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What Makes You Beautiful

"Katy Perry's on replay. She's on replay. DJ's got the floor to shake. The floor to shake. People going all the way. Yea, all the way. I'm still wide awake." Jules heard the song Up All Night by One Direction on the speakers of the grocery store.

Zayn and Jules were currently going aisle to aisle, looking for food and snacks to bring to the penthouse. They had been in the store for not even five minutes and Jules was worried. They had about fifteen minutes before Niall ate all the chips. Zayn explained that it would be terrible.

Speaking of Zayn, she was trying not to blush at how close they were. Their arms practically brushing along with their hips. He was only wearing a boxers and a t-shirt and it made him look amazingly hot. She also loved his hair straight and his facial hair unshaved. She wished she had time to get ready and out of her pajamas.

Jules was only wearing a very light pink tank top, white shorts, and Zayn's flip flops. They were like dinosaur shoes. What size was he? She found out on the bottom of the flip flop that he was a size 8 (TRUE).

She also wished she had brought a coat. It was freezing in London and it was only the beginning of September. She was shivering lightly outside the store and Zayn noticed. He had come closer to her and shared his body heat. The act made her blush madly, but she kept her head down.

She hated the effect he had on her. She barely knew him. She didn't know his interests and dislikes. They barely talked on the way to the grocery store in his black Bently. She was very fond of the car.

Zayn was thinking the exact same thing. He would love to get to know the girl. He wanted her to trust him and to know that he will be there. Zayn had just met the girl and told her he'd do anything she needed. It made him sound desperate for her attention and affection. Their arm and hip brushing were only making him horny for some reason along with her pajamas. Why was her wearing his oversized flip flops turning him on?

Zayn wasn't just weird about the girl right now, it was his identity. He didn't bring anything for his to disguise himself with. He was thankful that there weren't much people in the store, but you never know. So he just kept his head down when someone walked past them.

The cart they were pushing was filled with different types of foods and snacks. Zayn knew that Harry likes tacos, so he made sure to get hard shells, taco meat, and shredded cheese, along with some toppings of course.

Jules knew that Liam was a huge chocolate fan, so she had gotten him a chocolate bar and a large bag of chocolate Hershey kisses. Those were also her favorite as well. Liam and she used to eat them in her room until her mum called them down and told them to stop being 'lazy arses'.

Jules was told by Zayn that Niall ate about anything that was edible. So, they bought anything for Niall.

They didn't get a whole lot for Louis, since he already has his precious carrots and Crunchie Clusters. Jules was meaning to ask why Louis said not to touch his food when there wasn't any food. She asked Zayn the question.

"We both woke up at two in the morning and wanted to watch the telly. He went into the kitchen before we went back to sleep in our beds. He said that he was scared that you would eat his precious carrots and Crunchie Clusters. They're under his bed as we speak." He explained.

Jules giggled, "Well, my appetite is like Niall's sort of. It's a good think he hid them, but now I know where they are. Thanks Zayn."

"Hmm, a girl who isn't afraid to eat anything. That's hot." He smirked, but regretted it. She blushed and took her eyes away from him.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Zayn thought. How could he say that, even though it was true. That was supposed to stay in the back of his mind. What can he say he speaks his mind, but he made things awkward right now.

After Zayn's comment, they didn't speak the rest of the shopping. They now had two filled carts. They pushed the carts as they went to the register. There wasn't a line and there was a man behind the register.

"Hi, welcome to Marc's. Is this all?" He used a bored tone. It didn't sound to welcoming.

They nodded. Zayn kept his head down. He didn't know if this guy was a fan or not. He probably wasn't, but Zayn wasn't taking a chance to find out.

They started to hand the items to the man or as Zayn was calling him in his head, 'the bored toned man who hates me'. The way he looked at Zayn was a deathly glare. It was safe to say that he did not like Zayn.

Suddenly, Zayn heard humming. His eyes rolled to one side. The side where the humming was coming from. He realized it was coming from Jules. She was humming to the song that was playing on the store's speakers. The song was 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

Zayn didn't know she was a fan of the boys. He didn't want to seem arrogant and a gloater, but who didn't like the lad's music beside boys. They did have boy directioners and some haters, but that didn't bother Zayn.

"Didn't know you were a fan." Zayn said, handing the bored man two egg cartons. Jules snapped her head to Zayn and stopped humming.

"I'm not a big fan, but I do like the music a lot. What Makes You Beautiful is my favorite."
she said, not looking at Zayn as she gave the man the ketchup bottle.

" Me too. We have something in common!" He smiled, showing his pearly white teeth. Jules giggled.

"There's no reason to not like it if it's yours, but I guess we do." She handed the man the last item they had.

"How about I get to know you some more then?"

She tapped her chin with her pointing finger, pretending to think," How about I get to know all the One Direction boys at the same time."

Zayn nodded with a smile, feeling a little disappointment. He really wanted all the lads to get to know her, but he wanted some alone time with her. For them to bond more than she had with Niall so far. He felt a little jealous of Niall even though they weren't doing anything in the kitchen besides freaking out.

The bored man handed them the many bags. They tried to carry them, wishing they hadn't pushed the cart away. As they were leaving the store, Zayn looked up at the clock on the wall.

"Shit." He cussed under his breath. Jules heard and turned her head towards Zayn.

"What's wrong?" She asked. She hoped the bags weren't slipping under her.

"It's been half an hour." His face carried fright. Something told Jules that Niall being hungry was a bad thing.

"Then I guess we should hurry." Zayn nodded quickly.

They started running to the car. They began to laugh at the rustle of the blue bags blew into their faces. Jules was stumbling in a little from the big shoes, but didn't care. They reached the car, put the bags in the back seat, and drove to the penthouse.

Was Niall really that scary when he was hungry? She was about to find out.


Okay now it's finished!


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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