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Last First Kiss

After taking a shower and changing, Jules left her bedroom. Everyone was out. Zayn went to go pick up Niall from the therapy building the lads and her had found, Niall is being picked up, Liam and Louis were at the park singing to people with no charge, and Harry was at a pub near bar.

Harry has been acting strange since Jules came. He was always arguing with someone on the phone. He was always on his cell phone with the same person or that's what Jules thinks. She thought she heard him cry in his room last night.

She was thinking about talking to him when he comes back from the pub. She hasn't hung out with the boys yet because of what's going on with Niall. She hardly believes Harry was going to tell her his problems when he hardly knows the girl. And she understood, but maybe he would open up to her. He didn't seem like he was shy like Jules.

Jules then heard the jingling of keys at the door. She looked at the door and saw it open. Niall came in before the sympathetic face of Zayn Malik. Niall was blushing hard. Zayn didn't have just a sympathy face but a happy one. Jules had a feeling the first day of therapy was a success.

"Hey, how was your first day?" Jules asked walking closer to the lads.

Zayn piped up first, "I don't think we should go back or get Niall help." This made Niall blush harder. What was going on?

"What do you mean? I think he likes food way too much and I don't know if-" Jules was cut off by Zayn's finger.

This little move made her want to kiss the tanned finger. She wanted to open her mouth just for him to stick it in her mouth. She wanted to take her tongue and glide- stop. She couldn't be thinking those bad thoughts. This was one of Liam's best mates. She couldn't. She shouldn't. She doesn't even know him well.

"He doesn't need help. He needs love." Zayn said. Niall blushed harder than before.

He didn't think this was possible for him to blush more, but it was. Now he probably looked like a human cherry.

Jules mouth dropped a bit. He needs love. He needs love! I should've known! Jules felt stupid. He was singing More Than This in his bed when she found out about his sleep singing. That was a love song? Louis had told her that he always sings love song when he sleep sings. Niall wanted love!

"Is this true Niall?" Jules smiled a bit. She thought it was cute that he wanted love.

Niall sighed, "Yea it's true. I've always wanted to feel the way Louis feels for Eleanor. The way Harry feels for Taylor. Even the way Liam and Zayn used to feel for Danielle and Perrie. I liked Demi, but nothing big is there. I want to be in love. I want to have a girlfriend who can make me feel...right. Someone who wants to be serious with me, not the guy from One Direction. I want to be someone's last first kiss."

It was as if Niall was pouring his heart out to them. Zayn never knew that Niall felt this way. Was love that important to him? Because it seems that way to Zayn and Jules. Therapists weren't the way to solve Niall's problem. Love was and they were going to help him find it.

Jules looked at Zayn with a look. A look that said 'let's help'. Zayn understood her look, She wanted the both of them to help Niall find love. And he was all for it. They were going to find Niall love by the end of September. Even if it killed them.


"Another." Harry ordered drowsily.

"Do you think that's wise, sir?" The bartender asked.

"I don't give a damn, just hand me my shot." Harry growled. The bartender raised his hands up innocently and went to get Harry's shot.

It was 11:30 pm and Harry was still at the pub. He's been here all day scarfing down the alcohol from the mini shot cups. This was probably his twentieth shot. He was drunk as Hell. This was all Taylor's stupid fault.

Harry and Taylor had gotten into another fight and Harry was now annoyed. This would be their forth fight this week. Harry couldn't take it anymore. He knew he didn't want to start this relationship, but something in his head kept telling him this was a good idea. It wasn't though. It was a terrible idea.

This whole week, Taylor was with a different guy. Each time her photo the guy she was with was on the newspaper with her kissing his cheek. Every time he asked her what it was about she would say management. Harry was finding it hard to believe that management was controlling the relationships. He was tired of this relationship since it was clearly not going anywhere. So he broke up with her.

Then, he went to the park with Liam and Louis to sing for free to people and fans for the fun of it. Taylor showed up begging for forgiveness. Only, she brought another guy with her. To top it off, the guy kissed her straight onto the lips. She kissed him back. Right in front of him!

The directioners were right. He should have never started the relationship. He lost so many fans and directioners, but he ignored the pain in his heart. They said she would just dump him and write a song about him. I Knew You Were In Trouble was released on the radio a couple of hours ago. A couple of hours! It was like she was waiting for them to break up so she could let the world know. She was a mistake.

Harry doesn't understand why he's upset and grieving. She wasn't worth his misery. He rather be grieving over Dusty, his cat, then that lying cheater. She's not worth it. She's not worth anything to Harry and he hope he'll never see that beautiful face again!

Suddenly, a glass shot cup filled with a rusty color liquid was placed in front of him. Harry picked up the glass small cup. He lifted it to his lips and let the burning liquid go past his lips into his throat. Some had spilled all over Harry's white plain shirt. He giggled.

"Oh no! I spilled! LeLe isn't gonna be happy I spilled on my new shirt. He bought it for me. Poor Liam." He giggled almost tripping over the red and silver stool. The bartender looked at Harry with an annoyed face.

"Sir, let me call you a cab." The bartender reached for the phone beside him.

"No! They're to slow! They're like a koala! Are koalas slow or fast? I should have said turtle. Darn it! It's too late to say turtles! J-Just g-give me the ph-phone." Harry slurred. The bartender sighed, handing Harry the phone.

Harry punched in the digits to the number. He then heard a woman's voice appear through the line and he knew who it was.

"Jules! There is a mean man saying he'll call a cab for me to go home in! I don't want that! Could you please come get me? Pwease." He pouted even though Jules couldn't see it.

Jules sighed, "Harry you're drunk. I'll get Louis to pick you up. I don't know what pub you're at."

"Nooooooo! I want youuuuu to pick meeeeeee up. Lou-bear is upset that I don't hang out with him a lot." Harry whined. "I'm at Chester's on West Lane Avenue. I'm tired. I'm really sleepy. I think I'm gonna go to-"

Harry had fallen asleep causing the phone to drop on the floor. Before Harry could fall on the floor, someone caught him. It was a girl. She carried Harry by the arm and picked up the phone from the floor. She handed it to the bartender. Harry slowly opened his eyes to see the girl who had caught him.

She had dirty blond long hair with sparkling blue eyes staring down at Harry. She had a button nose with a couple freckles coming across her nose. Her skin was pale. Not ghostly pale but not tan either. She was wearing a gray jumper and white skinny jeans. She had on a pair of black boots too.

"Are you okay?" Her American accent spoke. Harry nodded, his eyes closing again slowly.

"Wake me when Jules comes." He smiled dreamily falling back asleep.


What did you guys think? Haylor has ended in the story...or has it? I wished they ended in reality but Harry's happy, so yea. And all poor Niall wants is love. Will he ge it?

Sorry if I made Taylor Swift sound horrible. I'm really sorry Swifters! Don't hate on the story or me.

I am excited because my birthday is in two days! I'm super excited and I have some bad news. Winter break is coming to a end on Monday. I promise that I will get a chapter in tomorrow before I have to work on this stupid homework I had to do over Winter Break that I never got to.


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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