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Only Girl

"They don't know the things we do. They don't know about the I love you's. But I bet you if they only knew..." Someone sang outside Jules hospital room.

Jules couldn't sleep. It was 2:00 am or at least that's what it said on the clock above the door frame. She was still torn on whether to make a call to an old friend or stay at creepy Ian's place. Just thinking of him scared her. She didn't want to stay with him or her old friend. They haven't talked in years, how would he feel when she called?

Amy, his mother, gave Jules his number last month. She thought he had probably changed it. It was worth a try. She had the number memorized. She would stare at the sticky note for hours, wondering if she should call. Now it was time.

With her luck, a different nurse came in. A male nurse to be exact. He was tall and had caramel skin. When he saw Jules, he gave her a questioning look.

"Shouldn't you be asleep Miss. Davids?" He placed his hands on his hips. Jules let a blush cross her cheeks.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I couldn't sleep..." She trailed off, not knowing his name. He caught on and said his name was Max. "I couldn't sleep, Max. What are you still doing here at this late hour?"

"Well, I'm checking in on patients. Making sure everything is okay and secured. I passed your door and saw that your light was on. Now, tell me why you are up, sweetheart?" He gave her a kind smile.

Jules thought about it. Should she actually do it? What if he said no? Jules would surely be embarrassed, but it beat living with Mr. Creepy. She was going to call him.

"I wanted to call someone." He gave shook his head. "Please! I need to speak with an old friend. I promise I won't tell Doctor Reed or your boss. Please?" She pleaded. It wasn't that she just needed a place. She wanted to hear his sweet voice.

Max looked into her hazel eyes. They were more of a brown really, but that didn't really mind. Her eyes soon turned into puppy dog eyes. He was really confused. Should he let her use his cell phone? He could get in trouble. What if she was a criminal, needing to call her partner in crime? She couldn't though. She looked to innocent. Too pure...

Max sighed. He reached into his back pocket, pulling out his iPhone. He undid the password for the girl in the white bed. He bent down to reach to her level and handed her his phone. She gave him a thankful look and took the cell phone from him. Before he could unbend his, she kissed his caramel cheek.

The gesture made him blush a bit. No girl had shown him this kind of affection. Well, no girl or woman had ever shown him any affection. He was only twenty-one, a nurse in training. He deserved a woman's touch or affection. Max knew he shouldn't make the gesture more than it seemed. He couldn't help it.

"Do you mind if you can leave the room. I have not talked to him a long time." She hoped he understood. He nodded and walked out of the room. She smiled and stared down at the iPhone.

She was really doing this. She was about to call him. After three years of no contact. She was about to call the one and only Liam Payne.

She dialed the numbers with trembling fingers. Once she finished dialing the number. She stared down at the green phone button. She gulped, pressed the button, and the phone started to hum.

While the cell phone was ringing Liam, she started to think of what she would say. She should of thought about this before. I can't just say 'Hey Liam it's been three years and you haven't contacted me, but I was wondering if I can stay with you for a few months until I have enough money to find an apartment since mine was caught on fire. She thought.

"Hello?" An all too familiar voice said as if the owner of the voice had just woken up. She froze. She knew the voice. It was Liam's.

She didn't expect him to answer. Heck, she didn't expect that this was even his real number! She was too stunned to speak. Liam said hello again and she decided it was time to speak.

"Hello Liam." Her voice wasn't steady. She gulped again, trying to swallow the nervousness.

Liam didn't have to ask who it was. He knew exactly who it was. He shot up from lying down on the mattress he was sleeping on. His annoying phone went off from an unknown number. It was his beloved Juliet.

"Juliet? Is that you?" He spoke. He had suddenly become nervous. Why had she called him? They haven't spoken in three years. It was because of the fame.

Right after the lads, as in himself, Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, found out they were being signed a recored deal from thee Simon Cowell, they went partying. Liam had forgotten about Jules and Sierra back home.

He had changed his number, afraid a fan would find out his number and also others. Simon told the lads that fans would do absolute anything to meet them, even trying to get his number.

He stopped Skyping his family and friends in London. Ever since recording came along, he had become too tired to socialize. The only thing he would mingle at would be at an award show.

He hadn't talked to the girls in so long he forgot about them. Whenever the lads went to London they would visit their families, except for Niall since his family lives in Ireland. It was so nice to hear his Jules.

He hadn't realized how much he missed her. Tears threatened to spill, but he wouldn't want to wake up the boys with his sobbing. They were currently in London. The band and him released their new album 'Take Me Home' and finished interviews and performances for now. They were taking a five month vacation. He could visit Jules and Sierra!

"It's me Liam. I need to talk to you." Jules smiled. She was happy to hear Liam's voice.

"Oh my god! Jules, I can't believe it's you. We do need to talk about so much. I'm so sorry I never contacted you after the X-Factor.. Stupid fame got to me, but that doesn't matter right now. Gosh, how are you? I'm in London. Do you still live with your parents? We should hang out and you can meet the lads! They're a lot of-" Liam was cut off from his rambol by Jules.

"Liam, I live in New York City. You know, in the states. Sierra and me moved out of our parents house awhile ago. The flat building we lived in was on fire and Sierra-"

"Seriously! Are you girls hurt? If you are-"

"Liam, please let me finish. We're fine. I just hurt my foot a little and I'm at the hospital. Anyway, Sierra's new boyfriend offered to take us in. I don't want to though. He gives me a bad vibe. I also don't want to move back in with my parents. They'll just tell me they were right that I couldn't survive without 'em. I was wondering if I could move in with you? It's temporary though. I'll find a job, earn enough money and find my own place. Maybe five months top. Please?" She explained everything.

Liam wanted to jump with joy. He was getting his best friend back! It was the perfect timing too, since they just got on break and five months is when break is over. She'll find her own place by then. Liam didn't mind giving her money, but he knew Jules.

She hated being treated like a charity case. She wanted to prove that she could do anything by herself. She was a stubborn lass, but that was what Liam loved about her. He valued their friendship. Also it gives them time to catch up.

"Of course! I'm on break with my band mates. We're staying in a hotel. I'll let my bodyguard, Paul, come get you and sit with you on the plane ride. He'll meet you at the hospitial when it's time for you to leave. Speaking of that, I hope you are alright and when do you get released?"

"September 4th. St. Martins hospitial in Brooklyn, NYC. I'm so thankful Liam. I love you." She let a huge grin come onto her lips.

Liam's grin was bigger though, "I love you too, Jules. It was nice talking to you."

"And to you too Liam."

They hung up. They stared at the ceiling. They were happy and Liam was going to see the only girl who made him feel special.


Here is this chapter for you! I wanted to let you know and I think it's obvious too, that I am naming songs from Up All Night, Take Me Home, and their X-Factor performances as the chapter names. They sang a song called Only Girl...so yea lol.


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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