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I Want

"Get out, get out, get out of my head and-" Niall was humming until the lady spoke again bringing him to stop humming.

"So, Niall how are you feeling?" The light haired lady asked for the fifth time.

"I've already told you before. I'm not answering the questions, lady." Niall crossed his arms while with lady let out a frustrated sigh.

Liam and Harry had told Niall that he was now going to see this lady, Mrs. Simpson, twice a week for the next four months. There goes his vacation time. He probably won't even have time to relax today because right after this the boys and Jules were taking him to the doctor.

They must think Niall's crazy. This whole situation was probably because the fit. Niall should have told them the promise he had made to himself, but that probably wouldn't help. They wouldn't care if he had told them he couldn't go to therapy because he was throwing up.

It was now Saturday. A new day. The day after Niall's incredible fit broke out. Niall was sitting in a dark chocolate brown sofa chair. Mrs. Simpson was sitting the opposite direction from Niall in a sofa chair likes the Niall was sitting on.

The room was not big. It was small and had a comfortable feeling to it like a warm cabin. The wallpaper on the walls were dark beige and so was the fuzzy soft carpet. There was a coffee table between the two sofa chairs and there were two coffees on it. In front of Niall and Mrs. Simpson was a huge fire place burning fire wood. There was a desk by the large window, light seeping through the light brown drapes. The desk was large and was filled with important documents, loose papers, files (Niall's bet he was one of the files in the stack of them), pencils, pens, and a sharpener. There were also pictures of Mrs. Simpson's children or that was what Niall thought. Lastly, two ferns were placed in the room.

"Niall, I want you to feel comfortable with me. I want you to be able to tell me anything." She spoke softly making Niall want to scoff.

He wasn't going to fall for her act. He wasn't going to tolerate how therapists were supposed to act. He was going to make her break. Make her break out of this silly little fa├žade she was playing. That would please Niall.

"Nope." That little word caused Mrs. Simpson to clench her hands onto the clipboard she was holding onto tighter.

Her knuckles were almost turning white. She sighed and let go of the clipboard, putting the board to the side. She took a deep breath and let out slowly. Niall watched as she did the things to calm her down. She was a tough nut to crack, but all nuts crack.

"I'll be asking the questions here." Niall smirked a tiny bit.

He stood up from the sofa chair. He walked around it and towards her, only to walk around it. He was behind her sofa chair now. He placed both his hands on the sofa chair, making sure they were both between her head. Niall heard her gulp. She was nervous around him. Who wouldn't? Wouldn't you be nervous around Niall Horan? Niall thought, a little into himself.

"How old are you?" Niall asked, rocking his body side to side.

"Twenty-four." She whispered.

"You're mighty young for a therapist. Also a wife and a mother."

She gulped once again. She looked down at her wedding ring and the pictures at her desk. She had to admit the truth.

"I got a divorce a month ago. I just kept the ring and the title. Those aren't my children. They are my nephews." She admitted.

Niall then jumped from behind the sofa chair and onto it. He leaned back onto the chair, putting his arm around the back of the chair by her hair. Now, jerk Niall was about to come out. He started to lean down closer to her face. His lips almost touching hers. She seemed liked she was in some sort of trance with her eyes closed. Their lips almost there......BAM!

Niall jumped off the sofa chair causing her blue eyes to snap open. He opened the light brown unlocked door and ran out of the room. Mrs. Simpson calling out to him. Niall smiled, knowing he had escaped the place called Hell.

Then, he hit something. He fell on his butt onto the laminated floor. He looked up to see the furious face of Zayn Malik. His hands were on his hips while his face was scrunched up into a scowl.

"Z-Zayn, you're b-back early." Niall stuttered. He helped himself up.

"Actually your session was over five minutes ago." Zayn's voice was striking with anger. Zayn had no reason to be mad. The session was over, but it looked like Niall didn't know and was trying to run away.

"I can explain. It was boring and i didn't even-" Niall was cut off Mrs. Simpson's voice. He couldn't hear it though because of the anger covering it.

"Mr. Malik, this boy is intolerable. Not only is her not opening up to me, but he is viciously flirting with." She sneered.

Zayn was shocked and surprised. Niall wasn't the flirting type. He was more of the shy, kind boy that mostly all girls wanted. Zayn found it hard to believe that Niall had flirted with Mrs. Simpson.

"I was not viciously flirting with you! I made the attempt to kiss you, but there was no flirting! I promise Zayn." Niall looked up at Zayn with pleading eyes, but Zayn was too stunned to even notice.

Niall tried to kiss the poor angry girl? Niall had never done a thing like that. He was too perfect, sweet, and nice. Zayn had thought he knew Niall. They've been best friends for three years now. Also, Niall was shy and could never pull a Harry move. Zayn was outstandingly wrong about Niall.

Mrs. Simpson growled, "You flirted! Mr. Malik, I am sorry. I don't think I can work for Mr. Horan. I promise his stunt won't be revealed to the public or that Mr. Horan ever came here."

Zayn nodded, thankful no one will know about Niall's therapy or the stunt he had thrown. Papparazzi would have gone nuts about it. The one thing Zayn was upset about is Niall. He thought that this was going to help him. He was clearly wrong and the boys will be even more upset because they had thought this could actually help Niall too.

After paying Mrs. Simpson, the boys left the building. Niall was glad they were never going to come back but afraid that Zayn wouldn't give up on finding Niall the right help. Niall doesn't need help from a stupid therapist. He needs help from...

They entered Zayn's car and took off to the penthouse. Zayn's eyes were focused onto the road. His large hands clenched the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were turning ghostly white. His jaw was also being clenched tight that Niall would have thought his teeth were breaking. After three minutes of an intense silence, Niall couldn't take it anymore.

"Listen Zayn, I am so so sorry. I hate having to know that you boys and Jules think I'm crazy! Jules barely knows me and she probably thinks I'm some sort of crazy person. Please don't send me back. I'm sorry I disappointed you Zayn; just could you talk to me? I love you Zayn." He whimpered.

Zayn's face softened. His jaw and hands had loosened. There was a red light and it was sort of a long line to wait in. Zayn turned to his blond headed friend. Niall was practically pouting and it wasn't a pout to get out of something. It was a real sorrow filled pout that Zayn couldn't stay mad at Niall. Zayn could never be mad at Niall if he tried. But Niall had a big food problem that Zayn couldn't handle anymore.

"I love you too, Niall. But you need help no matter what you do. The boys and I won't give up until you're better. So I am going to find someone or something that can help." Zayn said lightly, scared Niall was going to hate him.

Instead he whined, "Please Zayn. I don't want to go because they're just gonna be more awful. Haven't you found out what I want? What I really want?"

Zayn was curious, "What do you want?"

Niall took frowned, "I want..."


What does Niall want? Hmmm.

Thanks to the people who are giving me feedback with your comments. I am glad you and the subscribers and voters are liking the story. I know I am making it more on Niall and not on Zayn and Jules, but I will get there. There will probably be thirty-five chapters in the story, but I'm not sure.

I also made the three characters that are mine and not One Direction. You'll see them once you click on the story link.


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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