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They Don't Know About Us

Jules and Zayn raced through the halls of the hotel. Zayn didn't care about the fans who were trying to get his attention. He loved his fans, of course, but this was Niall. He would raise Hell if they weren't on time.

They reached the penthouse door, struggling to keep up with the foods in their hands. They suddenly heard thuds, screams, and smashing. Zayn and Jules looked at each other with worry looks. Zayn carried the bags in one arm and hand as he opened the door with his key.

On the ground was Harry. He had a scared reaction on his face. Louis and Liam had flipped the wooden kitchen table. They were behind it trying to block themselves from...flying objects? Zayn and Jules snapped their heads to Niall.

His eyes were red and puffy. He didn't have a shirt on too. He was currently holding an expensive looking lamp. Jules looked around the place. There were broken items all over the floor. The drapes that hung on the big window were about to fall onto the floor. Chairs were also flipped over. Had Niall done all this?

Zayn looked at his Irish friend in wonder. He was afraid something like this would happen again. He knew that the minute the lads and him came to London was to go shopping for food or Niall would go crazy. Harry said that they'd wait. So all they did was order take outs.

Niall was about to throw the lamp. Zayn couldn't allow it. The lads and Zayn would have to pay for all the broken items. Zayn wouldn't be mad at Niall for the stuff. He was too in love with food. They couldn't be separated.

"Niall drop the lamp." Zayn said, taking slow steps to Niall.

Niall faced Zayn and Jules. He was about to throw the lamp at Zayn, but he didn't. The only reason why was because of what Zayn had his hand. It was food. Niall's food had come to him.

Niall smiled so wide that his face would have been stuck that way forever. He dropped the lamp onto the floor. Before the lamp could hit the floor, Harry caught it just in time. He let out a 'phew' and stood up with it.

Niall ran up to Zayn with puppy eyes, but Zayn gave him a strict face. Jules knew for a fact that she would never be able to resist that face. He looked so darn cute!

"Zayn, may I have some food." He pouted his lower lip. Zayn's face softened a bit. Jules looked like she was about to hold onto Niall for dear life. Zayn sighed. He couldn't be mad at Niall. Zayn handed him a Lucky Charms box and a carton of milk from the bag.

Niall squealed. He took the items to the kitchen and prepared his breakfast even though it was almost noon. The boys groaned at the mess. They had to pay for the broken items like Zayn had thought before. Liam went to call someone to clean it up, Harry was irritated with someone once they had called his cell phone, and Louis went to help Jules with the groceries.

Zayn knew Niall need some sort of help. This was getting too much. He has done it in the past, but now it's more frequent and it's beginning to annoy Zayn again. Maybe he should get him a therapist. Yea that's it! Zayn though. Zayn had decided to talk to the boys and possibly Jules without Niall knowing.

After about a half an hour, the penthouse was clean as can be. It was cleaner than before to the lads and Jules. It was all thanks to the guys the front desk had brought up. They cleaned as fast as they could and it ended up becoming spotless. Liam made sure to tip them.

Then, they all went into the kitchen to be greeted by an eating Niall. He was practically eating like a pig. Zayn was slightly jealous of Niall's figure. He can eat anything and not gain anything. Zayn had to watch his stupid figure because of what Simon said.

"Anyone hungry?" Jules asked, taking a couple bowls out of the cupboards. The boy's hands shot up including Niall's. "Besides Niall."

Niall's hand shamelessly slid down slowly to his side. He continued to eat his forth bowl of Lucky Charms, looking into the marshmallow cereal.

Niall was ashamed. How could he let what had happen, happen? He promised himself no more fits. He knew the boys were thinking he was a freak because of his desperate need for food. He couldn't help it. He didn't understand either. He promised himself to try and control the fits, even though he knew he would fail miserably.

Jules gave the boys one bowl each. They poured the cereal of their choice and the milk Zayn and Jules had bought. After eating, Zayn decided to tell the boys about the therapist Niall might need for his food problem.

They all moved into the living room except for Niall. He was on his sixth bowl of cereal, so that kept him busy. They took a seat onto the couch. Zayn made sure to sit next to Jules. She would probably want this for Niall too. All the boys would.

Louis was about to turn the telly on till Zayn stopped him. He gave Louis the look that something was up. Louis nodded, understanding the look completely. He took a seat back on the couch.

"Listen guys, I think we need to talk about Niall's food problem." Zayn said. The boys nodded except for Liam.

"What do you mean? He's fine." Liam shrugged.

"Liam we both know the truth. He's been having fits more recent this year." Louis said.

"That's what I wanted to talk about. His fits are getting out of hand and are recent. We know he needs his food, but do you honestly think this is healthy for the poor lad?" They shook their heads except for Liam again.

"I think he needs a therapist. Maybe they could help him out. It won't be for a while though, just to figure what's going on with him." Zayn explained. The boys seemed to agree with Zayn, but Liam did not like the idea. Liam stood from the couch.

"Niall is fine, Zayn. They're just little fits. He'll get over 'em. Just be patient." Liam was slightly angered to why his best mate would say that about one of the closest friends. Suddenly, they heard something or someone.

"They don't know about us." It was Niall. Liam's eyebrows furrowed.

He walked quietly to the kitchen door to sneak a peak at to what Niall was doing and talking to. He saw Niall hugging the bowl full of cereal. Liam turned around and walked back to the others.

"I'll get the directory. Harry go get the phone. We're looking for a therapist for Niall." Liam said strongly.


Sorry I haven't updated in three days. I had some relatives visit from Georgia come visit and all I've done is spend time with them. This chapter is finished and errors are fixed, I hope. I have got 34 subscribers and 12 comments! That's pretty good in my eyes XP. You guys rock! Love you!

P.s. Please don't be mad that I made Niall...like this


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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