, pushed her head down lightly.

"Paul what are you doing?" She said annoyed. He ignored her and closed the driver seat's door. He took off driving, thankful the paparazzi didn't stand in the front of the car like they did with Niall and Louis.

"Why were they there? How did they know you?" Jules asked, as she lifted her head up to see both of Paul's hands on the steering wheel, driving.

"Well, I am the tour manager and famous knowing bodyguard of One Direction. How could you not know me?" He smirked.

The paparazzi didn't really bother her. They were a bit annoying with the shouting questions though. Would she see those pictures they took of her? She hoped not. She didn't want her parents to know she was in London.

Liam rushed around the hotel, trying to clean the lads mess. Garbage, clothes, video games, and food was all over the place. He was trying to clean before Jules and Sierra got here.

The lads were not helping at all! Zayn and Louis were playing Mario Cart while eating pizza, Niall was giving guitar lessons on Twitcam, and Harry was talking to his girlfriend, Taylor Swift on the couch.

Once he told the lads about his friends coming to stay with them, they were happy to meet the girls. They were just too lazy to help with anything. Louis did help pamper the couches, but stopped after he saw Harry eating his carrot. Harry ended up with a carrot up his nose.

Liam picked up the clothes in each of the boys rooms. Harry's room was a pig's pen, but Liam managed to clean it up in ten minutes. He moved on to Niall's room. His room wasn't as messy, only took him five minutes to clean and he said hi to his fans while cleaning. Zayn and Liam shared a room together and Liam cleaned it right after he was done talking to Jules on his cell phone. Louis room was barely messy. It only took Liam a couple of seconds.

He cleaned and vacuum the rest of the hotel room the lads and him have rented for their stay. Soon he heard a knock on the hotel room door. Liam froze. It was Jules and Paul. It had to be. The lads weren't expecting anyone.

The lads were dressed, except for Liam. He squeaked. He was only in a white V-neck and gray sweats. He was too busy cleaning that he had forgotten he had to get dressed too. He ran over to Harry, who was done talking on the phone with.

"Hazza!" Liam whispered. He didn't want Jules to hear him. Harry looked up at Liam. "Could you keep Jules busy? She's at the door with Paul. They're still outside and I'm not ready."

"Of course, Liam. I'll round up the guys. You get Niall on the way to you and Zayn's room." Harry said.

Liam gave him a grateful look and ran to Niall's room to get him.

Paul and Jules had waited outside the hotel room door for about five minutes. Were they home? She was about to ask Paul if they were home, until a curly haired a boy opened the door with a cheeky smile revealing two dimples.

"Hi, you must be Juliet. I'm Harry. One of Liam's band mate and best mate. Please won't you come in? Thanks Paul, wanna come in?" The Harry boy asked. She then realized this was Harry Styles. Sierra's favorite.

"No thanks Harry. I better be going now. Clodagh (Pauly's wife) needs me at home." With that Paul left, not without giving Jules a hug.

Harry opened the door wide for her. She entered the door and looked around the hotel room. It was really clean, which was weird because Liam was kind of a slob before he entered the X-Factor.

Once she entered the room, there were three handsome lads. One had dark brown hair with beautiful blue eyes. He was wearing a striped blue and white shirt, red skinny jeans, and red toms. One had blond hair but his roots were brown. Jules was thinking that he might have dyed it blond. His eyes were blond and he had a really cute face. He was wearing a green and white shirt saying 'I'm Irish and I'm Proud'; Jules was guessing he was Irish. He was wearing dark blue jeans and dark blue Supras. The last one caught her eye the most. His looks could take you to another world.

He had brown spikes up hair with a blond streak. His eyes were a chocolate color and she couldn't tear away. He had a nice tan going for him. He had facial hair, but it wasn't a beard really. His eyelashes were extremely long and thick. He was wearing a blue and white Jack Wills hoodie, dark blue skinny jeans and black converse. She recognized this man.

It was Zayn Malik.




Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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