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Jules eyes fluttered open as she gained consciousness. She looked up to see a white ceiling she turned her head slightly to catch a glimpse at the right wall. It was white with a small window. She lifted herself only, to wince. She looked down and saw her foot was wrapped in tan gauze.

She saw the door open. A man, no older than thirty, entered. He was wearing a white coat with dark jeans. He looked down at the clipboard he had with him. He was in patient Juliet Erin Davids room.

He smiled once he saw the young beautiful girl in the white bed. Her eyebrows furled as to what happened, last night. All she heard was someone familiar scream and she passed out soon after.

"I'm assuming you're Juliet Davids?" His kind voice almost brought a smile to her face. His voice was the same kind as Ian.

Just bringing up his name made her shiver with disgust. She didn't want to think about him right now. It wasn't so much of a big deal. It was a harmless kiss, but the threat got to her. She knew she couldn't tell anyone.

Jules nodded. She was always shy around people. She hated it. She felt like a child. That was the reason she left her parent's house. They treated her like a child. She wanted to show them she wasn't. So, Sierra and her moved out.

"Excuse me sir." He looked up from his clipboard. "Where is Sierra Latern?"

"Oh, the light brown haired woman with the hazel eyes, who threatened me that if I didn't take care of you well, she'll make sure I won't be able to help reproduce." He raised an eyebrow jokingly. Jules almost had to cover her mouth as she was about to let a big laugh out. Sierra was always protective of Jules.

"I'm sorry about her behavior. Now, can you please tell me why I'm here and what happened to my foot?" Jules gestured to her foot. The man cleared his throat.

"Well, I'm Doctor Clay Reed. There was a fire at the Dalion building on Crocker Farwell Street. The fire was caused by a man who fell asleep with his lit cigarette, which had fallen onto the carpeted floor, which is flammable of course. Your foot had gotten caught in the fire. The fire burned mostly below your big toe, it was blistering and we've treated the blisters and the blood. You had a second degree burn, but it wasn't as serious. You'll be here for two days and your foot will heal in two weeks. Everyone in the building was fine, just a little hurt." Doctor Reed explained.

Jules understood the doctor, but she grew sad. She didn't have a place to stay, neither did Sierra. Where will they say? She didn't want to go to her parent's house. They would just tell her they told her so.

Another thing was that the doctor had told her the fire had started from a cigarette. She was sure the fire had started from the spaghetti. She saw the fire surrounding the steaming red pot. She decided to let it go.

"You're allowed to have visitors. I'll go get your friend." Doctor Reed said. He left the room and suddenly Sierra was in the room.

"Jules!" She ran up to her friend and held her tight. It was nice to have each other in their arms. "I'm so glad you're okay! I came rushing home once I heard. You had me and Ian worried!"

Jules froze when she brought up the revolting boy. The revolting boy walked in with a slide smirk. Sierra was too busy babying Jules to notice. He crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame.

"Good thing we had the emergency bag. I told you it would come in good use!" Sierra hit Jules arm playfully. Jules had to admit it was a good idea.

Sierra was scared something bad would happen and packed two bags. One for each of the girls. It carried clothing and a hundred dollars. Jules thought it was a stupid idea, but now seeing the situation they were in, it was a good idea.

"Okay, okay. It was a good idea, but where are we going to live?" Jules asked softly. Her mouth was dry and she desperately wanted a glass of water.

Sierra beamed, "Omg! You're not going to believe this! Ian asked me to be his girlfriend and said it was alright to stay at his place."

Ian moved over where the girls were. He placed around Sierra and kissed her temple, looking at Jules the whole time. Jules gulped.

She didn't want to live in the same home with him. She didn't like him anymore. She didn't want to even look at him. It wasn't because of the kiss, well sort of the kiss, but it was because the threat like she had said before. It scared her at what he might do to Sierra if Jules wasn't in the room.

"Great..." She trailed off, not knowing what to say.

A blond nurse came into the room. She closed the curtains and turned to the three of them with a smile, it was fake though. It looked like she wanted to die.

"Okay people, Miss. Davids needs her rest." The nurse said.

"Aw, come on! We just got here. I need to see my best-" The nurse cut Sierra off with annoyed voice and look.

"Listen, I'm tired. It's almost midnight. Go home, get some rest, and you can come see Miss. Davids tomorrow morning." She placed her hands on her hips. It was almost midnight?

Sierra sighed. She turned to Jules, "I'll be back tomorrow morning. I'll bring the emergency bag."

Jules nodded. Sierra kissed her cheek. She waved good bye and left the room. Ian blew a kiss and followed her out. Jules shuttered. Why was he being like this? She thought.

Jules had an idea pop in her head. She hated it, but it was the only way. She didn't want to live with her parents and she didn't want to live with the weird Ian. She didn't know anyone, but Liam's parents, but they moved to Iceland and she did not want to live in Iceland. There was only one person. Does she call that one person? Or should she live with her best friend and creepy boyfriend.

She was torn.


Yes! This chapter is done! Don't worry we'll see the boys maybe the next chapter or the one after or maybe the one after that. Don't worry!
I wanna thank One Direction for letting me listen to Take Me Home as I wrote this chapter. Also Sleeping with Sirens. If you don't know em, you need to check them out.


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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