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Na Na Na

Jules furiously walked into Chester's Pub. She barely knew Harry and she was already furious with him. She hoped he wasn't always drunk. She was sleeping by the time he had called. She was worried about him but Louis said that whenever he's upset or frustrated he comes to a pub.

That worried Jules even more. She wondered why he was upset or frustrated. She wanted to ask him but decided to ask him once he was sober. She didn't think he was sober. By the way he spoke on the phone gave her a clue.

It was probably midnight and all she wanted to do was sleep but she couldn't just leave Harry drunk at the pub with nothing to defend himself with. He was a celebrity after all and who wouldn't want to snatch Harry Styles when he didn't know what was going on?

Jules didn't have enough time to change out of her pajamas. She didn't want to wake Niall up by her walking around. So she grabbed a random jacket she saw on the kitchen counter and saw Zayn's flip flops. She didn't know whose jacket she was wearing until she smelt it. It was Zayn's. She loved wearing his jacket. It was soft and she wanted to snuggle into it. Also, knowing it was Zayn's made her smile.

She was embarrassed about wearing the jacket though. It was huge and went up to her bum with the sleeves being long it was hard for her to hold the steering wheel of Liam's car. Jules was also cold. She was wearing one of her oversized t-shirt and short shorts. But the jacket was over it making it look like she wasn't wearing any clothes. Just the big jacket.

She looked around the slightly empty pub for Harry. There wasn't really anyone here. There was a man who looked about over forty years old. He was on his cell phone holding a cup full of a rusty colored liquid. There was a small party of girls by a table and a man creeping by them with a full beard. She then looked over by the bar.

Harry was there. There was a tired looking bartender behind the bar just staring at Harry. There was a girl who looked about a year older than Jules. She was sitting on a stool with Harry's head in her lap. The rest of his body was flopped onto the dirty floor. The girl's face showed that she didn't know what to do.

Jules walked towards the bar. The girl looked up and gave Jules a slight smile.

"Are you Jules?" She had an American accent.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about Harry." Jules apologized.

"Oh, don't worry about it. I'm used to helping drunks. That's why I'm here. My cousin Kurt was drunk and he's waiting in the car." She smiled but it was gone when she mentioned the boy Kurt. "Oh no! I forgot about him. I'm sorry here's um Harry."

She pushed Harry's head off her lap. He almost fell to the ground but Jules caught him before he could fall onto the floor. The girl was about to leave until Jules told her to stop. The girl turned around giving Jules a confused look.

"I'm thankful you looked after Harry while I got here. Please come over for dinner on Tuesday." Jules smiled. The girl was about to protest. "No excuses. Give me your number."

The girl sighed. She did need friends. This soon though? She had just moved from California to London and met the one and only Harry Styles. This girl seemed cool and maybe Harry was when he's sober. Also, Carrie would be so jealous!

"Sure. I'm Amelia."

After Amelia and Jules exchanged numbers they parted. Amelia was kind enough to help Jules bring Harry to Liam's car. It was easy since the car was parked right outside. The hard thing was...

"Jesus, he's heavy!" Jules huffed. Amelia nodded in agreement.

The girls ended up getting him the backseat at the end. Amelia went to her car and Jules went to hers. Harry was awake. He was giggling for no apparent reason. She ignored him the whole way as he kept giggling. She was going to beat him up in the morning.

They finally got to the penthouse and it was one in the morning now. Harry skipped into his room still giggling. Jules let out a frustrated sigh and followed him into his room. She then heard puking noise. Harry was vomiting into the toilet. She sighed again and pulled back his curls. After he was done Jules helped brush his teeth and wash his mouth. He then lied down in his bed.

"Harry tell me why you went out drinking." Jules demanded.

"Na, na, na..." He then fell asleep.

Jules groaned and fell back onto the floor, not caring if her head hurt. She decided to just sleep on the comfortable fuzzy floor.


This was just a filler! Next chapter will be longer!


Keep writing its so amazayn I swear I want to knoe wats gonna happy next
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Your arms broke! Omg, are u okay? - xx Tenzin(:

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update pleeease!