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Change My Mind

"If I let you know, I'm here for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh." Max sang as he entered Jules room. He saw that she had fallen asleep with his iPhone in her hand. He smiled slightly and walked to the girl's bed.

Once he was there, he looked down at the girl. She was a beauty. He pushed loose strands of hair away from her face. He moved his hand to her small hand, going to retrieve his cell phone. He slipped his hand into hers, pulling the cell phone out. She twitched and moved on her side. It must have been hard, trying not to hurt her foot even if she was sleeping she was smart.

He put his iPhone in his back pocket of his denim blue jeans. He walked back to the door, not without looking back at the beauty. He flicked the light switch, turning the room pitch black. He closed the door quietly. It was time for him to go home.


Jules woke up, a weary. She knew she should have gone to sleep early. She couldn't though because her mind was debating, but now she was satisfied. She had talked to her best friend after three years and felt nice to know that Liam missed her as much as she missed him. Jules had to tell Sierra that she was going to live with One Direction, maybe she'll want to come too.

There was a knock on the door and came in a nurse rolling in a tray of food. The tray contained fruit salad, orange juice, and a plastic small cup contained with vegetables. It was the perfect breakfast for Jules except there was no bacon, which mad her frown.

"Good morning Miss. Davids. Here is your breakfast. Miss. Latern is waiting outside in the waiting room. Would you like to see her?" The kind nurse asked. Jules nodded.

The nurse rolled the cart with the tray and food over to Jules. She parked the cart on the side of the bed for Jules to eat. The nurse then left to get Sierra and only Sierra. She hoped it was only Sierra and no Ian.

Jules scooted closer to the cart, trying not to hurt her foot. They didn't give her a sling, which was supposed to hang your foot. She didn't think it was needed. She liked to move in bed. She didn't care if she could hurt her foot.

She took the fork by the salad and stuck in the salad. She placed the top of the fork in her mouth, tasting the delectable fruit. Her mouth almost watered. She thought hospital food was gross, but it wasn't since it was fruit, juice, and vegetables.

The door opened again. Sierra walked in wearing a plain blue jumper and dark blue skinny jeans. She wore her favorite black flats. Theose clothes must have come from Sierra's emergency bag because Jules hasn't seen those flats in forever. Speaking of emergency bags, Sierra had a blue and white duffel bag. Jules guessed it was her own emergency bag.

"Hey love. How you feeling?" Sierra said, pulling up the chair from against the wall to across the cart where Jules was.

"Fine, I guess. Did you spend the night at Ian's?" Jules asked, eating a carrot from the vegetable cup.

Sierra took a strawberry from Jules fruit salad, "Yup. He's so sweet. I think I'm falling hard for him. No has ever been this nice to me besides you and...Liam. It was kind of him to let us stay at his."

This was the time when Jules was going to tell her about the Liam call and the bad vibe coming from Ian. She wasn't going to tell her about the kiss, not after Sierra told her she was falling hard for Ian.

"Speaking of Liam...I called him a couple hours ago. He answered." She told Sierra slowly. Sierra's eyes almost popped out of her sockets. Sierra nodded her head for Jules to continue. "I told him what happened and he said it was okay if we could live with him and the rest of One Direction for a couple of months."

Sierra stood up angrily. She crossed her arms, "Why the hell would you do that? We have a place to stay at. You remember Ian. We were talking about him like ten seconds ago."

"I know, I know. I change my mind. I don't wanna stay with Ian. He gives me a bad vibe. He used to be nice, but there's something evil about him now. I don't know what. I don't know how to explain it." Jules sighed.

"So, you're just going to leave me and stay with Liam?" Sierra narrowed her eyes at Jules. Jules frowned, trying to look somewhere else than Sierra's angry, hurtful, eyes.

"Of course not! We're both going!"

"Well, I don't want to! You can go back to the guy who hurt us. Who made you- wait a minute I know what this is about. You're jealous of me." Sierra smirked. "I've always known. I am better looking than you. Smarter, prettier, athletic, musical, and a good cook. What are you good at? Huh? Drawing pictures that could never get you into a museum. You are pathetic." With that Sierra stormed out dropping Jules emergency bag.

Jules let tears fall from her eyes. She was trembling. How could someone she has known since they were eleven say those awful things? Has she been thinking those awful things since they were little? Is that how she really thought? Was Jules truly jealous?

Suddenly not hungry, she turned on the other side of the bed. She ignored the pain that shot through out her foot. She let the tears fall onto the pillow.

She just wanted to go to London and see Liam. It's all she wanted. She wanted to leave this pain Sierra had left her. She had thought Sierra was her friend. She guessed not. Jules had warned her about Ian. It was her loss.


I am starting to hate Sierra :( I was on youtube and I saw this adorable video you just have to see about Niall and Zayn. Please search 'Zayn and Niall radio' the first one! I might not be able to update this week but I'll probably update sometime in the week.


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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Your arms broke! Omg, are u okay? - xx Tenzin(:

author of: Loving Blissfully<3
update pleeease!